View Full Version : New Stargate Atlantis Role Playing Game ( Offsite RPG)

January 10th, 2012, 02:00 PM
Hi everyone,

I’m setting up a text-based Stargate Atlantis roleplaying game with my friend, it’s going be on the website formspring and we have a website here: http://sgaroleplay.weebly.com . We’re looking to fill the following roles.

Scientists/Techies/Other Personnel: Zelenka, Chuck, Dr David Parrish,Dr Peter Grodin, Dr Simpson, Dr Miko Kusanagi, Amelia Banks, Dr Peter Kavanagh, Dr Katie Brown, Dr Lindsey Novak (Daedelus), Dr Alison Porter.

Soldiers: Guys: Major Evan Lorne, Lieutenant Aidan Ford, Sergeant Markham, Sergeant Stackhouse, Colonel Steven Caldwell (Daedelus), Major Kevin Marks (Daedelus), Captain Dave Kleinman (Daedelus).
Girls: Sergeant Dusty Mehra, Captain Alica Vega, Major Anne Teldy.

Other races: Halling, Kolya, Cowan, Sora, Tyrus, Michael, Hermiod, Wraith, Replicators

Roles already taken: Colonel John Sheppard, Dr Rodney McKay, Teyla Emmagan, Ronon Dex, Dr Elizabeth Weir, Lieutenant Cadman, Heightmeyer, Captain Alicia Vega, Dr Jennifer Keller, Dr Carson Becket and Todd.

We’re holding off indefinitely on introducing OC and SG-1 characters, but feel free to pick roles of other SGA characters from any of the seasons.

All rpers’ are meeting for a chat here http://sgaroleplay.weebly.com/chat.html on Saturday 14th January at 2pm EST and the rp will officially start after that.

If anyone is interested in taking on a role and wants more information you can PM me here, or PM myself or Carlough on fanfiction. Or e-mail me at daxie.42-at-hotmail.com.