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August 6th, 2010, 05:00 PM
Allocations as per August 8th 2010, we'll update this as we go, a link will be posted on every mission thread so you can keep up with Player positions.


Master Sergeant Siler ~ benoz777

Doctor Carolyn Lam ~ Rogue Ranger

Doctor Bill Lee ~ Chocolate_Muffin

General Jack O'Neill ~ puddlejumperOZ ~ To Washington

General Hank Landry ~ Fugiman

Daniel Jackson ~ ApolloDragon~ To Washington


SG-1 ~ Current status ~ USS General Hammond

Colonel Cameron Mitchell ~ Col. Foley

Teal'c ~ NPC

Vala Mal Doran ~ squirrely1

Captain Jennifer Hailey ~ RogueRanger


USS General Hammond

Colonel Samantha Carter ~ Amanda_Tapping_Fan (currently inactive member, may have to be NPC'd)

Major Marks ~ NPC

Emma Randall~ Med bay 2(Civilian Psychiatrist) ~ squirrely1


SG3 ~ Assigned to Hammond mission

Colonel Alfred Reynolds ~ Weedle

Major Kevin Beck~ Talon ~ Col. Foley

NPC's as required or new members



Rodney Mckay ~ Cmdr. Setsuna F. Seyei

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard ~ Garrowan5th

Doctor Jennifer Keller ~ Isolde

Teyla Emmagen ~ Ryn

Todd ~ Trillian52

Any other Atlantis characters will be NPC'd for the moment



Tyrone (Ty) Henry Jamuljun, NZSASR ~ Armory to SG4 ~ Weedle

1st Lt. Dan Drake ~ "Vamp" ~ Attached to SG4 ~ Aragon101

1st. Lt. Batou Kusanagi ~ Raiden ~ SG4 2ic ~ Cmdr. Setsuna F. Seyei

Captain Elena Sergeevna Ovcharenko ~ Scorpio ~ OIC SG4 ~ Vagabond Serpent

Flt. Lt. Catherine Anne Hayden RAAF ~ Attached to SG4 ~ RogueRanger

Captain/ Doctor Anne MacGregor RAN ~ Atlantis ~ MarilynRose

Fleet Command ~ Temporary Flagship, Daedalus

Rear Admiral William Alexander MacGregor ~ Pentagon ~ PuddlejumperOz

Brigadier General Steven Caldwell ~ CO of Daedalus, pending Landry's retirement, then OIC of the SGC. ~ NPC