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October 30th, 2014, 11:10 PM
Thank you for clicking my post, let me jump right into it...

Earth Space Command is a component of the Earth Defense Force. The year is currently 2275 and the Earth has advanced 100 fold (somewhere around there), and the world has united and seeded the stars with terraforming the solar system from planets 4-8 of our solar system as well as the Alpha Centauri system. We have spaceships and up until this point we have not encountered any alien life.

However that is all changing when a device is found in Antarctica and sent to EDF Installation 7 (formerly Area 51), and now we discover aliens do indeed exist as the device found was determined to be over 1.2 million years old and made of an element not known in any database and not from any planet we're on. Nanotechnology has come a long way and humans no longer get sick as we're all infested with nanites that cure any illness, sickness and disease. It also heals broken bones in under 20 minutes. We have replicators (star trek) that can make almost anything and it comes in 2 sizes. We have the desk replicator which is the smallest, then we have the industrial replicator which can make engineers which are nanite robots that can build factories, vehicles even starships.

The weapons we use are known as pulse rifles which shoots to stun not kill, think of a wraith stun rod. We wear white and blue energy absorbent uniforms which absorbs energy so it can't harm you as well as thin bullet proof layer but we don't have guns like they are today.

Anyways its a look into the future, I didn't go completely overboard but I have a positive outlook on the future and I think nanotechnology especially in the 23rd century will be used for everything.

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January 12th, 2015, 07:39 PM
Edited post, I hope you all will give my site a look! I am currently writing a sci-fi book based on the Earth Space Command but this rpg will be like stargate meets star trek meets halo, meets agents of shield, meets men in black, meets star wars, and the list goes on...

Its my positive outlook on the future of mankind.