View Full Version : WWA Personal Issues

February 1st, 2012, 06:59 PM
This is a public and final warning. I don't give a dang what issues are going on. I don't care who 'started it' or who's continued it. I don't care what happened elsewhere.


Non-negotiable. Keep your, pardon my french, crap off of this forum. This includes snide remarks in sigs, this includes avatars, this includes VM's or PM's or any other sort of communication.

You WILL cease fire and stop this junk.

You either co-exist here or you go elsewhere. You do not bring stuff from other places here. If you can't leave it at the door, then don't come through the door.

These personal issues continue then ALL of the WWA will take a break. I will close down all the threads of this role play.

You have all/mostly participated and it ends now. I don't care who is 'more' guilty than anyone else.

Drop it or walk.