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January 7th, 2012, 10:46 AM

Frank Darabont’s Amazing Walking Dead Episode That You’ll Never See

Wondering how the second half of Walking Dead season two will be different without Frank Darabont at the wheel? Here's one brilliant storyline the ex-show runner had planned, which was straight out of the Twilight Zone. And sadly, it will probably never see the light of day.

Hear all about Darabont's lost episode from the zombie who was trapped in the Tank with Grimes, Sam Witwer.
If you've seen the pilot episode of The Walking Dead, then you're familiar with Rick's run-in with the tank zombie, who was played by none other than the square-jawed vampire from Being Human, Sam Witwer. But it turns out this wasn't the last we were supposed to see of the tank zombie. In an interview with Parnormal Pop Culture Witwer (who has worked with Darabont before) revealed the awesome backstory Darabont was hoping to tell:

[Darabont said to me], "Look, I think it would be really cool to tell a prequel story about how Atlanta fell. Do Black Hawk Down, but with zombies. And have a few main characters pass through, like a Twilight Zone episode [and] the lead will be you. And your character will go through and you're a soldier and all these horrible things happen, the chain of command breaks down, and eventually you have to take out your superior officer to save a bunch of people. Then, eventually in the end, you get bit."

And [Darabont is] pitching me this, "You're crawling and you crawl into this tank and you have this grenade and you're going to blow yourself up. But you set the grenade next to you and you die. Then, we reprise the scene from the pilot, where Rick crawls in the tank and there's a zombie there."

And if you look closely, I played that zombie because we were setting up this prequel we were going to do. If you watch the pilot of Walking Dead, that's me in the tank as the zombie. And then Rick blasts him and he gets deafened, and he gets that grenade which saves him at the end of the season. Well, we were going to tell the history of the grenade. We were going to tell, also, how another character who is being introduced in the second season how he comes to a certain thing. They were going to do all this cool stuff. Not doing it now. Why? Because AMC wanted to save a few bucks. That's just one example of the king of cool, awesome forethought that this guy put into the show that is now absolutely for naught.

Damnit this makes us so angry. Just this one story alone makes the magical grenade that popped up at the end of the season 1,000 times less ridiculous.

Here's the full interview, which is well worth watching in its entirety.


So, are we all still optimistic for the back end of Walking Dead season two — especially now that we know what we could have had?

Gen. Chris
January 7th, 2012, 11:57 AM
Aw man...

The Mighty 6 platoon
January 7th, 2012, 01:57 PM
I think actually that this would be a rubbish idea. The show is about Rick Grimes and his group as they survive, it's not a show about the back story of every corpse they come across. I don't care about what happened to the random soldier, especially since we would know his death is a foregone conclusion. Also there have been enough complaints about the plot not moving on, well this would be an even worse example of the show abandoning the main characters in favour of a pointless prequel.

I also quibble the "just to save a few bucks" reason that it was cut. If it was meant to be "Black Hawk Down with zombies," that needs the kind of budget that most tv shows can't do, even if they're on something like HBO. Most shows might balk at the idea, even if they weren't having budget and behind the scenes problems, especially when it's some huge episode where none of the actual main characters of the show play a meaningful part.

Also what is the author of the article going on about when they talk about the "magic grenade?" Seems like io9 didn't pay much attention to the show, you can actually trace the journey of the grenade from the whole first season, where it gets picked up by Rick, get's brought back to the camp, gets left in the washing and picked up by Carol who then carries it around till finally at the end of the season she gives it back to Rick to use.

the fifth man
January 7th, 2012, 08:49 PM
I would have liked to see this episode happen. However, I still have faith that the rest of Season 2 will be amazing.