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November 12th, 2012, 02:01 PM
I wanted to put these in another thread rather than starting a new one...but couldn't see one weird enough! Any other Farscape-based random musings, or responses to mine, are welcomed if you feel inclined.

*Are the aliens in the Argos (UK) TV adverts Delvians gone wrong? They're blue...but in a kind of giant-eyed long-spindly-necked, slightly-annoying kind of way. Does anyone else think they sort of look like Zhaan's uglier cousins? ;)

*What do you call a three-eyed old woman who knows nothing? Ignoranti!

*Imagine a translator microbe 'misfire' on the phrase "may contain nuts" - would probably end up like "I'm not eating that - it says there are *mivonks* in it!!", followed by an explanation from John that on Earth it has another, far more palatable meaning(!)

*What do you call a Pa'u with a light sabre? Zhaanakin Skywalker!!

This bit's intended to be a shade less wacky and a bit more thought-provoking (up until the very end, anyway!):
*I've been rewatching some of season 1 of Farscape recently, and making a note of any quotes I like - one of them is when Aeryn says "You are very odd, Crichton." (in Back and Back and Back to the Future), and another was the following conversation from Exodus From Genesis:
Aeryn: No offence, human, but what could I possibly need from you?
John [quietly/thinking aloud as Aeryn moves offscreen]: I dunno; manners, personality, stock tips...
...beside which I added the comment "Stock tips?! You're right, Aeryn, he is odd."

Really, from the typical viewer's perspective (which is more or less the same as Crichton's perspective), it's Aeryn, who's from some unfamiliar part of space and is basically an essentially emotionless soldier, who's the "odd" one. Maybe I'm a bit on the atypical side myself if I'm siding with Miss Sun and thereby seeing one of my own species as more unusual than a coolly detached alien who's rarely seen without a gun in her hand. Also, I think suggesting she's lacking in personality is a bit harsh. She definitely has a personality; it's just not necessarily the type of personality a guy from some far-off little world that might be called "Erp" would expect. They do "girl power" somewhat differently out there in the Uncharted Territories, I think. :) (I certainly can't imagine Posh Spice wielding a pulse rifle!! ...Well, I kind of can, but it looks ridiculous, mainly because she probably wouldn't even be able to lift it...)

I need to stop typing and eat. I'm getting this feeling I call "net-lag", where I suddenly realise I've been online for ages having lost track of time. And dinner, apparently. Not having food cubes, though - they look rubbish. And definitely no frelling CRACKERS!!! :rolleyes: :D

November 13th, 2012, 02:07 AM

[email protected]:chickwithpun
December 9th, 2012, 11:29 AM
Just "lol"? Is that all...? Thanks anyway - it's a response more than I thought I'd get, with such a random message. ;)

December 12th, 2012, 10:33 PM
My impression is that Crichton not only spouts all the Earth trivia because he loves it, but because it's a way for him to keep it alive in his own mind AND it's almost a competitive thing - MY culture is COOL and I'm going to talk about it and you have to accept it!

So, I think he must come off very odd to everyone else. I figure they have to filter out at least 1/3 of everything he says, if not more.

This is my impression of his attitude ~
Aliens: "Who is this nutcase?"
Crichton: "I'M the nutcase YOU have to deal with!"