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April 8th, 2014, 09:39 PM
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<FONT SIZE="4"><A HREF="http://www.scifistream.com/continuum/s3/30-minutes-to-air/" STYLE="text-decoration: none;">30 MINUTES TO AIR</A></FONT>
<DIV STYLE="margin-top:10px; padding:0;">Inspector Dillon considers his professional responsibilities when his daughter is arrested, only to find himself a prisoner when Travis takes control of a TV news studio. Meanwhile, Alec uses his newfound position to give Kellog his walking papers.</DIV>
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Matt G
September 2nd, 2014, 02:57 PM
1. So...both Alecs are trying to ditch Kellogg?

2. YOu have to get up pretty early to catch Jack Dillon it seems!

3. Was Carlos being sarcastic about the "Protectors" reference?

4. Now we have issues between Liber8 and Alec...