View Full Version : Where they should take it from here

April 26th, 2011, 01:22 AM
No, I don't expect them to do this.

They catch up with the Novus ships, which are only barely surviving after constant attacks by the drones. Say every 33 minutes. Destiny gathers them together and joins the fight as it leads this rag-tag fleet toward a new home. I actually think it would be funny as hell if they did this for a couple of episodes.

April 26th, 2011, 02:53 AM
Very funny, and wrong series!

April 26th, 2011, 03:43 AM
Wonder who the latent cylon would be. Chloe! Seems so innocent...

Nth Chevron
April 26th, 2011, 11:22 AM
Ah hell if your at it like that why not make the Cylonians look like Cybermen :P


April 26th, 2011, 02:27 PM
Lets just throw cardassians in while we're at it

Nth Chevron
April 26th, 2011, 04:47 PM
And an adventure or 2 with the Firefly crew, including Adria returned to human form, Keller running away from Rodney and a system of 13 human habitable worlds with significant military forces..