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April 22nd, 2011, 07:07 AM
So right now we got three love triangles, one of them has vanished sort of; don't worry Eli would want Chloe again at some point or vice versa. These love triangles define the characters and their actions more-so than aliens attacking a ship. It puts them in a position were they stop being passive and creates a certain tension between crew mates (pun?).

1. The first one we had was Chloe, Scott and Eli. What made this one unique was how Scott never took notice of Eli's feelings towards his girlfriend. What was bad about it is that it wasn't convincing for something like this to occur right after they end up in Destiny. His main concern should've been going back home not falling in love straight way, and even if he unintentionally fell in love with her and couldn't help it, he should've blocked the idea from his mind in the beginning of the show; would've been a better character struggle. It just would've been because it doesn't make him look like a pathetic nerd who falls for the first pretty girl that talks to him. For Chloe, she got a lot of flak for being the stereotypical passive female that heavily relies on men to help her. And it was obvious, as soon as her father died, she was on Scott's shoulders; which was smart since Scott was definitely the guy who would protect her whether it was a calculated decision or unconscious one. The way I saw her character arc, was she goes from being a useless passive character to someone who is able to not only take care of herself but to save others. Maybe one day saving Scott instead.

So far I see her as another missed opportunity for the writers, yes now people like her more than before, but we still haven't seen her earn her "strength" that would define her. The power inside her hasn't come out yet, usually characters come into terms with their problems, face them and come out of that internal conflict a better stronger person. What I see with chloe is someone who now doesn't hold hands with Scott as much as she used to, thats about it. Having her turn into an alien was a missed opportunity, she couldve came out of the experience as a stronger person who learned to depend on herself and was able to handle her dilemma (we saw a bit of that though but it seemed suicidal instead). Or she could've come out of it hating everyone, and making problems for everyone because of how badly they treated her when she was an alien. But showing her pressing a bunch of buttons unknowingly all of a sudden because of some alieny thing inside her that wants her to save destiny, is not character development (unintentionally hilarious maybe).

2. The other love triangle, would be TJ, Young and Varro (I think he's secretly main leader of LA). This one is particularly interesting because all the characters involved are mature in every way. They already have depth in them and to see tension between that is still boiling up over love (forbidden love?) would be quiet interesting. I'm not a big fan of TJ character but I appreciate what the writers have done with her, she's most definitely a strong character, one you could depend on and not just for a medical abilities. I just wish she didn't have that weepy face all the time. Young, now that guy is a little hard to figure out; does he still love her? I think so, there were hints of it but why didn't he make a move especially after his wife left him? (Which I think was a minor mistake for the writers to do btw, I think HE SHOULD'VE LEFT HER). And on the planet where he tried to save TJ from the beasts and that scene we had recently when he entered the room to find Varro and TJ together, tells me that Young even though has feelings for her, he's realised he doesn't deserve her, only there to protect her.

I could be wrong, he probably doesn't know how to reconnect with her without seeming weak (and a military leader wouldn't want to seem weak at a time like this). He could also be fearing rejection. He still doesn't know of Varro's intention, and I think that will be the thing that will reawaken the dragon soon enough. Varro is an interesting character; brute, survivalist, harsh upbringing, accepts violence but also sentimental and romantic. He's the perfect guy, women fall for these bad boys all the time. He's like han solo without the cool blaster gun. Its important to be suspicious of Varro though, he might not be the good guy we think he is, and the way the writers were setting him up tells me that he would turn out to be a really bad person. I'm scared for TJ, the two men in her life aren't "saints" at all. TJ hooking up with Varro though should be seen as a betrayal not only to Young but to the people in the pentagon who died in the attack. How could she have any feelings towards a criminal like that? Is she gonna join his cause and blow up earth's cities with him? I predict a dark future for TJ. Even though she's stable and a strong character already before the love triangle, there is still that issue of her falling for a lot guys; so far three guys at separate occasions on the ship she has confessed feelings for. That means there she's got a need she is trying to full-fill or compensate for, not sure what yet. Let's not forget we were told she had Young commit adultery, so she's not the nicest person around.

3. Last love triangle recently focused on is the one between Park, Greer and Volkar. This one reminds of the atlantis one with Mckay and Keller; Greer being Ronon. Volkar I find to be a more relatable character than Eli in that aspect, and he seems to have genuine feelings for Park. Those awkward scenes with him and Park were done well and showed us what kind of person Volkar is right now. Greer on the other hand, is a tough guy would like to see if he would ever fight for a girl especially against the person he gave his kidney too. Or will he step back like a noble kind self-sacrificing hero that he is supposed to be? We might never know, what a shame. That scene with Rush telling Volkar about how a relationship-free life benefits science was also great especially seeing Volkar's reaction to it and almost taking Rush's advise to heart. Volkar has a choice to stop going after something he can't have and refocus his efforts instead on achieving scientific discovers which is something he can do (a shelter away from Park's symbolic rejection of him). For the moment, that would be the easy way out for Volkar to take to escape his problems and it's one he's prone to taking, unless he surprises us by overcoming his weaknesses and choosing the difficult path of trying to win Park's heart and respect.

So which love triangle do you think was done well and which one deserves to be explored more?

April 22nd, 2011, 01:16 PM
People like this love triangle **** ? All love triangles suck period

April 22nd, 2011, 02:44 PM
So right now we got three love triangles,(...)

*snipped for length*

I read your post. Twice. I'm still trying to figure out if you are serious or just joking around. :S

April 22nd, 2011, 04:19 PM
I read your post. Twice. I'm still trying to figure out if you are serious or just joking around. :S

serious, I know love triangles are a plague to be avoided but lets face it, its in SGU in abundance. might as well talk about it.

April 22nd, 2011, 10:17 PM
Love triangles do make for interesting drama. Let's see where this goes.

1 - Eli/Chloe/Matt - Eli, the smart computer math genius, never had much luck with the female of the species so right away when Chloe pays attention to him on the Hammond, he's smitten. That fact that she knows who he is strokes his ego. However, that is somewhat dashed when he finds out she's the Senator's daughter.

Chloe is the spoiled, rich senator's daughter who's never been told no or had to fight for anything in her life. Now she's thrown onto the Destiny, looses her rock (father) and has to fend for herself. She did a fairly good job of beating up on Rush to show she's got a backbone somewhere. She probably didn't even realize she had that inside her. It quickly turns to weepiville with Scott.

Matt is the brash, young stud LT with "a heart as big as a house" [Young in Water] who needs a lot of seasoning. Matt's natural kindness sent him to comfort Chloe after her father died saving them all. That act sent a huge message to Matt. He didn't go to Chloe to get into her pants, he went to share his story to show Chloe she's not alone, that there are people who care about her.

To me this triangle (ECM) doesn't really exist except in S1 in Eli's mind. Yes, he pines for Chloe initially but I think realizes fairly quickly on that he's not her kind of guy. Matt never even considered that Eli has any feelings toward Chloe other than as a brother protector role. Chloe is pleased at all the attention but certainly by Earth is sending signals to Eli that he's her protector not lover material.

April 22nd, 2011, 11:19 PM
People like this love triangle **** ? All love triangles suck period

totally agree

April 22nd, 2011, 11:34 PM
I'll state right out that I'm a TJ/Young fan and hope my bias doesn't affect too much this discussion.

2 - TJ/Everett/Varro (TEV) - This is a classic triangle and makes for terrific drama. These are mature adults verses the Eli/Chloe/Matt group. TEV is incredibly complicated. We are missing so many pieces to the TJ/Everett affair that it makes for difficult speculation. Varro is the other side of what Young could be without all the responsibility that ways him down.

TJ is confusing me. I'm getting mixed signals from her over these past several episodes. She's obviously confused about the two men and to which camp she should plant her flag. She cares for Young, hurts with him about Carmen but resents him too for his practicality about her death. She feels guilty when Young catches her with Varro, smiling and carefree. She was taken aback when he didn't share her confidence about Varro's sincerity during Alliances to disarm the bomb. TJ and Everett's awkwardness has only gotten stronger in Common Descent but why? There were so many big eyed glances and gulps between them, I wanted to slap both of them.

Everett has the guilt of many things upon his head let alone the weight of command of Destiny. Many times we've seen him seeking TJ out but holding back because she was with another man - Caine in Space, Varro in Alliances. We've seen him wanting to speak to her, longing on his face [Sabotage] and circumstances or his own inability to open up preventing him from doing so. He sees Varro firstly as a Lucian Alliance terrorist and romantic rival second. Young doesn't understand how TJ can forgive the LA and by association Varro for Carmen's death.

Varro, we still don't know that much about him. Is he a good guy caught up in the LA because of need or is he really a bad LA guy trying to throw confusion into Young's head by going after TJ? Did he tell TJ about his "wife" to get her on his side to treat his LA people or was she genuine? We saw him watching the torture of Telford/Rush in Subversion and seeming to disagree or was that just general apathy to the situation? Yes, he offered to find TJ in the Hunt but was he just ingratiating himself to Young to further his means. True, he stitched up Young's wound but he couldn't kill him in front of Greer & James. And yes, he looked like he truly wanted to kiss TJ and would have enjoyed doing so but again is this all subterfuge until the LA can dial into Destiny again?

Anyway, I think this triangle is much more interesting than the kids.

April 22nd, 2011, 11:56 PM
3 - Park/Greer/Volker - this is also an adult triangle, written quite well but don't think it will go anywhere because I think Park has set her flag. Park had a "reading" problem around the ship and seems to have settled for the complicated book of Greer. We haven't seen her with anyone else since she started reading with Ron. He's been there for her on many occasions. Lisa clearly is oblivious that Volker has any feelings for her. She's sending good friend vibes his way that Dale is misinterpreting.

Greer probably saw Lisa initially as a great sex partner but even he seems to have grown closer to her. He comforted her during Malice and they shared 'deep' thoughts in Visitation. She seems to have touched the softer side of Greer. Maybe he's been able to be just Ron verses Super-Greer with her allowing him some much needed down time.

Volker is way cute with his almost puppy-love for Park. I don't think he even realized how much he'd fallen for her until Malice. That scene in the Gate room was tremendous and I felt so bad for him when she seemed to push him away after she returned to the ship. Once he recognized his feelings he was making baby steps toward getting Lisa to see him as other than a colleague. Too late since Greer beat him to her. Dale is too much the gentlemen to interfere in Lisa's romance to Greer. Even if he didn't feel beholding to Greer for his life and kidney. I think he will wait in the background and if Greer & Park fall apart he can be there to pick up her pieces.

May 5th, 2011, 04:18 PM
the Chloe, Scott and Eli thing really damaged the Scott character for me, after seeing him screwing that girl on the planet before they went to destiny (in fact was that the first time we saw him?) he seemed like he was just using Chloe, maybe not consciously, but that's the character he kind of projected... was actually hoping he would get killed right through the first season..