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June 4th, 2012, 07:31 PM
Last Man (revisited)
Note: I was thinking about the SGA Season 4 finale, Last Man. Thought about a “what if” scenario.

Last Man
Sheppard returns to the Stargate w/ the ZPM that he got from the Genii thru a negotiation. Tells Major Lorne he will be back in a few minutes, just wants to get the ZPM to Mckay asap. Dials the Gate & ends up 48k years in the future. Hologram Mckay says that instead of waiting for another solar flare to return to the time he came from, he can use the intergalactic bridge (since rebuilt) to get to the Milk way/Earth and bring the ZPM with him. (was originally thinking Mckay’s Hologram would overload the ZPM to destroy Atlantis so no one could acquire the Ancient database after Sheppard left) Not sure whether to send Sheppard back to Earth or reprogram the Macro to send him somewhere is the Milky Way.

He gets back, finds another Hologram Mckay that goes into more detail as to what happened. Unlike the original Last Man, all was well w/ Michael, Atlantis was able to defeat him. Mckay needed Sheppard to help undo what happened w/ the Icarus/9th Chevron project.

Destiny finished its journey thru the Universe collecting pieces for the Background Radiation structure found by the Ancients. It ended up being a message saying that the Universe was just a computer program similar to Tron. Anubis was the original user.
Anyway, the main point was that Sheppard’s mission was to fix a mistake that was made after uncovering the “message” in the Structure of the Background Radiation. Which is why there wasn’t anyone left on Atlantis in the future.