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June 1st, 2011, 04:05 AM
Set a few years (no more than 5) after the Destiny crew (minus Rush and Telford) was sent back in time via stargate, they are settling into their new world, Novus, and their lives on this new world. Children are being born and families are being raised. However, things aren’t all what they appear. People are still keeping secrets and are still fighting with each other. Adam Brody and others still believe that Rush will still come with the Destiny and save them, while Colonel Everett Young and others are looking towards the future. This and other things will eventually split the crew apart and their problems will be passed down the generations. Things won’t be the same again.

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The RPG will begin........ Now!

June 1st, 2011, 04:06 AM
It was another morning on the world the crew of the Destiny called, Novus, some of them even called it home. Christopher Douglas Steele, or Chris, as he liked to be called, had woken up coughing. One of his symptoms of his “syndrome”, as T.J. called it, was something he had gotten used to. The coughing was always bad when he woke up in the mornings. Ever since he became stranded on the planet, a few years ago, his symptoms had become worse. Sometimes he couldn’t get out of bed, but most of the time he was just fine. After getting some water and stopping the coughing, Chris got dressed. Once he did, the young man grabbed the kino that he had brought with him to Novus, turned it on, and spoke.

“Day 912 (approx. 2 and half years, if going by Earth calendar). My symptoms seem to have stabilized for now, they haven‘t gotten any worse in the last few weeks. As of right now, my symptoms are: severe coughing, vomiting, splitting headaches. A new symptom came up last week, though I didn‘t record it,” Chris said, held up his right hand. “My pinky and ring fingers are numb. I thought I had just slept on my hand wrong and figured that the feeling would come back. But, it didn‘t,” he said, moving them. “I can still move them, but I can’t feel them still. I just hope it doesn’t get any worse,” the young man said.

He was about to speak once more when he heard a knock at his door. Reaching up, grabbing the kino, Chris turned it off and set it down. Walking over to the door, he opened it up and was surprised to see who was on the other side.


It was another morning on the world the crew of the Destiny called, Novus, some of them even called it home. Colonel Everett Young had just woken up. Glancing over, the man noticed Tamara Johansen, or TJ, sleeping on the bed next to him still. After being stranded on this planet, they seemed to be doing just fine. Everett had even noticed some of them getting together, or hooking up. With TJ, it seemed natural to him. Gently getting out of bed so he wouldn’t wake her, the colonel quickly and quietly got dressed, and went into the kitchen. As much as he had to do today, Everett still wanted to make breakfast. Getting the makeshift stove running and preparing breakfast, he heard footsteps enter the room. “Morning,” he said, not looking up. “Did I wake you?” Everett asked, looking up at TJ, who had entered the room.


It was another morning on the world the crew of the Destiny called, Novus, some of them even called it home. Dale Volker was making his way over to his friend, Adam Brody’s house. It seemed that Adam and Eli had been arguing a lot more lately, so Dale hoped to talk some sense into his friend. As he walked, the man neared Dr. Lisa Park’s house. He and Lisa were friends, but Dale had feelings for her. Of course, he couldn’t really express those feelings for her. Sighing inwardly, the man finally reached his friend’s house. Going up to the door, Dale knocked and waited for Adam to come to the door.

June 1st, 2011, 04:39 AM
As the sun rose over the valley the village was in, James came traipsing back into the village with Cprl Lee and Airman O'Hara, after being out all night hunting down some deer like creatures the people had been living off for months. They had caught nothing, and had not seen the slightest trace of any animal. She mumbled 'goodnight' to the two and entered her house, throwing her gear onto the ground and entering the bedroom, slumping onto the bed next to her husband, Varro, waking him. Her final memory was of him kissing her on the forehead before she drifted off to sleep.
James woke about three hours later, the sun still filtering through the windows, she looked up to see her 2 year old daughter, Grace, sitting on the bed watching her sleep and smiling.
"Wheres your father?" she asked
"Outside" Grace replied
James slide up and out of bed, picking her daughter up and walking out of the room placing her in a chair and grabbing some food off a shelf, taking a bite and walking to the door, opening it and looking outside. Varro was not to be seen so she shut the door and went back to the table, sorting out her gear as her daughter watched.

June 1st, 2011, 07:17 AM
As morning came Greer was already at work making tools for the harvest, and David was in the foundry with him.
"When will the tools be ready?" David asked
"They'll be ready when I say they're ready, now stop asking?" Greer replied.
As most people where just waking up Scott was already walking toward T.J.'s place to check up on her and Chris, as he was concerned about the worsening of Chris' condition.

June 1st, 2011, 12:04 PM
It was another morning on their hopefully temporary planet. After so much time, Brody was still not comfortable with the planet. That video game slacker had got them into so much trouble!
Brody heard a knock on his door. He went to answer.
Varro and Captain Ishcan had decided to try to build basic traps for forest animals to increase food supplies.
"Did you hear that Brody and Wallace were fighting again yesterday. God, that scientist drives me crazy. He has complained ever since he arrived to Novus. I mean, Destiny was like a LOT worse. The constant threats, the constant problems. Here, everything is quiet and nice and simple." said Ischan.
Varro was against Ischan "Dr. Brody is a clever scientist, but no scientist enjoys primitive life instead of almost entirely a technological one. Wallace is smart, yes but after all, it could as well be my fault that we ended here. He wouldn't have completed his plan if Ginn wouldn't have helped him."
Ischan said: "Rush was certainly better than Brody from the very beginning!"
Eli woke up in bed, still sleepy due to have spent the entire last night recording on the Kino about their development on Novus. He was still worried that Brody might pick on him again.
He decided to go ask the Colonel for a way out. He was the leader, after all.
Eli said: "If Young can help me find a way to make Brody stop being an idiot, maybe he could also help me and Brody contact Rush if he's still alive."
The slacker decided to use his old red T-shirt after all that time and went out. It was a warm summer morning, pretty hot for summer. Eli said hello to Camile and Morrison and went straight to Young's house.
It was a hot summer morning and Dr. Morrison was awake.
"Good morning, Morrison." said Morrison and got up. He put a shirt and pants on and went out on a morning walk. Morrison past by Eli and Camile and went to the forest where he saw Ischan and Varro, far away.
"Hmh. That Lucian fellow is getting far too comfortable here. But asking the Colonel to restrict him is pointless. One day..."
Morrison went on with his walk until he arrived at the Stargate. Maybe some adventure could do him good? He took out a Kino remote from his pocket and dialed a nearby planet.

June 3rd, 2011, 10:10 AM
Aurora found herself restless but hesitant to get out of bed. She spent her moments reflecting on the past two years, as she had come close to redemption but far from salvation. Not that it mattered any way. The man’s face fell on her mind over and over as his echoing cries filled her deep limbic system with chaotic activity. All she could hear were Camille’s words “You are a disgrace to your profession!” Aurora knew that Camille reacted completely on emotion, but Aurora couldn’t escape human nature of remorse and guilt.

The second week of their Novus landing, Aurora was dumbfounded by a hunting accident. One of Destiny’s crew members was attacked; his leg shredded by a wild boar like animal and in the accident one of his main arteries had been clipped. Aurora remembered the look on his face, scared and absolute. She remembered T.J. finding strength to carry on, building hope in this inevitable death. Aurora remembered looking to T.J. while she wore this man’s blood and he still conscious, very much alive. “T.J., he is dead.” “Aurora where are you going?!” T.J.'s voice echoed in her head. Aurora remembered the burial later that day, she had never felt so excusable in human form than she did that day.

Every morning she replayed this reel of life in her head. Every day she knew that she would indulge in this guilt. Even in the most abundant forms of depression, Aurora knew she must try to find ways to find her place here in Novus. She finished her tea, heading out towards her rounds. Although T.J. occupied the most chronic patients, Aurora was still able to manifest what responsibility Camille and Young would give her. Aches and pains. Although Aurora knew at one point Novus would have to depend on her, T.J.’s condition although unknown to her or anyone else would worsen within two years. Aurora had done the calculations, in fact she had been running many calculations and so far it was not entirely a Utopian future to look forward to. She grabbed her things and left the cabin.


“No, of course not” T.J. stood still studying Young . He had grown humble in these past two years almost compliant to the chaos that lent itself to the existing circumstance. His strength in most respects kept T.J. held together. She knew that this legacy, this Destiny crew would find reward in Novus. She walked over to take the plate in which Everett had made for her and as if her hands weren’t there at all, the plate crashed spreading the food all across the floor. T.J., was surprised and scared at the same time. This had been happening more often than expected for basic nervousness, or restlessness. She knew something was wrong. “Oh, wow. Must still be groggy. Don’t worry, sit down and eat, I will get this.” T.J. laughed as she felt Young’s eyes burn into her. She just didn’t know how long she could keep this up.


“See ya Morrison” Camille waved off Morrison and scanned the grounds. Camille found herself inclined to talk with everyone this morning but digressed knowing that the time was simply not right. Brody had been stirring up sectional havoc sporadically throughout the past couple of months. She knew the stress of winter had put everyone in an emotional bind but summer had lent itself useful as crops had come through and despite her downfalls, Aurora and Varro had brought Novus to the dependence of their hunting abilities. Although Camille was estranged from half of the Destiny crew, she still found herself to be a vigilant mediator. Having noticed Eli and Brody’s relationship deteriorate, Camille decided to stop Eli before he hit Young’s that morning. “Eli, hey wait up. I need to talk to you.”


June 6th, 2011, 01:37 AM
Chris was surprised to see Chloe on the other side of the door. The brown haired young man did have feelings for her, but he had put those behind so she could be happy, with Matt. “Chloe. What are you doing here?” He asked, looking at her. She didn’t answer, and he remembered to invite her in. Moving out of the way, Chris let her come inside.

“Matt and I are worried about you and T.J., Chris,” Chloe said, entering the cabin as the young man closed the door. “You seem to be getting sick a lot lately and you haven’t given anybody an explanation,” she said, sitting down at the table. Watching him come over and sit down as well, she looked into his eyes. “What’s wrong with you Chris?” Chloe asked him.


Everett looked at T.J., who had told him that he didn’t wake her. He wasn’t sure if she was lying or not, that was one of the things that made him gravitate towards her still. She still intrigued him with the small things, like the little lies. Of course, he didn’t say anything about that. Putting some food on a plate, Everett held it out for her. When T.J. dropped the plate, he knew what was going on, or at least suspect it. Hearing that she would clean it up, he shook his head. “No, I got it,” he said. “Get another plate while I clean this up,” Everett said, grabbing a towel, he began to clean up.


Dale stood there for a few minutes. Not hearing anything, he wondered if Adam had taken off for the day already. He was about to turn and leave when he heard the door open. Seeing his friend, Dale looked at him. “Hey. I heard you got into another argument with Eli,” he said to Adam. “What was it about this time? Destiny? Rush? Our location here?” Dale asked, curious as to what was his friend was arguing about this time.

June 7th, 2011, 12:51 PM
Varro and Ischan had finished their work and both parted ways. Ischan decided to go for a walk as he usually did to discuss current events in the village with his mind. The most problematic trouble was the Brody vs Eli event, the problem that's been going on for years. He remembered the time on Destiny when Brody had been stationed on the Bridge. He seemed to be happy with his job. Now, Brody's mind is spiraling downwards. It was the duty of Wallace to try to get them home, even if he failed. At least the kid tried. Damn!! The best scientists of Destiny were lost! Eli wasn't very trusted after the incident that stranded them to Novus, Rush was left behind on Destiny and Brody is losing all interest in the crew's activities. Volker isn't that good at all. That is what's holding them behind. Ischan remained in long thought even after that discussion.
Eli saw Camile coming towards him.
"What? What is it?" asked he curiously.
"What do you think we were arguing about, "Head Scientist of Novus"?" Brody asked sarcastically. "We've been stuck on this pointless planet for 5 years and the Colonel doesn't even want to leave!! We should start following Destiny's path via the Stargate and complete the mission that way!!" he yelled.
Morrison had arrived on a pretty cold planet and decided to explore around a few minutes before returning to Novus. However, he was quite proud when he discovered very useful and powerful crystals that could be used to achieve electricity. He decided to quickly run back to the gate with his discovery. When he started to dial, he suddenly realized how idiotic he was. He had come to a rrandom planet with no idea about the Novus address. He didn't know the way home. Morrison dialed another random planet and went through. He arrived on a rocky planet. "Oh, no. Great, I am so screwed out here!! If I ever make it back, I am gonna murder that kid!!!" Morrison yelled.

June 14th, 2011, 04:36 AM
Auroa found herself amongst group of very ill patients on Novus. While waiting for TJ to arrive she began vitals. Almost all patients were running fever, swollen glands, rash and loss of color in gums and lips. People were becoming almost translucent. The stress was inescapable and Aurora knew that she would have to forge on, even as her mind set debilitated. As data collected, Aurora knew that this incident was a deathly virus in the making.
“No you really do not have to do that.” T.J. said completely embarrassed. Even as time had passed it was un-mistakenly hard not to become weak under Everett’s care. “We should maybe talk later tonight after Stephen goes to sleep. In the mean time I need to run rounds with Aurora (roles eyes). Also, on another note, it looks like we may have a cold going around, possibly flu. ¬¬¬When I was with patients earlier yesterday we had some very high fevers, so please try to keep yourself and Stephen clear of any ill people in the community. “ T.J. put her forehead to Everett’s, “Thank you and please give this plate to Stephen when he wakes. “
Camille looked to Eli’s face for distress. “So, hey how are you?” without waiting for a response Camille went on “So, I herd about you a Brody, and just curious if everything is ok. It seems to me that he has manifested some issues and is having trouble settling which is normal but more so than most? Have any thoughts?” Camille waited for Eli’s response.

June 15th, 2011, 06:57 AM
Varro had gone to find Brody. Perhaps he could convince him to try to help the Novan Society and also use the Stargate technology to find Destiny(if it still existed). He reached Brody's house and heard Brody yelling. Varro hid behind a window and started listening.
"Oh, you know. Brody is still in the I HATE YOU, ELI mode so we were arguing about me being the stupidest kid ever." Eli responded. "Maybe it would be best if Brody be isolated from the village. He's causing a lot of tension around here... oh, god it's hot." Eli touched his forehead and realized he had a fever.
"Start following the Destiny Path via Stargate, are you nuts? We've been here for 5 years and now you're suggesting we leave and go to random planets in a 50-50 chance we may go the right way. You know what, Eli is right. You are insane." Volker said. Brody picked up a random object and threw Volker with it. "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!" he yelled. Volker fled and decided to go to TJ's mini-hospital for a cure to the headache he got.
After some time of gate traveling, Morrison had arrived on an ice planet. He was in an increasingly bad mood as he had realized that the chances of him finding Novus again was extremely small. He may be several gates behind or forward Destiny's path. Morrison dialed another planet and ended up in a desert. He realized it was the same planet they had first got on when they tried to go to Earth. Morrison started a Kino recording.
"I am Dr. Morrison of the Novus colony. I am hereby documenting my current adventures. Thanks to a kid scientist named Eli Wallace, our entire crew minus the Main Scientist and Colonel Telford ended up stuck on a planet named Novus. Now, 5 years later, I foolishly decided to embark exploring another planet when I realized that I didn't know the gate address back. I am now stuck on my fifteenth planet." Morrison decided to go to a nearby cave and get some sleep.

June 15th, 2011, 09:49 AM
Camille looked at Eli, not really comprehending all that he was saying. She wondered if it could be that simple. If Brody just couldn't let go of the Destiny and Rush for that matter. "Well, I will get with Young and see if we can manage a conversation about this. In the mean time, if you could capture any proof of his behaviors on your Keno, do so. The more proof we have the better off we are on making this a case worth perusing. As my grandmother said to me "Bùyào yòng fǔtóu xiāochú cāngyíng cóng nǐ de péngyǒu de étóu." Do not use a hatchet to remove a fly from your friends forehead." Camile smiled and set forth to find Young.

June 15th, 2011, 12:06 PM
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June 16th, 2011, 06:22 PM
Chris looked at Chloe for a moment. He could tell that she was extremely worried about him. The brown haired young man wondered if she thought he was sick because of the illness that was sweeping through Novus. Ironically, he wasn’t affected by it. Not yet at least. As far as he could remember, he always had a strong immune system. Reaching over, he took her hand into his. “I’m fine Chloe, I swear,” Chris said, looking at her.

Releasing her hand, Chris stood up. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going off world,” he said, grabbing a sack. “I want to see if there’s anything I can that can help with the illness going through town,” the young man said.

“I’m coming with you,” Chloe said after a moment. “There’s nothing you can say that’ll change my mind,” she told him.

Sighing, Chris spoke. “Alright, come on,” he said as they exited his house. Going over to the Stargate, he took out the kino remote and dialed. Once the gate was activated, he and Chloe stepped through.


Everett wanted to argue about taking care of T.J. with her, but he knew that know wasn’t the right time or place to do so. After all, they had other matters to attend to. The most pressing for him was the Eli and Brody situation. The man nodded his head in agreement. “Yeah, that’s fine,” he said as she placed her forehead against his. Taking the plate from her, Everett set it aside for Stephen. “Go. I’ll be fine,” he told T.J.


"Start following the Destiny Path via Stargate, are you nuts? We've been here for 5 years and now you're suggesting we leave and go to random planets in a 50-50 chance we may go the right way. You know what, Eli is right. You are insane." Volker said. Luckily, it seemed like Brody had missed hitting him with the object. Right now Volker decided to give Brody some time to cool down. Right now though, he decided to talk to Camile and Eli about this. As he walked away, Volker noticed Varro near there, apparently listening. “I guess you heard what was going on,” he said to Varro, stopping.

June 17th, 2011, 01:17 AM
"Yeah. Brody has a point. Perhaps we could still complete Destiny's mission. And it's possible we might make it back to Destiny. I have to tell this to Colonel Young" said a very excited Varro. He ran off.
Eli, with a heavy fever, decided to go to TJ and Aurora. He entered the mini-hospital. TJ and Aurora were already there. "Guys, I think I'm affected by this virus of yours..."
Eli collapsed.
An angry Brody started thinking about following Destiny. If Colonel Young wouldn't agree, he would go alone. That's the only way. Although there was a 50-50 chance they won't make it or just circle around. That's it. He will go tomorrow. The scientist began packing.
Morrison woke up. It was a bright morning on the desert planet. "Good morning, Morrison." said Morrison and got up. The desert was warm and comfortable. Still, if he wanted to return to Novus, he had to remember the gate address Eli picked to dial Novus. He was close and began dialing. After going through, Morrison realized it was a wrong planet. Again. DAMN IT!!
"I'M STUCK OUT HERE FOREVER!!!" Morrison yelled angrily. Suddenly, the Stargate began dialing behind him. Others? YES!!

June 20th, 2011, 01:36 AM
Arriving on another planet, this one hot and humid, which seemed to be close to a beach, the two stepped through. They decided to look around for a bit, even though Chloe wanted to leave. Shortly after arriving, Chris used his power and made a distinctive marker near the gate, Earth’s point of origin glyph on the stargate. These markers were to tell travelers from Novus that this planet had already been explored by Chris. After a bit, they were ready to go. Dialing another planet, the two of them stepped through.

Arriving on the other side, they were surprised to see Morrison standing in front of the gate. “Morrison?” Chris asked, double checking to make sure it was really him. “What the hell are you doing out here?” He asked, looking at the man.

Volker was surprised by Varro’s words. He would have thought that the man wouldn’t be agreeing with Brody. He was about to say something when Varro took off. Sighing he decided to go talk to Camile. Seeing her on her way towards Young’s house, Volker jogged towards her. “Camile,” he called out, getting her attention. “We need to talk about Brody,” Volker said, looking at her as he caught up to her.

June 20th, 2011, 02:21 AM
Varro ran to Colonel Young with double-speed. "COLONEL YOUNG!! COLONEL YOUNG!! I and Brody have a brilliant idea!!" yelled Varro. Suddenly he saw Brody coming up too. "Brody? You're here about your idea as well?" he asked. "Yep." Brody answered. "Colonel, if Destiny still exists, then the best plan to get back is to use the gate network to continue following Destiny's path!" Brody said.
Morrison had been saved! "Hey, guys!! You do know the gate address back, do you?" he asked.
Eli regained consciousness. He was lying on a bed like many others. He felt hot. Then he lost consciousness again.

June 22nd, 2011, 09:11 AM
Ischan had started to feel hot. The disease!! "Oh, crap." he said as he collapsed.

June 23rd, 2011, 11:39 PM
Auroa had spent many many hours dealing with patients and the virus. While looking to T.J. for guidance she noticed that she too was overwhelmed. Although only three fatalities within children, Aurora through her prior research could tell that the virus was mutating. Eli had come in more recently, Aurora couldn't stand the fact that she had let it get this far. She knew procedure for epidemics like this, and until she could solve how it was spreading and why it was mutating, she knew that Novus would have to be shut down.

"T.J. we need to shut down Novus, shut down gate travel, and everyone needs to be confined until we can pinpoint this virus."

________________________________________________________________________________ ____________
T.J. ran around the hospital frantic. She knew the severity of the issue, but as her own symptoms became a priority within in her site, she began to become compromised in her work. She noticed that Aurora had proven herself through the years and managed to find a bit of respect for her, but T.J. just wasn't sure she could trust her to take over if her condition worsened. An how would Everett and Stephen manage?

"T.J. we need to shut down Novus, shut down gate travel, and everyone needs to be confined until we can pinpoint this virus."

T.J. was stunned that she had not been focused enough to make this realization on her own. "Yes, we need to start with isolation in the hospital which I will cover. Find Camille and Young, alert them of the severity and proceed to go house to house. Can you do this?"

Although Aurora was good at finding problems, she was rarely able to fix them or even try. Fallow through would depend on her. Novus was depending on her.

________________________________________________________________________________ ___________

Camille had found comfort in the small things within Novus. She reflected upon her heritage to guide her in these most turbulent times. Relying on old sayings and proverbs for comfort. While she sat in her small cabin she tried hard not to think of he partner Sharon while she drank her afternoon tea. Her face cemented in Camille's most recent memories. It was startling to hear a knock at the door in mid thought.

Camille opened the door. Aurora stood vacant but out of breath. "Camille we need to find Young. The virus is spreading, we need to shut down Novus."

Although Camille put little effort into noticing Aurora's emotions, the severity of the situation allotted her to react.

"Ok, I will find Young, you make your rounds within Novus. We need to keep people inside, especially if they have not been infected. Educate them on procedure, and make sure they understand the severity of the issue. Can you do this?"

June 24th, 2011, 01:22 AM
Yeah, it was definitely Morrison that was out here, Chris could tell. “Yeah Morrison, I know the way back to Novus,” Chris said, walking down the ramp. Using his alchemy, the young man repeated the procedure that he used on the last planet. This one was bare and he and Chloe could continue, but knowing Morrison, he decided to go back. “Alright, let’s head back,” he said, dialing the gate to the last planet that they were on.

After going back to that planet, Chris dialed Novus. Sending the kino through, he was surprised to see Matt and Ronald Greer guarding the gate. “Hey guys, what’s going on?” Chris asked through the kino, knowing that this was odd.

Once T.J. left, Stephen woke up. The little boy had been sick as well and Everett feared that he was coming down with this disease as well. After putting his son back to bed, Young stepped outside as Brody and Varro came up to him. “Gentlemen, this isn’t the time,” he said after listening to them. “We have to worry about saving these people first,” he told them. “Now, if there’s anything you two can do to help, that would be appreciated,” Young said to the men.

Not finding Camile, Volker decided to go talk to Colonel Young. On his way there, he began to experience symptoms of the disease. About halfway to Young’s house, Volker passed out.

June 25th, 2011, 11:17 AM
*Rok, why did you use Greer and Scott, I thought those were Timstro59's characters?

June 25th, 2011, 11:17 AM
"I understand, Colonel. The disease must be confined." Varro said and Brody left with him. "Come on, Varro." he said. "Everything is going as planned."
The two went inside Volker's house for that's where all scientific material was held.
"Once the disease goes too far, the Colonel will have on choice, but to accept that leaving the planet is the only way to get rid of the disease." Brody said. "You started it." Varro said absolutely stunned. "Oh... yes. My plan will work and we'll find Rush" the insane Brody said. Varro realized that Volker was right. The man was insane.
Morrison was angered by the delay. "Do you guys even realize that the disease is on Novus?! We're not infected. My studies confirm that the sickness is caused by the planet. Leaving Novus would be the easiest cure. I knew this days ago." Morrison said.
Eli regained consciousness and saw T.J.. "I'm infected, right... I'm... infected... Eli lost consciousess again.
Ischan regained consciousness. It was the afternoon. He was hot, fevered and alone in the forest. "HELP!!" he yelled weakly. He then tried to crawl, but his vision was fading and he accidentally fell through a hole in the cliff and his last thoughts were "OH CRAP!!!"

June 30th, 2011, 02:39 AM
Chris and Chloe listened to what had happened from Young, who had shut down gate travel. Hearing Morrison speak, he rolled his eyes. “Leaving Novus isn’t the cure,” he said, glancing over to the man. “If you leave the planet while you’re infected, then you’ll take the disease with you,” the young man explained. Turning, Chris spoke back into the kino. “Colonel, I’m not infected, plus, I can help T.J. and Auroa with the infected.”

“That’s a negative Chris,” Everett said, answering the question. “Right now I want you, Morrison, and Chloe to check out neighboring planets for that we can live on, incase we need to evacuate,” Everett answered. “We’ll send the kino back for you to use. Young out.”

Just then the gate closed up. Glancing over at Morrison, Chris had a feeling that the man was going to be smug.

July 4th, 2011, 10:24 AM
Varro decided to inform Young about Brody's insane plan. Before he could do that, he blacked out.
"I'm sorry, mr. Lucian. But I can't let you tell Young. My plan will work. The crew will start following the path. And if they won't, I will!" Brody said to the unconscious Varro. He then went to tell Colonel Young his "cure".
"Argh!!! DON'T YOU MORONS GET IT?!! Give me the bloody radio!!" Morrison yelled. He grabbed the radio and yelled at the Colonel. "Colonel, the disease is caused by Novus!!! If we leave, the disease will simply wear off. It's not infectious, the planet is causing it. THAT is why I, Chloe and Steele are not infected. Do you get it now?! Or do I have to come there and SHOOT it in your stupid head?!!!" Morrison yelled at the radio.
Eli once again opened his eyes. He was alone in the room. The kid tried to stand up. "I'm still weak. Must... must... find a cure." he said weakly. He then fell to the floor and lost consciousness.
Ischan woke up. He was covered in blood and it was nighttime. He saw a lake nearby. Thomas crawled to the lake and washed himself as best as he could. He then took his radio and contacted TJ. "Lt. Johansen, can you hear me? This is Captain Ischan. I'm... injured near Destiny Lake. Severely. I believe..."
Ischan lost consciousness and as he fell into the shore, his radio fell into a puddle, damaging it.

July 7th, 2011, 04:58 PM
Aurora began to panic as the bodies piled up in the infirmary. Everyone pupils dilated and yellow in the cheeks and top of the hands. Most seemed to only uphold a consistent run of the mill flu like symptom while a select few seemed to become more diminished. While it seemed the plan was to find patient one.

As Aurora began to check on patients once again, she chose to now formulate a diagnostic that separated the severe to light illed patients. Starting with the most severe patients Aurora found the very first few that had arrived at the infirmary. “Alex, how are you? How do you feel, any changed from this morning.” While checking his vitals, Aurora noticed that his cheeks were very yellowish, and below eyes and around mouth were both red and irritated almost like a rash. Alex rolled his head towards her “Well its my vision, now I feel as if I am looking through a dirty door….” He paused to cough. “Its hard to see.” When Alex mentioned this, she noticed that his eyes proved to have some kind a slight film over the eyes. “Good, thank you Alex. Is there anything else that you can share with me” Alex began to cry abruptly. “I know how it started Aurora, I know what it is. Its all my fault. I just wanted to step off world, and I knew that it, well I wasn’t authorized to go. “

Aurora listened to his story through the gate. It happened three weeks ago, which in Aurora’s mind correlated with the time line of the virus. Aurora began to panic slightly. She had been visiting Brody’s meetings about leaving the planet and feeling like wise, felt ill to know the truth. She herself did not want to stay on Novus. She herself had faith that Rush would eventually locate the crew. She continued to listen.

“It was a hostile jungle environment and I knew that I should have left but I didn’t. When I delved deep into the forest, I came upon a small tribe of what I assumed to be indigenous peoples. They met me with curiosity but immense fear. The camp in which they stayed was piled with lifeless people; it looked as though they were being cocooned. The ones who approached me were yellow in the face. They spoke in a dialect I didn’t know. “Alex began to sob uncontrollably but insisted that he must go on. “They just grabbed me and pointed at the sick children on the ground. I didn’t know what to do Aurora, I’m telling you, I didn’t know. “Aurora pat Alex on the arm. “You need to rest. I will be back in an hour to re-check your vitals.”

“I’m telling you I didn’t know….I just didn’t”
T.J. rushed impatiently to patient to patient. "Aurora, how is Alex? He seems to be the worst.”

“Oh, uh, well he seems to be delirious. Perhaps the fever.”

T.J. was irritated by Aurora’s lack of empathy. “Right, well have you any thoughts, you are the geneticist. You are trained in this field.”

Aurora looked around “Yeah, well you know its hard to figure these things out, there is patient zero and so on. When we find them, we can derive a vaccine and so on. This virus has typical characteristics of one that can be solved. I wouldn’t be so worried. We will do this.”

Aurora’s patronizing tone had lent itself to T.J’s last nerve.

“Listen, these people may die. They may die because you refuse to pull up your sleeves and work.” T.J. looked Aurora in the eye. “If anyone dies because of your sick malice of your pitiful fear, you will have not this virus to worry about but me. Do I make myself clear? I suggest that you begin to show some results before it is clear that you are no longer capable of doing this job."

T.J walked away before the situation became worse.
Camille found herself lost in this confrontation between leaving Novus. Although her previous attempts to defend Rush as a civilian were noble, rendering him as a savior was absolutely just out of control. She found herself at odds, although she knew that Brody deserved respect, at the same time, she knew that he was going to tear Novus apart.

July 8th, 2011, 06:17 AM
Brody reached Young's house where he heard Morrison yelling about his "cure". Morrison knew it? Already? Well, now his main problem was Varro. He decided to tell TJ, making it look okay. At TJ's he heard Alex's recount of the virus. "What? I created the virus. She's got to be lying. Why? Does she support my plan or what?" Brody thought.
Morrison had been knocked out by Chris after his yelling.
Eli woke up back in his bed. He saw Aurora. "Hey. Any progress?" Eli asked.
Ischan woke up, still in the puddle. He was severely bleeding. He rose up as best he could, took a stick and quickly thought. He was far too tired to make it to Novus. He'd make it to the Stargate though. Why wasn't TJ here already? Thomas rose and eventually made it to the Stargate where the surprised Greer and Scott were waiting. Ischan gave a delirious salute. "I report that I am sick, oh Admiral!" Ischan weakly said and collapsed.

July 26th, 2011, 02:44 AM
*Due to Rok losing interest in the RPG, I'm takin' over the leadership of the RPG and the character of Everett Young. If anyone still plays it. If you still play, Ripley2012, it's your turn.*

July 26th, 2011, 02:46 AM
Hang on Rushy ! :)

RoK set the game up and any change of Game Mods has to go via TameFarrar ( and me/Sky) ,so please hold off on RP-ing till that's clarified.

ETA : I just read you and RoK's VM conversation ,so can you BOTH send me a short PM verifying the change in leadership ,and I'll forward those on to TameFarrar to help her keep the RPG records straight.

Thanks in advance.:)

Play on !

July 26th, 2011, 03:01 AM
Go ahead and take over rushy. Next time though, ask.

July 26th, 2011, 03:49 AM
No worries ! :)

All sorted now,so play on,guys.
If you need anything ,drop me a line and I'll do my best to assist in place of TameFarrar ,and keep her informed.

*Bows out for now*

July 26th, 2011, 07:51 AM
*Sorry about the quick Take-over. I was in a bad mood. Won't happen again. I'll just wait for now until anyone shows up to play.*

August 25th, 2011, 08:31 AM
I am bored. That's why I'm writing. Cos there is NOTHING to do!!! So I'm wasting time... and life... "Oh there is no expanse of the mind the will cannot traverse, or physically the distance laid across the universe. There's blessings many in the stars save one lamented curse:that 16th Rygel, glory me must travel in reverse!!"

Rygel XVI, Farscape Season 1 "Through the Looking Glass".

November 27th, 2011, 07:00 AM
*A secret makeshift bomb created by the insane Brody destroys Novus and the explosion creates an alternate timeline.*

January 16th, 2012, 06:26 AM
*In the alternate timeline, Brody(who survived due to the magic of Gandalf) decided to pay a visit to Eli Wallace who screwed up*

April 5th, 2012, 03:36 AM
Eli: Hey, what are you.
A Bomb blows up the universe.

October 4th, 2012, 02:59 PM
*The universe comes back to life because I say so.*
Great. Here I am in the middle of a lost little RPG. Doomed to be never again returned. But there is still hope. *sigh* I wish.

Brody: Perhaps we could follow through my plan?
Author: Another time, perhaps.