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March 25th, 2015, 11:15 PM
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<FONT SIZE="4"><A HREF="http://www.scifistream.com/gotham/s1/beasts-of-prey/" STYLE="text-decoration: none;">BEASTS OF PREY</A></FONT>
<DIV STYLE="margin-top:10px; padding:0;">Gordon and Bullock investigate the cold case of a serial killer who targets young women in Gotham. Fish puts things in motion to prepare for her escape, and Bruce decides to confront Alfred's friend on his own.</DIV>
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Baron Of Hell
April 16th, 2015, 09:19 AM
I didn't really care for this episode. I'm a Fish fan but her story seems disconnected to Gotham. I mean that literally and in general. This show is about Gotham not The Island of Doctor Doll Maker. I hope this storyline has some kind of payoff.

I did like Kitten Girl pushing the guy out the window. Also liked the guy playing Ogre but I think the story around him is all over the place. The police using the ogre to get at Gordon goes beyond corruption.