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November 15th, 2010, 05:31 PM
This thread has been set up exclusively for the biographies of semi permanent NPC characters. There will be no general chat posting here please, but discussions will be encouraged for character development and questions you may wish to ask the GM's about your characters. Before you post, please clear your bio with either Mel (RogueRanger), Vagabond Serpent or Ryn.

Thank you and enjoy the game:D

November 16th, 2010, 12:34 AM
approved by PJ & Mel :D

Blue Alpha Two (Wing XO):
-Name: Frank "Gobbler" Garner
-Age: 27
-Rank: Lieutenant
-Mason's wingman

-Nationality: British
-Rank: 1st Lieutenant
-Bio/skillset: Wingman to Connor, they met in basic RMC training and stuck together ever since as best friends.

November 18th, 2010, 05:01 AM
- Name: Karina Thracen Callsign: Starbreaker View Picture Here (http://images.eonline.com/eol_images/Entire_Site/20080328/293.sackhoff.bsg.032808.jpg)
-U.S. Marines Fighter Attack Training Unit Instructor
- Age: 34
- Nationality: American
- Rank: Major
- Bio/skillset: Karina is a flight instructor for the U.S. Marines Fighter Attack Training Squadron 101 (VMFAT-101). Also known as the "Sharpshooters" the squadron is based at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California. She has excellent piloting and leadership/training skills in preparing pilots for advanced tactical and defensive maneuvering skills. She quickly rose to the top of her class demonstrating exceptional natural flying ability which is enhanced by her unorthodox flight/dog fighting techniques and her creativity in bending flight protocols, doing whatever it takes in order to complete her mission. She is quick on her feet and witty on the coms which has not endeared her to any of the flight controllers. Due to her hot headed nature and seemingly rogue attitude she has been refused several rank promotions at first call, but her determination always won over. However she is admired and respected by her peers and her superiors refer to her as, "Their Star Sharpshooter breaking the odds" hence the Starbreaker callsign. She has worked on many covert missions and although her expertise lies in the F/A-18D Hornet and AV8B Harrier, she has been involved in the Classified SGC F302 training project where she has undergone many hours of training for the F302 and was involved in extensive flight test missions. She was inducted into the SGC recently and this is her first shipboard tour with missions involving the F302 "Hunter" wing on the Hammond. She has done adversary training with Lieutenant Ange Darkness "Spook" from the Daedalus and was scored 98%, the two have since become firm friends on those rare occasions the crews rotate between ships.

November 18th, 2010, 01:46 PM
Ange Sabina Darkness ~ “Spook” (real name Oscuridad)

Nationality: American, originally from the LA Hispanic ghettos

Age: 27

Rank: 1st Lieutenant

Position: Hammond Blue Delta Flight leader, temporarily assigned to Daedalus as Red Echo Flight leader. Lead adversary instructor for both Wings.

5’5”. Dark Brown hair, brown eyes, slight build, olive complexion.

Personality: Natural leader, but a rebellious nature, she's not afraid to say her mind. Loyal to her friends and command and makes friends easily. She can dish out as good as she gets and has a way of making people laugh. Tough and resilient she will often put herself in harms way to protect her comrades, even against orders. She is a very devout Catholic but it has often been said, that her language would make Satan blush.

History: Ange does not have the Ancient Gene, but has received ATA therapy. She went to High School in Colorado after her family moved away from LA, where she was under severe peer pressure to join in with one of the local gangs. Making good in school, but still with an attitude, she then went straight to the Air Force Academy. Ange was selected from graduates for the Stargate program early and as soon as she earned her wings and her training of the F16D she went immediately to the F302 training at the Beta site. She has served on combat missions from Hammond and Daedalus ever since. She counts Karina Thracen and Kevin Marks as two of her closest friends.

November 21st, 2010, 01:20 AM
Name: Royce Sprills Callsign: The Tank.

Position: Red Echo XO Daedelus .

Age: 29

Rank: 1st Lt.

Bio: Was a test pilot for many years working on various fighter projects including the F-22, F-35, and gained extensive experience on experimental fighter tactics involving the F-302. Royce is currently assigned to the Hammond as the Squadron XO of the ships second squadron 'Delta Blue' and his Commanders Wingman.
He is an expert and well off pilot, but does not have that much practical combat experience, not serving on an Earth Ship or a forward station up to this point.

Vagabond Serpent
November 22nd, 2010, 09:58 AM
Name: Alexey Leonidovich Titarenko.
Callsign: Maestro.
Rank: Captain.
Age: 35.
Position: Daedalus Wing, Red 2 Flight CO.

Bio: Chose military education for himself and graduated from Gagarin's Air Force Academy as a fighter pilot. Many military operations following SU break let him prove his superior skills and climb the ranks to a Captain fast enough to be noted by the top brass and to receive a top secret offer to train at SGC as a space fighter pilot. He accepted and spent some time training in 302 combat, then was assigned to the Daedalus Wing along with the new pilot he met on the training site, Grasshopper, and is now his CO. Titarenko got his callsign as he is from a musicians family and pays great respect to music, thinking that there's no soldier without a song, and tries to organize a band wherever he serves, acting as its conductor.

Name: Sergey Ivanovich Alexandrov.
Callsign: Grasshopper.
Rank: Lieutenant.
Age: 23
Position: Daedalus Wing, Red 2 Flight, Maestro's wingman.

Bio: Also chose military career for himself, but is sort of a dull nerd sometimes. In the Academy he was the only one to get all excellents on theoretical studies and some old veterans teaching there were saying that he has a natural talent to flight when watching him in skies. Giving all this he spent literally no time in serving usual ops, having only few combat flights before he got to the same training site with Maestro, partly because of his little unresponsiblity (He became Grasshopper after he was spotted by his CO catching them on the airfield after a failed landing). The two got close and his appeal to be assigned to the same wing with Titarenko was satisfied.

Princess Awinita
November 22nd, 2010, 06:51 PM
{Approved by Mel}

Name: Rufis (no last name on file, presumed Dent)

Callsign: Figment (explained in history)

Age: 28

Rank: 1st Lt

Postion: Hammond (on transfer from Sun Tzu)

Appearance: approx five foot ten in hight, 68 kilos, scarlet colored eyes (due to birth defect)

History: Rufis was born in Shanghai and moved briefly to Hong Kong at age six, at age nine his parents were killed in a car accident and Rufis wandered with a trader that took him into his family as a apprentice. Rufis wanted to go back to his home of Shanghai to live the rest of his life as a weaponsmith and service the weapons used by the various soldiers stationed there. At age 16 Rufis had his first run in with a soldier and was told, because of his streetskills in a fight, to apply with the Chinese miltary's Star Soldier Program. Rufis did so, using the name Rufis Dent on the aplication, and was taken and trained in flight school. Rufis as since then made a name for himself in simulated combat missions, he was then selected for China's Stargate program and finally after training on the F302 in Nevada, transffered to the Sun Tzu as the Blue/Beta flightgroup leader.

Other information: Rufis' flight record shows that he has skills in many types of aircraft, but also got horridly sick on the F5 class fighters and all types of helicopters forcing him to use a drug, known only as Pure AR Type 3 to suppress the queasiness and keep him focused. Rufis earned the nickname 'Figment' after a fistfight at a bar in New York, acting as if he was never there, none remembering him being there at the time either, everyone involved in the fight were told to have seen a "Figment of your imagination, you're fighting each other" Since then Figment as he's been known to his squad, as led successful sorties for the Sun Tzu

Rufis claims his parents died in 1989, the year of the Tiennaem Square battle. a year later he adopted two girls, known only as the Twins, into his little oneman family. he had two sisters to care for on the streets, they all moved to Shanghai. their information is listed here.....

Name: The Twins (Sian (light brown/reddish hair) & Sung (fire red hair with streaks of black))
Age: 26
Callsign: The Twins
Rank: 2nd Lt for both girls
History: The pair were given up for adoption in Hubei when Rufis was visiting the town just outside of Hong Kong, the two girls, then age five, took a instant liking to Rufis and all but fell out a window into his current at the time living space for a nineyear old. Both girls treated Rufis like a father figure, helping and learning from him when they could, going with him to Shanghai with the traveling merchant group at the same time. Both girls entered the CRA two years after Rufis joined China's Stargate Program, both girls showed amazing skill at the fighter tests and were given pilot posts upon the Sun Tzu at the same time as Rufis.
Addional info: Both the Twins and Rufis have elarned martial arts of Wu Tang sect and some Shaolin sect stances. The Twins, mostly Sung has mastered her skills, Suian also mastered her skills, Rufis had focsed on internal stances, along with several sewords tances, mastering only a few.

November 23rd, 2010, 11:39 PM
{Lt. James 'Highlander' Tierney}

Name: James Tierney (call sign: Highlander)

Rank: Flight Leuitenant RAF

Nationality: British (Scottish)

Age: 33

Personality: James has always been smart and found from a young age that people thought of him as a geek and found that people picked on him because of that. He figured out quickly that most of the people that picked on him got scared easily when he stood up for himself. This resulted in a few fights in primary school and secondary school. Once he realised that he wanted to be a pilot he was discouraged by his father who had hoped he would go into the army like the rest of his family had done at some point in their lives.

Character Position:

James grew up in Glasgow and after leaving secondary school with exceptionally high grades, he was accepted into the RAF College at Cranwell. When he completed training on the BAE Hawk he was first posted to a Tornado conversion unit and then 25 Sqdn at Leeming from where he completed tours of both Iraq and Afghanistan. In Iraq James was credited with shooting down a Mirage 2000 and Mig 29. He has extensive training on the Eurofighter and Harrier GR4. James was recruited for the Stargate programme in 2008 and was immediately posted to the Daedalus 302 Wing after successful conversion to that fighter. He is currently Flight leader of Red Delta.

{Deadulus wing Red Delta flight reader}

November 25th, 2010, 12:19 PM
(Mel approved)

CHARACTER NAME: Daniel “Danny” Chang (call sign Dragon)
AGE: 32
RANK: Captain
CHARACTER POSITION: F-302 pilot, Hammond Wing Blue/Foxtrot Flight Leader
CHARACTER APPEARANCE: 1.73m (5' 8" ft) 63 kg (139 lbs) short black hair, black eyes.
Danny has been a very curious, swift and quick-witted man from childhood. He is fond of philosophy, often comes out with a quote from famous thinkers.
HISTORY: Born into a small Nevada city from American mother and Chinese father. Despite his intelligence, he didn't really love school, but he regularly attended because of his deepest dream: flying. When he reached proper age, he applied for USAF academy, and he was accepted. He showed a real talent for flight, so that, when he graduated and after extensive training on the F16 Falcon, he was asked to join the SGC's F-302 program. His curiosity made him accept in a blink of an eye, and he devoted himself to that.
Currently on one of his ninth deployment with a 304 Air Wing.
OTHERS: His father taught him kung fu (thus his callsign) , and he has a high proficiency in low level attack missions.

November 25th, 2010, 06:16 PM
Very nice bios everyone. A request has come from Ryn and it's a valid one, on your tags can you all show your flight position. For example Clauz would be

{Captain Daniel “Danny” Chang *Dragon*}

*your post here*

{Hammond Wing Blue/Foxtrot Flight Leader} at the bottom of the post

December 5th, 2010, 11:22 AM
Dragon's wingman (Mel approved)

CHARACTER NAME: Tommaso Raimondi (Italian)


CHARACTER RANK: Capitano, Aeronautica Militare Italiana

CHARACTER POSITION: F-302 pilot, Dragon's wingman Delta Blue XO. 2nd tactical Adversary Instructor with Lt Ange Darkness

CHARACTER APPEARANCE: 1.80m, 73kg, light brown hair, green eyes. Always a latin lover look on his face.

HISTORY: Born near Milan in a large family with lots of brothers and cousins. When he was twelve, he started to say he would have joined the air-force and become a pilot, but his family quite disapproved his choice; his eldest cousin, a girl fond of sci-fi, was the only one that supported him; because of this he's still close to her. During his first years as a pilot he proved his great skills, so that he was able to join the Frecce Tricolori, (the Italian aerobatics team); after one year he was also asked to go back fighting in a secret international program. It was a hard choice, but he eventually made his choice and joined the F-302 program, where he met Dragon: they soon became close friends, being amongst the few not hotheaded pilots. He's really sorry to have to lie to his cousin about his job and things that she absolutely would like to know, and he has thought several times to break the rules and give her some news, but never did.

CHARACTER PERSONALITY: Despite his latin lover attitudes, he's a serious guy, with his head on his shoulders. He's also quite religious, from a Catholic family.

(his rank his similar to USAF Captain ;) )

December 8th, 2010, 01:32 PM
Karina's Wingman... Mel Approved :D

- Name: Jeremy Cordova Callsign: Runner view picture here (http://julieluongo.files.wordpress.com/2007/12/antonio-banderas.jpg) (he is fashioned after a younger Antonio Banderas)
-U.S. Marines Fighter Attack Training Unit Instructor and wingman to Karina "Starbreaker" Thracen
- Age: 36
- Nationality: Spanish/American
- Rank: Captain
- Bio/skillset: Jeremy is a flight instructor for the U.S. Marines Fighter Attack Training Squadron 101 (VMFAT-101) and has trained alongside Karina Thracen for many years and has found his niche as her trusted wingman. He made it into the Marine flight program late in life after his brother Juan was tragically killed in service. He has made it a life long ambition to take up the mantle in his brothers honor and to be more of a supporting role in the military. Rumors have it that he was taken into the SGC program covertly shortly after Karina left for the SGC causing them to have lost touch with one another. Jeremy has a cool head under fire and can almost anticipate Karina's movements in flight which makes them a perfect flying pair. Some say when they fly it's like watching a Spanish/American Tango in action. Some reported that he was injured while on a secret mission for the SGC and could possibly be holed up somewhere within the SGC recuperating. He is serious on the job but knows how to have fun and could quite possibly be the only man who can keep Karina on the straight and narrow. Their love runs deep but many say it is merely a sibling rivalry as they have been known to have tumultuous arguments that have ended in bloodshed....but that never seems to get in the way of their love of flying together. He knows his way around various aircraft and has been (as it was rumored) working quite extensively with the 302's in flight testing and training and possibly under covert missions with the SGC. Jeremy had extensive service on the AV8B Harrier and F/A18D Hornet fighters before joining the Stargate Program.

December 15th, 2010, 05:37 AM
few details about a blue/foxtrot pilot (Mel approved)

CHARACTER NAME: Alyssa O'Sullivan *Fairie*
CHARACTER RANK: 1st Lieutenant
CHARACTER POSITION: F-302 pilot, blue foxtrot team
CHARACTER APPEARANCE: 1.77 m, 63 kg, long dark hair, green eyes, pale skin. A beautiful woman; she just need pointed ears and she could be taken for an elven princess.
CHARACTER PERSONALITY: A delicate girl while on the ground, she loves dreaming and reading fantasy, but she becomes a warrior on her bird. She has learned to use her beauty for her own advantage.
CHARACTER HISTORY: Born from an Irish family that left Ireland a few generations ago, she showed her beauty at an early age. Annoyed to be known and admired only for her physical appearance, she decide to show everyone her qualities and she joined the air force. There she realized her dreams, and she became famous for her skills in flight and combat that brought her into the SGC a couple of years ago.

Stargate Atlantis Girl
December 15th, 2010, 06:00 AM
(Mel approved :D)

Name: Maria Aguayo

Appearance: 5'7" Dark brown/black hair, brown eyes, slim bulid 125lbs.

Rank: Major

Age: 36

Position: USS Daedalus Tactical Officer


Maria was born in Sacremnto Califinornia. Her father was a Fireman and her mother a Pharnacist. She is the eldest of three girls. After graduating from UC Berkley, Maria decided she wanted to work for the military, helping them with computer systems, and occasionally theoretical physics. She eventually became a highly qualified technical officer and instructor at where she served until her promotion to Captain. On that day she got a call at work, the officer a General Jack O'Neill told her she'd be moving to Colorado to work at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, code named Area 52. Maria was so excited and moved right away, brining her 10 year old son with her. After a few years had past, and many stories told, only to her son, about what goes on at Cheyenne Mountain Complex which was the SGC, she was called into see General Landry, he said a position was open for on the Deadalus and promotion to Major. All Maria dreamed about for the past few years was to do just that, but she was hesitant with her son. After a long talk with her son, Michael, they decided that it would be best for him to live with his uncle and his family, who conveniently, also lived in Colorado, close to where they lived. Maria's husband Philip, a California Highway Patrolman, was tragically killed shortly after the birth of their only son, it was his dream that his wife pursue her career in science and the Air Force to the best of her abilities, and now she was content that he would be so proud of her.

December 15th, 2010, 01:58 PM
Name: Rev. Fr. Robert F. Sheen (my nod to the archbishop who was the most powerful speaker of his time....the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen)

Rank: Lt Colonel


Occupation: Roman Catholic Chaplain

Degree: Master in Theology and Divinity

Appearance: pic can be found here - http://patricknovecosky.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/25-fr_corapi.jpg (http://www.fathercorapi.com/default.aspx) (yes I use Fr. Corapi's image for Fr. Robert Sheen as he is the kind of priest I am portraying Fr. Sheen to be, which is a tough, no-nonsense, yet caring and loving and honorable and calm and rational man, very well-studied in Catholic theology)

Rev. Fr. Robert Sheen felt the call to join the priesthood 20 years ago and about 10 years ago developed a special interest in ministering to our brave servicemen and women on board the Daedalus, after almost ten years at the SGC. Since that time he has earned a reputation as a kind-hearted soul who will charitably help those he encounters should they be in need of basic humanitarian needs and bringing peace to the penitents who enter his confessional. He enjoys taking the time to have a beer (priests are allowed to drink when off-duty but not to get drunk) and shoot the breeze with his fellow men and women and making the Daedalus a brighter and cheerier place. He is also courageous enough to admonish those who are clearly in the wrong firmly yet kindly and will also protect anybody from harm to the full extent of the resources at his disposal. Because of this he is well-loved and respected by everyone on board ship. Robert does though take a dim view to the males of the ship who treat their female companions as a target for their amusement and he is not slow in bashing heads to teach offenders their manners. Oh yeah, and Fr. Sheen studied Kung-Fu with the Shaolin monks of Tibet, who say he has gained a mastery of the subject unparalleled by any other....so it would be wise for those men he catches treating their women like crap to forgo testing his skills in that area! His father was also a multi-billionaire who, when he died, split his fortune between Fr. Sheen and his only sibling, a brother named James, with the strict admonishment that besides their own basic needs they should use their respective fortunes to help those in need. And thus in his home diocese of Buffalo under Bishop Kmiec, Fr. Sheen has lovingly helped many of Buffalo's neediest obtain short-term aid for basic necessities while at the same time teaching them skills that they could then take to the jobs market. Many needy now have dug themselves out of poverty and become self-reliant due to the generosity of Fr. Sheen.

December 20th, 2010, 08:01 PM
(approved by Mel)

Name - Malachi
Age - unkown
Race - Tok'ra symbiote
Current host - Rev. Fr. Lt. Col. Robert F. Sheen

History - Malachi is a relatively young Tok'ra symbiote, one of the last to survive from a queen who was friend to Egeria. Malachi was host to a brave soul who spent many years with Malachi fighting the Goa'uld. Malachi and his former host were caught by Ba'al along with a Tau'ri SG unit and Fr. Sheen. After they escaped Ba'al's clutches, Malachi's former host was dying and so found himself in need of a new host. With special permission from the bishop of his home diocese, Fr. Sheen was allowed to offer himself as Malachi's new host, with the condition that Fr. Sheen wear a miniaturized version of the Tollan symbiote suppression device with the "who's in control" indicator as insurance that Fr. Sheen could regain control should Malachi ever get any ideas of making Fr. Sheen do anything that contradicts Catholic Church teaching. This miniaturized version of the device has been cleverly disguised as a wristwatch. However, since that day, 6 years ago, Fr. Sheen has not needed the suppressive abilities of the device, as Malachi is very understanding and even intrigued by the beliefs of Fr. Sheen and would never take control without Fr. Sheen's consent nor would he ask Fr. Sheen to do anything that violates his religious beliefs. However, the "who's in control" indicator still comes in handy to let other people know who's in control. Fr. Sheen and Malachi now enjoy a beautiful friendship. This blending is on file with the SGC but Fr. Sheen and Malachi are very selective in who they tell about their blended status.