View Full Version : The Fox and the Cat

April 27th, 2013, 02:23 PM
For some time now, I've been wondering whether or not we'll see Archie's parents return. Considering that they play quite a role in Pinocchio's story, we can assume that they continued their conniving ways long after Jiminy left.

I do wish that they would show up in Storybrooke in season 3 so that
1) Archie would become a main character again.
2) More screentime for Archie's dad.
3) A story arc for Archie.
4) A recurring role for Pinocchio(and/or Geppetto).

At least I'd like to see them get some kind of resolution episode. An episode about Pinocchio on Pleasure Island/Neverland with Baelfire would be nice to see. Hang on, we just might.
Secondly, if the season finale does involve Henry and/or Pinocchio going to/back to Neverland, they could have Pinocchio wish himself into an adult aka August again. But that's just very wishful thinking.