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May 6th, 2011, 04:32 AM
It got me thinking last night... The Browns took the seeder ship on a suicide run ... The drones are discovered to block stars....

Something tells me that it wasn't Destiny that caused the drones to prevent Destiny from recharging. Something tells me the drones encountered destiny-class / seeder ships a while ago.

When we first landed on Destiny and found the shuttle, we took it to look around the ship of Destiny. I distinctly remember people saying she's been in battle. How long ago, not sure. But Destiny's AI has done some learning and compensating for 'worst case scenarios'.

What if the drone problem has always been there, Destiny backtracked to find an alternate path through drone-space? Meanwhile, Icarus-base team dials into Destiny. And here we are.

As a result, We met up with the Browns while they were in hibernation on the Seeder ship. Probably still working in virtual-land as a collective consciousness aboard the Seeder ship like in SGA's Aurora or some battleship episode where everyone was in a collective consciousness thinking they were in reality .... thus attempting to buy time in stasis to figure out a method to kill the drones out.

Fast forward to the encounter with Destiny... their long lived and first hope of tag-teaming command ships... in the meantime, all the dormant stasis living, there was no solution to their dilemma. Thus sacrificing to take at least one ship out of the equation... out of what... say thousands and countless others.

Just speculating here from the given episodes. Thoughts?

On a different note, shows that gets canceled... can the writers come up with the remaining episode scripts for what they think should go with the story and publish them? I mean... although the show is canceled, can't they simply release them as like official fanfics? or does copyright and trademark come into play with the bigshots at SyFy or other companies?

May 6th, 2011, 07:49 AM
But the drones were asleep until we seem to have woken them up. Definitely the drones could have been around for a long while, and been the cause of previous damage...but while interesting, your theory is full of conjecture. The collective consciousness thing is cool, but I saw no evidence of it. My thoughts are that you have some interesting thoughts :)

The side note----I would definitely pay for books/comics/whatever (like they did with Angel Season 6!) as long as I knew that it was canon. I don't want to just buy something that one of the writers comes up with on their own. I don't know anything about licensing or anything though.