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January 1st, 2011, 01:48 AM
Truthfully, this has more to do with Archangels and Vessels than it specifically does with Angels, though there is something in regards to Castiel that I'd like to question in a minute.

The Archangels though, there are (as far as we've been made away) four Archangels; that is, if you include Lucifer here. Michael, Raphael, and Lucifer seem to have taken the typical 'vessel' approach, with that, I mean they've required their vessels to say yes to them prior to them taking said person as a host.

Then I bring my mind to Gabriel, who, long ago came down to Earth and 'hid' as a the Norse God Loki. He mentioned that he changed his face in one of the episodes (I forget which one, but that's irrelevant). Would Gabriel though, have actually taken a 'vessel'? Surely if he had, and he'd been around for this long, he'd have needed a 'true' vessel, else he'd end up like Lucifer did prior to taking hold of Sam, yet, I thought it was only Michael and Lucifer that had 'true' vessels.

I would also have asked the question of whether we're likely to see any other Archangels any time soon, as some texts claim there to be, I think seven. That being said, from what we know of season six, there is only Raphael left in Heaven for Castiel to contend with. I figure that rules any other Archangel out. Would have been nice to see a few female Archangels though, I had thought Gabriel to be one, but as it happens, Gabriel was a guy.

And finally, general Angels. Specifically, Castiel; we know how he took his host, in that it was more a sacrifice. Taking into account here, said vessel has been 'blown apart' a good number of times since then. Would it be fair to say that Jimmy is no longer in that body (and now, in Heaven) or that Jimmy is still around? Surely Angels have the power to put their 'vessel' in a state of pause whilst they're in their angelic form?

January 1st, 2011, 07:51 AM
I've been thinking many of the same things.

Archangels: At one point, (i think) Anna said that only 4 angels have actually seen God. That would imply that there were only 4 Archangels. And now that I think about it, I kinda like how each had a unique view of the Apocalypse. Michael wanted to please God and punish Luci, Luci wanted revenge, Raphael apparently wants control, and Gabriel didn't want to get in the middle of the family feud.

Gabriel: We know Anna retained the form of her human body after she got her 'mojo' back, so I guess that means they can simply take a form if they want/have to. So Gabriel may not have needed a vessel-he could just take whatever form he wanted.

Cas: I made a point to pay attention to the timeline a couple weeks ago. Cas was blown up at the end of S4, but S5 had "MBV" when Jimmy's hunger caused Cas to eat all that meat. So at least part of Jimmy must have come back when Cas did. Have no idea about now though. Maybe a third chance was too much for poor ol' Jimmy.