View Full Version : In My Time of Dying (201)

October 25th, 2012, 12:27 AM
Episode Synopsis :

Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) were left for dead after the Demon plowed a semi into the Impala.

Now, one of the Winchesters hovers between life and death as the surviving family must face an old and powerful adversary.

January 14th, 2013, 11:37 AM
This is one of my favorite episodes. I really like Tessa and Bobby is so great that he understands why Sam is so desperate to save the Impala.

This one makes John an interesting and very realistic character to me, as well, even though he's not very sympathetic. He sacrifices for his son and apologizes to him for all the burdens he placed on him and then turns right around and lays down some more by telling Dean to watch out for Sammy and then whisper, whisper, whisper. Poor Dean!

December 18th, 2013, 08:43 PM
I am on the fence about this one.....it was good....but so hard to see John go only because it tears the boys up.