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spinny magee
December 1st, 2010, 05:53 PM
Rush: Wtf is going on
Brody: Uhh nothing
Computer: Gate Room Decompression in 15 seconds
Volker: Ummm yeah
Park: Dammit
Computer: FTL overload imminent
Rush: Allow me......
Computer: FTL overload aborted. Gate Room Decompression aborted
Volker: What did you do?
Rush: Control Alt Delete

Young: Why do we want to do this, why cant we park in a sun and just go home....I want my mommy
Rush: With this power sour-
Young: I want her now!
Rush: Damn you are hard to sell

Rush: Eli?
Eli: Yeah?
Rush: Why are you listening to Justin Bieber
(Eli pulls out a 9mm)
Eli: Tell no one

Ship: Ugh dropoutofftl
Young: This looks like New York.....
Park: Or a highway once i've driven through it......
Rush: How did I end up with these morons

Brody: Well, it looks like one hell of a battle happened here
Rush: Whatever, anyway one of those ships looks like the one that you smashed my face in on Colonel.
Young: Yeah that was fun

Chloe: The herpes have grown
Scott: Damn......you are truly a supermutant.......
Chloe: You want some?
Scott: No thanks, James gave me some last year and it was not pleasant

Eli: I'm going insane
Wray: !!! can we finally airlock you?
Eli: All those hours playing Hello Kitty Online never prepared me for this!
Wray: You play it too?
Eli: yeah.....i'm totally level 98 warlock on that
Wray: WOW

Greer: Why are you bringing me
Brody: We needed to give you some screentime
Greer: This ship safe?
Brody: Yeah....except we had to scrub off some graffiti caine did on the interior....I've never seen such erotic drawi-
Greer: Yeah yeah we all saw them man....especially the one with the horse.....

Scott: Ok good luck in there
Brody: This is so cool
Greer: Hey check it out <picks up alien skull>
Brody: You maniac
Greer: HEY SCOTT! I got us a new hood ornament
Scott: Awesome......yeah because people are definitely going to think we are gangstas out her.....

Varro: I've been expecting you
TJ: The Colonel thinks i'm an actual blonde.....
Varro: You aren't? Damn nevermind this th-
TJ: Did you see that?
Varro: What?
TJ: Nevermind.....anyway this is so cool....i just completed this puzzle in 3 days....and it said 3-4 years!
Varro: On the other hand..................

Eli: I got the simulation for you guys.....
Ursini Ships: Taka taka taka! DIE!
Drones: We hope you die painfully but in a less sound piercing manner and without much effort.
Young: My god this is a turf war.....you can see like right there those ships say "Gangstas, Hustlers "and oh dear they forgot a P in rappers....
Brody: My god.....we better call back Scott
Young: Who?

Destiny: Bam bam die
Drones: You stepped on our turf, and we are most displeased with you, thus we will act in a violent manner to resolve this unfortunate issue which could have been resolved using politics.<EXPLODE>
Destiny: Daamn.....

Rush: As if we haven't heard that one before
Volker: Great....looks like someone just rolled up in a cadillac, someone just dropped out of FTL
Brody: It's the seed ship
Young: Isn't that where we left Nigel?
Rush: ..........

Telford: Follow me guys
Young: Why
Telford: Because Simon says "Follow the Seed ship which will eventually betray you"
Drones: We are dieing in such painful ways. Error
Telford: Ok that's done....lets dock

Telford: Sup guys
Young: So what happened
Telford: Well those aliens intially wanted me as a chef, not alot of aliens can cook, but then they wanted my help to get the seed ship back operational, they also need our help
Eli: why?
Telford: They are in a turf war with some automated drones which they could bypass easily but for some reason they can't just go away. We have to attack the equivalent to a death star to win this.......

Rush: Lets betray them
Young: IN
Wray: No, they can get us home remember?
Rush: But I wanna know who is responsible for the microwave.
Wray: What?
Young: He was at Brody's bar....

Seed Ship and Destiny: FTL and Bakugan or whatever weird japanese manga powers UNITE!

Eli: So how are you?
Chloe: I've got herpes how are you?
Eli: Considering being a goth
Chloe: Hmm

Facebook: Destiny and Seed Ship have changed their relationship status from Married to divorced

Young: Damn that marriage was faster than Britney Spears's
Rush: Um........theres a death star out there alright, and 11ty tie fighters
Young: Greaat.....
Telford: What happened?
Young: Your buddies screwed us

Chloe: Hi
Guard: Hi
Chloe: I want to give you happy ending
Guard: Wha-
<Chloe presses up-up-down-left and performs the scorpion finishing move on guard>

Scott: Chloe thank god I found you
Chloe: You are too late
Scott: Oh god here comes another 3-4 month wait...