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February 9th, 2005, 02:36 AM

due to the recent cancellation of our beloved show, a group of us over at trekbbs, over the last few days, have started up a campaign and we need the help of every fan that we can get!! in other words: we need you!! :)

the campaign site should be up sometime today, but right now we have a http://www.trekunited.com/forum/ (message board)... anyone at all interested in helping get enterprise back should go here...

now what is this plan?? we are going to PAY FOR SEASON 5!!! :) sure, it sounds crazy, and it prob'ly is, and sure we sound like fools, but hey, the fact of the matter is we contacted paramount and they didn't say no!!! they basically said "show us the money, and we'll talk!"

we've gotten the ball rolling, and ANYONE willing to help (either through money or time, or just to show support for the big crazy bunch of trekkies that we are!!) is more than welcome!!!

wanna know more?? wanna know JUST how crazy we are?? :D

well here's the FAQ

What's our mission?
When TOS was cancelled in 1968, fans started an unprecedented letter-writing campaign and thus achieved the miracle of bringing back their show. We are bringing the devotion of Star Trek fans for their cause to a new level and starting the fan campaign of the 21st century - actually raising money to fund the continuation of the recently cancelled Star Trek: Enterprise. The cast and crew is 100% behind us, and the Paramount execs have expressed their willingness to listen, however they wanna see that we are capable of pulling this off. In light of the 1968 Star Trek campaign, it would not be the first time fandom is underestimated, so let's show them what we are capable of!

So what is it gonna cost?
John Billingsley (Phlox) has stated the production of one Enterprise episode costs $1.6m. For 22 episodes, like in season 4, that boils down to $35.2m. That sounds like an awful lot of money, but wait! Mass donation is gonna do the trick. 3 million people, the average viewer number of season 4, only need to donate a mere $12, the price of a cheap DVD or CD. 1 million people would need to donate $36 and so on. If celebrities, organizations or wealthier fans contribute accordingly, even less is required!

How much time we have?Enterprise season 4 is filmed till early March. Reshooting is done till end of March, so the sets won't be torn down till then. So we got about 7 weeks to get this done, and even afterwards not everything is lost!

Who's gonna helm this mission?
Tim Brazeal of the SaveEnterprise campaign ([email protected]) is currently working together with volunteers from this board for this new mission, so we will be able to build on existing infrastructure, reputation and media attention to reach as many people as possible quickly and get the ball rolling for the cause. As you read this, a new site is being set up with a fitting name to serve our cause. Please stay tuned for the official announcement of our new campaign!

What can I do, and with whom can I talk about this?
A lot of help is required. The more people work for this, the higher the probability it'll succeed. Lawyers, web designers, artists, communications people, everyone can contribute something! Please contact [email protected] for your job applications, including the contact details you wish to disclose, your approximate location and what you'd like to do.

This campaign will become more than an attempt to save Enterprise or Star Trek as we know it, but an impressive proof of the dedication and power of fandom. It'll thrive with your ideas and creative support, however things need to be coordinated so no valuable input will be lost. Please contact me at [email protected] (Saveenterprise address will be avaiable later today) to share your suggestions. I'll be building an idea pool, collecting and sorting your inputs for the campaign.

Spread the word in forums about the new mission, write to web sites and traditional offline media! Let's get started and bring about the largest international fan campaign in history!

This is never gonna work! How you wanna raise $35m when SaveEnterprise has trouble raising enough money for the ad project?
First, many people have expressed already their willingness to donate to fund the show directly, rather than an ad. Second, this new mission is starting after the cancellation has just been announced. The end of the show is imminent and we can count on fan dedication as well as media attention to spread the word quickly and tell people how urgent their help to keep not just Enterprise on the air, but possibly Star Trek as we know it. Third, there are more than 3 million UPN viewers who could donate, but Star Trek fans world-wide. The campaign ought to be in the headlines of Trek and media news sites around the globe. Forth, donation will be safe and provide a win-win scenario for the people who normally hesitate to give their money for a project. A special account will be set up which can only be drawn from with multiple signatures. Many can be donated via PayPal as well as other, conventional ways.

Several options will be considered depending on how much money is raised, including a full season 5, half a season, a mini-series or TV movie. The goal in any case, however, is to produce more Enterprise; the money will be used for the cause. Maybe a symbolic amount of a few million dollars will be enough already to convince TPTB to carry on. If all fails, money will be refunded. You can count on the legal safety of this endeavour. We got a lawyer on board who can answer your further questions, if you got some. Contact [email protected] for this.

Why donate for a TV show and not for social aid?
It's not an either/or option. Of course the most noble donations are those for humane causes, and I'm sure many of us here are supporting aid organizations and their work.
But independent from that each day people spend alot of money on entertainment products, cinema, superficial things. To use just a little of this money (what equals to one cheap DVD or CD) to keep the show you like on the air, isn't a bad cause then either, is it?

How's Paramount gonna deal with this?
The execs wanna see action, now! The main reason for Enterprise's cancellation was too low ratings, i.e. even with Paramount paying half of the production costs themselves, the show has not turned in enough profit. So money is the issue here, and by offering actual money rather than just fan letters and pledges to keep the show running, we can be alot more convincing to the business people. I think it is important to just offer to finance the production costs with no strings attached, i.e. no creative or legal demands of any kind (co-ownership or licensing options) which would make TPTB nervous and complicate the legal procedure considerably. Of course, the money ought to be used to produce more Enterprise in one of the forms mentioned above.

But still, how is this gonna work?
What if people had listened to the masses who ridiculed explorers who thought a flight to the moon is possible? Or crossing the Atlantic? The very lesson Star Trek has taught us for 39 years is that with faith and dedication and vision (and in this case, just a little money from everyone), everything can be achieved. Despite all obstacles. Think about what Robert F. Kennedy once said -

"There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?"

Join the cause!

(Feel free to copy this FAQ to any forum you wish)

February 10th, 2005, 06:40 AM
good luck!

February 10th, 2005, 07:41 AM
Cool! Sounds great! :D Except... the link won't work, and I don't know where to go if I copy and paste the link into my browser. :(

I'd be willing to try and scrape up $36 bucks for Enterprise's sake.

February 10th, 2005, 07:52 AM
If I donate $50,000 USD and the $35M USD isn't met, or they won't pick it up for S5/movie do I get a refund? And if yes, and the money should magically disappear who the hell should I sue?

And seriously if you(or they, can't remember if you are directly involved) want any serious donations you'll have to make sure you have complete contact information for the people responsible, especially the lawyer and his lawfirm. Providing background checks, criminal records and any financial debts would also be required. Because if I(or anyone else) would make a donation a magnitude larger then $10 USD we'd have to make sure everything was in order.

February 10th, 2005, 08:22 AM
here's a new link for those of you that couldn't get it to work:

(the forum)
(the site)

as for the money (and yes i am directly involved :))

we DO have a lawyer and we will be getting complete contact info for you and on the site you can (IIRC... maybe it's not up yet... but it will be) contact info for everyone :) including our resident lawyer and all the campaign runners...

and the money will be going directly to a paypal account and will need 3 (or it might be 4... don't remember which at the moment) signatures to release the money, including (also IIRC... some of this stuff is changing as we get the site set up and the donation set up :)) someone unassociated directly with the people in charge of the campaign :)

so your money will not be lost!! :)

and yes, refunds will be ussued through paypal (it has to go through paypal for legal reasons IIRC) should the plan not work... :)

i'll go snatch what i wrote on the other thread about this so i don't have to type it all up again :)

February 10th, 2005, 08:23 AM
ok, i posted this in the ENT cancelled thread in response to a few questions and ithink it covers some addition questions:

yes... all of us that i know of are considering this part of our entertainment budget... MANY people have raised the concern that we should instead by focusing our efforts to raise money for charity, but basically that's not the money we're asking you to donate... here's our basic policy/thoughts on the money:

-if ya wanna donate to charity also, there's certainly nothing stopping you :) charities are well worth supporting :) i've supported quite a few charities before so i can understand the position of wanting to help other groups who need it :)

-most (if not all) of the money paid by people is under the consideration that if you wanted to buy the season on dvd it would cost over $100, so getting more episodes for the same price per person (or less :)) seems well worth it :)

-along those lines, as far as man-power goes, money isn't necessarily what we need from everyone :) we have quite a few people pledging support by keeping the attitude up and the enthusiasm going, as well as people donating time :)

-we will likely be holding auctions and possibly selling sponsor items to raise moneyif you want something physical to buy instead of a donation :)

-if the campaign ends up not working out, everyone will be refunded using paypal so there's no risk :)

-the money can't be released without 3 signatures, so you don't have to worry about someone taking off with it!! :eek: :)

-with millions of fans worldwide only a portion of these fans need be reached to raise the money :)

if you have any more questions, add them here or email me at [email protected]

and visit our campaign website at www.trekunited.com

:) glad to hear the word is at least getting around :)

February 10th, 2005, 05:08 PM
I would love to see this happen, but to be honest, my hope only goes so far. But if it works....hell, i'll be happy. Good Luck!!!

February 10th, 2005, 06:10 PM
support! love moral support!! :)

February 10th, 2005, 11:41 PM
Good luck trying, but IMO:

Ain't gonna happen, you'll be lucky if you can afford a commercial for season five.

February 10th, 2005, 11:54 PM
nothin' ventured, nothin' gained :)

Ancient 1
February 11th, 2005, 12:52 PM
nothin' ventured, nothin' gained :)
I see the glass is "Half full" for most around here. Luck to those!