View Full Version : is it just me or did Zoe and Zoe-A have noticeable different personalities?

February 9th, 2012, 10:16 AM
I'm currently watching my way though the entire series so it's possible the similarities may become for obvious in the episodes I've got yet to watch but so far in the 5 1/2 episodes I've seen so far it seems like the original Zoe was far more confident and confrontational where Zoe-A was far less sure of her self and her surroundings and more easy going & rational, for example the one time I've so far seen the original Zoe interacting with her parents she was arguing with them and being pretty rude about it two over something as trivial as being grounded for using a holoband at school, where as Zoe-A was able to be relatively rational and calm well arguing with her father about whether she was a real person, and what's more it looked more like the experience was going to bring her to tears then make her angry
Ben said she wasn't as strong as the original Zoe yet.... but it was more then that she genuinely thought differently, like when they where talking about the people in the V-club Zoe self-righteously assumed they where doing all that bad stuff just because they where a-sleep where as Zoe-A (well still believing their actions where wrong) far more rationally pointed out that "that's to easy" and that they new what they where doing and genuinely thought it was morally OK
P.S also Zoe-A called Daniel Graystone "daddy" I find it very hard to imagine the real zoe addressing him is such an affectionate way considering how rebellious she was suppose to be towards her parents