View Full Version : Todd seems different in S5

March 15th, 2011, 01:14 PM
Didn't get anyone the feeling that Todd was very different in S5 compared to S4 and S3. He seemed less cool-headed, less smart and what was that with these wrinkles on his forhead. Also he had sometimes a high-pitched voice as if he was going through puberty vocal change. :) Especially in QUEEN he seemed so different, so theatrical "welcome to my ship", "sit, eat". I just thought that's not fitting for Todd. And about cleverness, what happened to this cure he wanted to develop against the Hoffan drug. He got all the research material from the Lanteans. And even if he couldn't devise a cure, at least he should be able to come up with a screening test, to identify the humans who are carrier of this drug. I mean, the hive we saw in OUTSIDERS almost achieved it without the research data from the Lanteans.
And don't forget, he gets again betrayed from one of his underlings. Hello, that's the third time, I think Todd can adapt to that.

Well I miss my old Todd.