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July 24th, 2013, 01:42 PM
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<FONT SIZE="4"><A HREF="http://www.scifistream.com/continuum/s1/matter-of-time/" STYLE="text-decoration: none;">MATTER OF TIME</A></FONT>
<DIV STYLE="margin-top:10px; padding:0;">The murder of a scientist working on a cutting-edge clean energy source leads Kiera and Carlos to a multi-billion dollar feud. When Edouard Kagame resurfaces, Kiera fears he will resume his original plan for Liber8.</DIV>
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July 25th, 2013, 08:07 AM
The procedural element of this episode was just silly, but the episode is not a total wash.

1. Kagame returns. He brightens any episode.
2. The element of putting the future back on track was interesting.
3. The discussion of current tech was well done.