View Full Version : A couple of Suggestions one ship one slash

February 18th, 2005, 02:42 PM
I would like to advocate the Joe (not Faxon the crazy goof with the gun instead) and Sam Shippers plus the Teyla and Sora slashers group, just cause I like the asthetics of that one. ;) Why shouldn't a bit character who has only one episode not be able to find love with a main character and why not the most pathetic looking of them all walking into the sunset arm and arm with Carter.. She's a smart woman she could do much worse, look at Demi Moore, she's involved with the "dude where's my car" goofball... And about the Teyla and Sora slashing, lets say that forgiveness can be great but love is even better. ;) And that Knife fight could have just been a lover's tiff... Anyway, just a few thoughts...

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