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August 1st, 2010, 01:46 PM
Welcome to STARGATE NEW SEASONS, this thread will be exclusively for your Original Character Bio, and a link will be required on your sig to your post on this page.

This is a guide for you to construct your Character Bio:

Character Name:

Character Age: (see rank/age chart below)

Character Rank: (I will only take initial ranks under consideration, but your preference will be taken under advisement)

Character Position:

Appearance: (You may post a link to a picture, and a sig will be nice later)

History: (Please include if the Character has the ancient gene, the history should be from beginning of schooling to arriving at the SGC or Atlantis, otherwise if you choose a enemy character, facts relating to where and how they came to be.)

Other important facts:

~Age/Rank Chart:

Here is an average rank/age chart, so we don't have any 20 year old Colonels:eek:

Average Age by Grade: (Enlisted)

Airman Basic 18-20
Airman 20-22
Airman 1st Class 22-24
Senior Airman/ Sergeant 24-30
Staff Sergeant 30-34
Technical Sergeant 34-37
Master Sergeant 37-40
Senior Master Sergeant 40-43
Chief Master Sergeant 43

Average Age by Grade: (Officer)

2nd Lieutenant: Around 22
1st Lieutenant: Around 24
Captain: Around 28
Major: Around 32
Lieutenant Colonel: Around 36
Colonel: Around 43

Navy and Marine and or International equivalents will apply:D

Please PM either me or Ryn or Vagabond Serpent for approval of your OC bio, thankyou.

August 1st, 2010, 02:01 PM
Approved by Fugiman

Flight Lieutenant RAAF Catherine Anne Hayden- nee MacGregor

Rank:Flight Lieutenant RAAF

Age: 30, blue green eyes.

Position: SGC + Aplhpa Site

Appearance: Jennifer Garner

High ATA gene

History/Personality/Fact file:

Exchange postings with both the USAF and RAF. She has training on the BAE Hawk, Boeing F/A 18B and F and the GD F16D
Martial arts black belt proficient in three forms, Tae Kwon Do, Standard Military Self Defence, and Muah Buy
5'11", athletic solid build. Natural red brown hair, though not too many have seen that lately.

Formally with ASIS, the Australian version of the CIA. She was recruited by Malcolm Barrett for her joint work with the CIA in tracking down two Lucian Alliance agents on Earth and became heavily involved in other NID missions at home. Barrett got her into the SGC under her real status as a pilot, but her potential was seen by General Landry and she was singled out for covert lone ops to find SGC MIA's believed to be still held by the Goa'uld including her twin brother Ben. After her husband’s untimely death in Afghanistan in 2003, it was this event that led to her rebelliousness, not caring for some time whether she lived or died. Malcolm Barrett brought her back from the brink on the insistence of her father Commodore William MacGregor

Though a loner she also works well in a team environment and both Landry and O'Neill had high leadership hopes for her. She primarily works now from the Alpha site, where she blends in unnoticed and carries on her work, occasionally returning to the SGC for debriefing. Cate was due to be promoted to Squadron Leader a week after her last sortie. She generally wears local clothing off-world and knows how to take orders, but also when to ignore them, which has led to her somewhat "rebel" status.

In her work as an agent for ASIS she had some very harrowing experiences. At one time she was captured and held for 3 months in North Korea, she endured physical torture and as a result she bears the scars of repeated whippings across her back. Through cunning and resourcefulness, she managed to escape. Eventually making it back home, she was tracked down by two North Korean counter agents, they were mysteriously found in a garbage dumper outside of Melbourne.

Education: Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta, NSW Australia, graduated with honours in 1998.

Australian Defence Force Academy 1998-2002 Graduated in top 10, with BA Physics

Mother: Anne Elizabeth MacGregor, Captain Surgeon RAN
Father: William Alexander MacGregor, Commodore RAN
Brother: Bejamin William MacGregor, Lieutenant SASR

Current status for eyes only, believed to be still hunting SGC MIA's

August 1st, 2010, 06:49 PM
Approved by RogueRanger

Name: William Alexander MacGregor:
Rank: Rear Admiral
Age: 58-
Ht 5'11"- medium build, Lt Brown Hair. Fair complexion.
Position: Fleet Command
Appearance: Pierce Brosnan

History/fact sheet:
A Royal Australian naval officer newly to the reality of the Stargate World not long after the disaster at the Icarus Base. He is not a graduate officer, rather he came up through the ranks, until selected for officer training in his early career. He became a aviator, firstly on A4 Skyhawks and has had much experience in combat, as an exchange officer with US and British air arms, and commanding a fleet of ships for the Royal Australian Navy. He has flown the Av8B Harrier, the F14D Tomcat, F15E Eagle, F18D Hornet and did extensive training and trials with the F302 on the older Gamma station.

His specialist training has been in Black Ops, demolitions, extensive hand to hand combat and Aerospace Engineering and Science. He is classified as ATA gene carrier B+, possibly equal to both O’Neill and John Sheppard.

Because of his unique strategies and ways of out thinking the enemy, he has was chosen by his long time friend, General O’Neill, to serve as the new StarFleet Commanding Officer until more ships and personnel/commanders may be trained to join the Fleet.

He had a wicked sense of humour, and was well liked by those who serve under him. SG1 had become a part of his circle in the short time he was there, advising him and taking advice from him. Cam Mitchell has become one of his most trusted confidants, after his wife Anne, General O’Neill and Samantha Carter. Has two adult children, one of whom is a MIA SG member from an earlier botched mission, before Will joined the SGC. Because of his son’s unknown fate, this was also a reason for the MacGregors to join the SGC, in the hope of seeking out the truth behind Ben’s mysterious disappearence.

Captain-Navy Anne Elizabeth MacGregor, Naval Surgeon is currently serving in Atlantis, pending a posting to what might be Fleet Surgeon.

Commodore MacGregor has no special hobbies, except for country music and old American cars. Drives a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro and is now based in Colorado.

August 2nd, 2010, 12:30 AM
Approved by RR

Character Name: Dan Drake (Formerly Slobodan Draculic) callsign is "Vamp"

Character Age: 35

Character Rank: 1st Lieutenant

Character Position: Marine Sapper (Demolitions and Field Construction), Seconded to SG-1

Appearance: Jamie Bamber...in his Peta Ad with only a towel.

History: Born to poorer parents in Serbia in the late seventies, Slobodan Draculic learned how to blend into the crowds at a young age to avoid trouble. His parents pushed him hard to study and eventually saved up enough for him to go live with his cousins in the United States at age 11.

When he arrived, his legal guardians were his Cousin Radivoi who had Americanized his name to Randall and advised Slobodan to do the same. Now Dan Drake, the young man seemed a smart young lad, when news of his parent's murder in Serbia during hte Bosnian War got to him a year or two after leaving them.

Outraged at the cruelty, Dan drifted away from school and joined the gangs of teh Crack Era in DC. As a white boy in a predominantly 'black' area, he had to prove himself doubly to his fellow gangsters and quickly gained a ruthless reputation. Quickly he abandoned most academic pursuits, and used his intellect on teh street.

He wouldn't touch guns or high level drugs for profit, only sticking with marijuana as his main profit making business. He developed a small empire, but was quickly running afoul of the wrong people.

Around 16, he witnessed a quartet of crack addicts try and rob a man on the street, This man quickly mopped the floor with all four and kept on strolling by as if nothing had happened. Dan wanted to know how he'd done it and calmly went to talk to him.

This man turned out to be a Marine Master Sergeant, and Dan found a new world. He abandoned his criminal pursuits and refocused on his life. Under the tutalage of this Master Sergeant, Dan finished his GED and worked on his secondaries. He eventually got his Masters in Structural Engineering and Chemistry and joined the Marines.

He applied to the USMC and was accepted at age 22. Beginning as an enlisted soldier, he passed the boot camp with high success and was involved in Gulf War 1 as a Sapper. It was there that his leadership and skills with engineering were commended and documented. He was a shoe in for OCS until the Kosovo War started. At the time, being of Bosian descent put an automatic asterix against him for any promotion or advancement to any front line units. In later years, he joined the peacekeepers there.

While in the area, he made inquiries about his parents. He discovered they'd been gunned down in "sniper alley". He took the first leave he could get and made an investiation all on his own. Eventually he found the sniper who'd killed his parents and took his revenge. This moment has left him cold and callous, ruthless and logical to a fault.

In 1999 he finally proved himself to his superiors at OCS. As both a combat engineer and an officer, he was instrumental in keeping collateral damage in the wars the US has waged to a minimum. Due to his actions and calm under pressure, he was given a commendation and promoted to First Lieutenant.

In 2003, he took part in Gulf War 2 as a combat engineer during the liberation of Falujah, as well as Military Liaison with civilian contractors to rebuild. After a year of excellent service, he was given SGC clearance and admitted to the program. His skills were invaluable in building off world bases as well as designing hangers for all the new 302's coming into production.

When the call came for volunteers to join Colonel Everett on his trip to help reinforce Atlantis, he accepted and was part of the engineering staff that installed all the Railgun turrets in the city. as well as organize defensive parties in the urban atmosphere. During the seige, he managed to kill quite a few Wraith and come through relatively unharmed.

Since then, he's been bouncing between Atlantis and Earth in his duties. His attitude does hold him back though, as he never went beyond a 1st Lieutenant despite his talent.

Other important facts: His dialect is a mix of "Vernacular" and "Job Interview", He is proficient with most Marine trained weapons, but prefers the FN-SCAR-H. His cold and callous personality have left him a solitary man when it comes to romance, he will only engage in casual flings, nothing committed. He also has an intense dislike for Snipers, but is willing to work with them despite the distaste.

Dan Drake does NOT have the ATA gene, NOR is he compatible with the therapy.

Cmdr. Setsuna F. Seyei
August 2nd, 2010, 11:27 PM
Approved by RR

Batou Kusanagi ~ Raiden

Age: 26

Rank: 1st Lieutenant

Position: SG4 2ic + F302 pilot when required

Apperance: Jackie Chan (young)

Personality: Outgoing likes to make friends but isn't so lucky with the ladies, but at times is a great source of fun with his friends, he mixes well with his NCO's

ATA Status: Class A2 ATA Capabilities after treatment

History and other facts:

Batou was born into a poor family in the Roukon district of Nagasaki. He showed an interest in computers and computer programming at an early age. At the age of 16 he was responsible for The Great Tokyo Blackout that lasted 3 weeks until Shirow Anikari caught him. Shirow recruited Batou into the ISDF where he quickly excelled in all things science but mostly computers. Batou was also trained in mixed martial arts and was trained to be able to pilot the MitsubishiF-2, the F-X series, and the top secret stealth Zero X. Batou was well liked by his colleagues and his superior and has been highly commended on a number of occasions. He was selected for the Top Secret Branch of the ISDF known only as Section 9 after his involvement in bringing the criminal that created the deadly computer virus known as Cyber Flash to justice. He Also was instrumental in creating a vaccine for the very same virus. Upon his entry into Section 9 he was introduced to Catherine Hayden an Australian ASIS operative, who took him on his first overseas mission in Hong Kong. It was through her, that he was introduced to her connections within the SGC and finally he was selected for acceptance into the programme and eventually a SG team after training at the Beta site.

Current Status: F302 Training

Vagabond Serpent
August 5th, 2010, 02:56 AM
Approved by RR

Elena Sergeevna Ovcharenko ~ Scorpio

Age: 35 - (27.10.1975);

Height: 1 meter 83 centimeters - 6 feet;

Weight: 76 kilograms - 168 pounds;

Appearance: Drew Barrymore.

Sea Green eyes, with eyelashes, which are long and fluffy, like a spruce in the winter forest. Her eyes are very transparent and, because of this, they are luminous like the spring ice on the river, pierced by a ray of sunlight.
Auburn, straight, shoulder-length hair.
Elena has good, healthy, athletic and proportional figure. Her body is very strong, though you cannot say this when you first look on her. She looks weak maybe, but anyone who dares to touch her suddenly gets to know her muscular strength.

Blood Type: A(II)Rh+;

Distinguishing traits: The tattoo of a scorpion onto her right forearm;

ATA-Gene: Confirmed very strong presence, 9/10;

Rank: Captain (Kapitan – RF);

Position: SG-4 Commanding Officer;

Specialisations: Sniper, Heavy Assault, Covert Operations, Pilot;


Elena was born a daughter to a middle class family of the Soviet Union in Engels, RSFSR.
When the girl was five, little Elena was living with her last remaining relative – her grandfather, as a tragic set of circumstances took the lives of her parents. Her grandfather was veteran of one of the USSR AF fighter regiments. He charmed her enough with his stories about planes, flight and duels with Luftwaffe aces to make her chase the dream to pilot fighters since the school age.

After her grandad's death when she was approaching graduation age, she got into the Yeiskoe Higher Military Aviation School, where she spent her four best years. This school trained soldiers and sergeants for USSR (from December 1991 - RF) AF branch of Special Forces. Each cadet was trained in the heavy assault, close quarter combat, covert operations, and piloting helicopters.

She did her best there and in 1994 graduated with the rank of Sergeant of the RF AF and having excellent marks on covert operations, close quarter combat and piloting and good marks on assault. For her achievements, she was awarded the rank of Hero of Russia after the Chechnyan war's end on August 31, 1996. The medal together with her experience allowed her to enter AF Academy without competition and graduate after only 3 years of study, where she learnt to pilot most of the Russian fighters. Several years later she was reassigned to SGC where she learnt to pilot space fighters.

Elena is proficient in SAMBO military combat and has several preferred weapons - the AS "Val" assault rifle or AK-107/108 and/or the VSS "Vintorez" sniper rifle, which proved to make wonders when used skillfully at the Caucasus, but at SGC she has to stick to their primary weapons. ((Val and Vintorez use standard 9mm rounds, AK-108 is the same that AK-107 is, but utilizes NATO 5,56mm rounds.))

Aircraft qualifications:

SU-27 ("Flanker-B");
SU-35 ("Flanker-E");
MiG-29 ("Fulcrum");

Attack Helicopters:
Ka-50 "Chornaya Akula" ("Hokum A");

AC401 Gunship;

Personality and other facts:

Elena is a woman who spent most of her life serving in the Special Forces, so she is used to regulations of The Soviet Union and, later, The Russian Federation Air Forces. Fluently speaks English and, of course, Russian. Elena can drive a car. From sports, she usually chooses active sports, especially basketball and volleyball, maybe tennis, but also she will not mind playing chess with someone. She adores reading books, but Elena can spend some free time playing video games (RPG, RTS, FPS, Flight Simulators) if she has nothing else to do. Will listen to music if it is not a mission and area is safe, but only on small volume, just for background. Elena completely cannot drink coffee - it makes her blood pressure rise very high. Instead loves drinking tea or soft drinks. She will drink alcohol only if offered to by someone and only in company, never alone. Elena cannot swim and is afraid of water if it occupies more space than it would in bath. She is an atheist. Also, Ovcharenko becomes a bit short-tempered, when someone insults her homeland or when her orders are not followed instantly and without questions, as it must be done. Elena has formed a close relationship with Vala Mal Doran and Flt. Lt.Catherine Hayden, those three all being “Aliens” of sorts in the eyes of the SGC men.

August 6th, 2010, 06:45 PM
Approved by RR
Kevin Beck~ Talon
Age: 38
Rank: Major
Position: Temporary Observation Assignment to SG-3, waiting transfer to permanent assignment.
Appearance: Tall, around 5’9”. Dark Blond hair, blue eyes, medium build, pale skin, determined chin.
Personality: Cool under fire, analytical, a bit on the up tight side, he has a past and is a little awkward when in tough stressful social encounters. Is trying to be a good leader and a good recruit for the Stargate program. Energetic, opinionated, curious, and loyal.
History: Does not have the Ancient Gene. Went to High School in Missouri where he went right to the Army. Quickly established himself in that role and went back to join the Rangers. Served in the Rangers and in the Special Forces Community from time to time doing deep cover missions and intelligence. Has worked with Cameron Mitchell in the past. Joined the SGC following down a rumor, passed through the selection process and went over for further training in order to determine his eventual position. Is a bit young to be a Major but was quickly promoted due to intelligence and his canny field work.
Other important Facts:
Former Unit US Army Rangers.
Bronze Star award winner.
Purple heart award winner.
Communication and Recon Expert.
Unmarried but going steady with someone.
Christian, Conservative.

August 8th, 2010, 07:20 PM
Approved by RR

Character Name: Dr. Emma Randall

Age: 33

Character Rank: N/A (Civilian Psychiatrist)

Character Position: Chief Psychiatrist SGC fleet operations, Current posting USS General Hammond.

Appearance: 5’6”, 128 Pounds. Thin athletic build, wears reading glasses, Long rich dark brown hair, generally keeps her hair pulled up in a pony tail or bun, blue eyes.

Personality: Bookish but fun loving, has an analytical mind, is caring but does not show it that often because of her position. Strictly all business at work but knows how to let her hair down and have fun when off duty. Enjoys art and writing to calm her nerves.

ATA Gene: NO.

History: Wanted to help people from an early age, was a good friend and a bit of a therapist for her circle of friends in high school and early collegiate years. Became interested in psychiatry right around that time and began to study it seriously for a vocation. Specifically military psychiatry and learning about the effects of combat. Her final psych project in her last year of school was learning about the psychological effects and PTSD of Special Forces and other soldiers in the modern war on terror. Effects of constant danger, suicide bombers, women and civilians in the danger zone, IEDs, and the effects of psychological incidents. Became trusted by the special Forces community because of that (US Army Rangers, Delta Force,) and met Kevin Beck during this time. Became trusted by the special Forces community because of that (US Army Rangers, Delta Force,) . She was referred to Stargate Command by General Landry’s daughter Caroline and Doctor Anne MacGregor, who called her the ’best damn civilian doctor' she ever knew.’ Was assigned to study the effects of the burgeoning SGC space fleet as a test. She did not know what she was doing but was given a bunch of hypothetical scenarios based on missions of the Stargate Program and their effects. She passed the test and was assigned to SGC Space fleet.

Other important facts:
Harvard/ John Hopkins Graduate.
Is also the point woman for determining if people have the proper Psych profile to the SGC.
Conservative Christian gal who is currently involved with someone.
Has a dog named Bubba.

August 9th, 2010, 06:09 PM
Anne Elizabeth MacGregor

Character Age: 57

Character Rank: Captain-Navy RAN

Character Position: Fleet CMO

Appearance: Ht 5'2” ~ Wt 110 lbs ~ Slim build ~ Green eyes ~ Red-Brown hair http://i828.photobucket.com/albums/zz203/puddlejumperOZ/Aftermath/AnneMacGregor-1.jpg

Personality: Anne has a strong personality, she is a by the book officer and takes no prisoners whether dealing with staff or patients. But she has her light side and once people get to know her she can be both charming and witty, sharing her husband's wicked sense of Aussie humour. She can be ruthless as well, being a medical officer, has never stopped her taking up arms in defence of what is right, she would not hesitate to take a life if it were to save others. She has faced down an enemy situation during her acceptance training at the Gamma site, when during a training mission to PXY-378, her team was attacked by a Lucian scouting group. Anne acquitted herself by wounding and capturing one of the leaders of the LA.

History: Anne attended High School in her home town of Armidale country NSW Australia. She graduated with honours and then was accepted for the University of Sydney for her medical degree in 1971. She finished her internship in 1977 after gaining a scholarship with the Australian Defence Forces for her last three years of training. She entered the Navy as a Lieutenant/ Surgeon in 1978. Serving within the fleet and bases, her career took her to many places including cross training with other Nations and exchange postings with the US Fleet, serving on USNS Mercy during GW1 and 2. Anne also lectured combat trauma surgery at John Hopkins University, where she met Jennifer Keller and was her mentor for a year whilst there.
3.Anne has received the ATA gene therapy successfully

Other important facts: Captain MacGregor has been with the SGC for eight months. Being selected by an IOA panel as SG Fleet CMO from amongst ninety eight applicants. Her approval had no input from either her husband or daughter, who were already with the programme, nor was she motivated by her shared friendship of her husband with Jack O'Neill. She is a skilled practitioner of military self defence and martial arts and has proficiency with standard SGC light arms. She married William MacGregor in 1978 and has two children, twins. Catherine and Ben who is presumably MIA from a botched SGC mission in 2002.

August 19th, 2010, 11:51 PM
Character Name:Markus Redd

Character Age: 25

Character Rank: Sergeant

Character Position: SG-3, Medic

Appearance: 5' 11” Athletic Build, Black hair, Green Eyes
Personality: Calm, Quiet, Friendly, Smart

History: Markus did fairly well in School. Also, He was in Boy Scouts and got his Eagle Rank. He signed up for the Marine Corps right out of school. His family was not to thrilled about his decision, but they lived with it. Markus excelled in boot camp. Due to his prior experience in the BSA, He knew some basic first-aid already. The USMC used that skill to make him a Medic in his group. He served in the USMC until he was chosen for the stargate program at the age of 25. He does not have the Ancient Gene.

Other important facts: Due to being in the Stargate program, already strained family relations are getting even more strained. This applies slightly more stress on Markus.

Princess Awinita
September 13th, 2010, 11:02 PM
Approved by Mel

Name: Li Anh

Gender: Female

Nationality: North Korean

Age: 33

Personality: A calm and deadly woman, Li is everything but sweets and flowers. Her favored colors are dark brown and light silver. Li is known to the higher politbueau, which chose her for many a mission to places they would not send others, each time hoping she would fail, as she has been a very deadly woman, even for them.

Skills: Basic skills include undercover work, and also acting the good girl when the need for such is called upon. Basic cooking, gardening, and other household skills apply there. Weapons and combat skills she is more than capable. She constantly works hard to continue her training, often going beyond what her peers would ever dream of doing. Li has trained in three forms of martial arts,one of which she travelled North to China to study with her servant Maya for six years. (Wu Tang kung Fu, along with the Korean styles and martial arts.)

History: Born and raised in North Korea, Li, or as it is most normally pronounced Lee, grew up in a miltary centered family, she learned everything from being a cook to a gardener to a warrior and soldier to a mother and daughter. Though she herself only had one servant girl who stood by her in everything.

When the LA first came to NK with the proposition of powerful weapons that would help them take over the planet easliy, she saw more of what was going on, and was even given tasks that would help these Alien humans assimilate into various Earth cultures. Their plan was simple. They aid North Korea, and in return, they share the wealth of the planet. She did not realise though, they had no intention of honouring their bargain, but yet, neither did Pyongyang.

ATA Gene: None

Other: Li is well skilled at keeping secrets, nothing can take a secret out of her, if she is told to tell none of a secret of what she is told, then she keeps it with her, never to tell, keeping it under wraps even to her own grave. Li is also skilled in some forms of weaponless combat, but carries and uses a sidearm, a HK USP tactical with a silencer to be exact. Her servant girl also works with her on many a spywork thing, learning to sneak things in and out of enemy camps even in training sessions in the NK Army. Li trusts her servant and now friend, Maya, with her life. Even though a rather mean woman, oddly her only favored flower is Westerlilies, the scent of which make a good tea.

Pictures to come soon! (I hope!)

September 26th, 2010, 02:27 PM
Approved by RogueRanger

Character Name: Karina Fothering

Character Age: 35

Character Rank: Major USAF

Character Position: XO of the USS Apollo

Appearance: http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu197/Ebony-Draygon/th_Beautiful-katie-mcgrath-7878803-360-480.jpg (http://s647.photobucket.com/albums/uu197/Ebony-Draygon/?action=view&current=Beautiful-katie-mcgrath-7878803-360-480.jpg) (Katie Mcgrath) 5”8, eyes: hazel, hair: dark Auburn

Personality: calm in a crisis, dedicated, cheerful, loyal, diplomatic, occasional violent temper when pushed hard, likes a good laugh.

History: Scottish mother and American father. Grew up in and went to school in Scotland, joining the CCF (Combined Cadet Force) and excelling in sports and physics. Did basic military training in the UK, before moving to America to do a degree in Physics and returned to the UK to do her Masters degree. While she was in the States, she was approached to join the SGC though deferred joining until she had completed her Masters degree. Karina then enlisted with the SGC. She is does not have the Ancient gene.

Other important facts: Karina enjoys playing football, and will annoy any of her American colleagues if they call it soccer within her hearing. Dislikes snakes.

September 26th, 2010, 04:05 PM
Approved by RogueRanger


Character Name: Victor Patterson
Character Age: 23
Character Rank: Airman 1st class
Position: SG3
Nationality: Australian
Eye colour: Hazel

Appearance: Around 5'4" ft (he just scraped past the height restriction to join the AF), well built with muscles, black hair

Personality: Victor believes he is too short, so he trains his body as much as he can. As a result he is very fit and healthy. He is very self conscious and always thinks of himself lower than anyone else. He'll be a loyal friend, but will not let anyone do anything for him if he can help it.

History: Victor was always small for his age, so he went through school bullied and troubled because of his height, but instead of letting it get him down, he worked as hard as he could to get his body into the best shape he could. As a result he was fitter, stronger, and faster than anyone else in his year. After finishing school he enlisted in the Air Force, thinking it would be a good way to stay fit and healthy.

During his training for the Air Force he discovered he possessed very good tracking skills, always being able to find his way through any terrain or follow someone who didn't want to be followed. (Very useful when his instructors loved ambushing the trainees!) Although he was never any good with the heavy weapons (machine guns, etc), he picked up the light arms training very quickly and soon became an excellent shot with the Glock 17 and other smaller weapons (knives, etc). Favoured rifle, the G36C. *compact version*

Other important facts: He possesses the ATA gene, which is why he ended up in the SGC shortly after completing basic training.

September 29th, 2010, 02:21 PM
Approved by RogueRanger

Character Name: Lyall 'Bean' Benedict
Character Age: 30
Character Rank: 1st Lieutenant (British Army)
Position: 2iC on SGA3. Royal Engineer (Bomb disposal and Counter Terrorist Advanced Search)
Appearance: Lyall stands at 1.80cm(5'11") with short, tussled dark brown hair and bright blue eyes and a perpetual 5 O' clock shadow on his chin.

Personality: Lyall is a friendly guy, always with a smile on his face. He's a good soldier, patient, well-mannered and obedient. He has a problem with being serious in peril situations and will voice his opinion if he disagrees with something, though not before asking for permission.
While he seems to be taking it easy and messing around, he's actually a very busy man, always having to do something, working better under pressure.

History: Lyall was born and raised in Sutton, England, his father a Colonel of the British Army.
He spent the early years of his life running amok on his parents' farm, till he was 11 and was sent to the Duke of York’s Royal Military School.
There he stayed till 18, leaving with high grades in maths and geography to join the Army.
Wanting more than the standard military life most soldiers got, he signed up to join the Sappers, the military engineers, qualifying for bomb disposal and Counter Terrorist Advanced Search.
He spent 9 years, going from skirmish to warzone and doing the occasional raid on terrorist hideouts before SGC contacted him with a job he couldn't refuse.
Helping with the fight against the Goa'uld, Lyall gained ranks for his hard, dedicated work making Captain.
During his 2nd year working at the SGC, a situation arose, the team he was with coming under heavy fire from a Goa'uld battalion.
Ignoring his CO's orders, Lyall and another soldier left the group and made their way round the enemy. Using explosives, they took out a few of the enemies, creating a big enough distraction for their team to reach the DHD and dial SGC.
As they made their way back, they were both hit by a staff weapon, the other soldier taking the most of the damage.
He managed to drag him through the ring, the team giving them cover fire, but the man died shortly after arrival.
Lyall was busted down a rank and even with the death on his conscience, he still believed he'd do the same thing if given the chance, which earned him a month's probation on top of his recovery time.
Due to his probation, he missed the chance of going along with the first batch of soldiers to Atlantis and was eventually stationed on the Alpha site.
When Atlantis was reconnected with Earth, he was shipped out to Pegasus where he alternated between there and SGC every 6 months.

Other important facts: He has the Ancient gene, but it's weak.
Lyall has steady hands and a good eye, part of why he's good at bomb disposal. This helps him with his weapon fire, making him a possible sharpshooter, if he trained for it.
His second trade, Counter Terrorist Advanced Search, allows him to take up an active defence role, being able to detect possible threats and such while off-world.
Due to an exchange his school had with other NATO academies/schools, he knows a little French and Dutch.
He was dubbed Bean by his father for being short when he was a kid.

October 12th, 2010, 05:19 PM
Approved by RogueRanger

Edward James Hasluck

Age: 47

Rank: Colonel USMC

Position: SG11 CO, attached to the USS Apollo

Appearance: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Light complexion, dark brown hair. 6' 3" 235lbs, solid muscular build, brown eyes

Personality: Quite, sometimes broody. He commands well and is respected by his troops, but Ted doesn't get along too well with other senior personnel. He always tends to drift toward outcasts, as he considers himself.

ATA Status: None

History and other facts:

Ted was born into a poor working class family in Alabama, he worked hard at everything he did, finally achieving his dream of entering the Marines. After completing Annapolis, Ted was selected for pilot training. He excelled at both fixed wing and rotary. His log states he has amassed over 2,000 hours on aircraft such as the F/A18c,d. AV8B Harrier and the Super Cobra attack helicopter. It was on this last aircraft, Ted was shot down on a covert mission near the Iranian border. Rescued and transferred to a secret hospital in Nevada, Ted underwent an operation so costly, that as yet he has been the only one. Essentially, almost seventy percent of Ted's body is made up of cybonic mechanisms and artificial parts. The defense department had no knowledge of this work, and mysteriously the surgeons who performed his 'transformation' have all disappeared. Ted was recruited into the Stargate programme in 2008 by General Jack O'Neill. One of the very few who know of Ted's background, and possibly one of his few friends. The remainder of his file is "Eyes Only", though it is strongly believed that the SGC and Doctor Bill Lee were involved in Ted's development. He has worked black ops, both as pilot and combat officer for most of his 27 year career.

Current Status: Pegasus Galaxy

November 14th, 2010, 08:32 PM
Approved by RogueRanger

Adam Onikil

Age: 36

Rank: Petty Officer, Second Class USN SEALS

Position: Awaiting assignment to SG Team, Demolitions expert

6’2, wide shoulders, muscular build, 212lbs, hazel eyes, black hair. Has tattoo of a Mermaid on left shoulder.


Personality: Tends to be quiet and stoic, though, if you listen closely you might hear a quiet wisecrack. He has a reputation for always having his team’s back and never leaving anyone behind which earns him great respect among other soldiers. He doesn’t tend to trust or make friends, and has his reasons. He follows orders to the letter unless absolutely nessessary and never complains. Enjoys shooting big guns and blowing stuff up.

ATA Gene: He has the gene, but is limited to basic functionality.

History: Adam grew up largely fending for himself in a rougher part of New York City, since his mother was often sick and his father had left when Adam was young. He managed to finish high school, paying for fees with money he earned himself. After graduating he enlisted in the Navy, joining the Navy Divers. He was trained in salvage, repair and demolitions. His exceptional displays on missions led him to be tested and then accepted for the Navy SEALS. Once making it through training, he took specialized training in demolitions. Then, becoming part of a four man team in 2001, he preformed many Special operations, mainly in the Middle East. Someone up on the chain of command took note of him and decided someone of his skill was needed in the Stargate Program, and so he was reassigned to the SGC. While waiting for assignment there, he volunteered for a position in Atlantis. He arrived there shortly after the Asurans were first encountered. When Atlantis ended up back on Earth, he asked for reassignment to the SGC to be back in the action.

Other important facts:
-Usually prefers a straight fight to any sort of subtlety, but understands the need for it. Favoured weapons: Gloch 19, G36M and Zat. Adam is very profecient with the Jaffa staff weapon and is above average using the Lapua Magnum .338 sniper rifle.

November 14th, 2010, 08:52 PM
To above bio, assigned now to SG4. We'll pick him up on RAF flight out of England.

Primus Commander Woden
December 9th, 2010, 11:12 AM
Approved by RogueRanger

(Faye) Lily Anderson ("Phoenix")


Rank: Lt Colonel USAF

Position: CAG on the Daedalus

Appearance: 5ft 8, she keeps herself very fit and is pleased of her toned figure, hazel green eyes and brown hair.

Personality: She is a bubbly character but insecure. She is lonely and longs to have someone at her side but with her line of work, relationships are damn near impossible. Since she was 13 she has been alone and longs for a strong figure to stand besides her. She would do anything for her team and would never leave anyone behind ever since the early mistake she made when she started her career. She is a strong and independent woman and is immensely proud of what she has achieved. She lets her hair down when she is around her friends.

ATA Gene: She has it..believes it was one of the reasons that she got promoted so quickly but would never admit it. She is a damn good pilot after all!

History: She grew up in San Fran...She is a pretty girl, had a lot of help growing up till she hit her teens; she was used to beaches and being in the in crowd. Then her mum passed away when she was 13 and ever since she changed. Her dad was distant at the best of times and since her mums passing she worked damn hard and when she was 14 she enlisted with the Air Force ROTC and one thing led to another. Her determination got her through and she adopted her middle name, which happened to be her mothers name..Lily. She never did like her first name - Faye..she had no qualms with the name itself but she was named after her Auntie Faye...a women she detested, whilst her mother she admired. From the day she entered the ROFC and then the SGC in her early 20s till today she was known as Lily. Only General O'niell and Colonel Caldwell knew the truth, but to Lily she wasn't being dishonest. Lily was her name and always would be. As for her codename Phoenix, well that was a different matter. She remembers the day she got invited into the SGC program...Stargates....Wormholes...Aliens....Spaceships...it all blew her mind.

General (Although it was Colonel back then) O'Neill was briefing her on the death gliders and his failed mission with teal'c in Earth's first attempt at creating our 302's...fast forward a few years and she is in a dog fight over Antarctica defending SG1. The years had passed so quickly and she had been promoted quicker than anyone had expected, especially after she almost threw it all away. Her first real mission after making it into the SGC, she was flying an early version of the 302's just before the dog fight in Antarctica - their orders were simple, recon, engage the enemy only at a last resort. They were scouting one of Baal's bases, the **** truly hit the fan that day. The base was meant to be empty but it seems that their intel was wrong and they ended up in a skirmish that Lily wasn't ready for. She panicked and ended up abandoning her squadron. Two of that party were killed because of her cowardess.

She would never forgive herself and didnt expect forgiveness in return, her career over, so she thought. It was only when she proved herself a month or so later, when she found herself in a dire situation, the Prometheus didn't exactly have the high tech weaponry that the Daedalus does today and coming up against a host of Go'auld ships was not what they had planned but Lily managed to defy the odds and with minimal ammunitions and disregarding orders from her CO (which she didn't get of lightly with) but in the process saving countless lives gained her the nickname "Phoenix" because her career was reborn from the ashes from whence she had destroyed herself. She never looked back. Never again to let herself or her team-mates down. She was 35 now. 12 years had passed since she had joined the SGC and 8 since she almost threw it all away. But since then she had proved herself time and time again and had been rewarded for it from General O'neill. As he had told her - Not everyone follows the book, but the best of us pick the right times to do it, these soldiers show bravery and courage beyond the line of duty and you Anderson have bucket loads of the stuff!

She was now privileged enough to be CAG aboard the Daedalus under the command of Colonel Caldwell. She often pinched herself at what she had achieved. She had worked on the Alpha site testing planes, been in an SG team and done stints on Atlantis but she liked being on a ship and she gets on with Colonel Caldwell well.

again first attempt at making up a character so hope you all like it...any suggestions are always welcome!

December 17th, 2010, 04:11 PM
Character Name:Charles Stone

Character Age: 42

Character Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Character Position:(Mod's choice)

Appearance: Charles has light brown hair and piercing blue eyes. His right arm is scarred from the burns he recieved upon the crash-landing of his F-15. When off duty, he usually wears a white T-shirt, a grey sweatshirt, and cargo pants. His eyes are somewhat sensitive to bright lights, so except on cloudy days, he is rarely seen without his ubiquitous sunglasses.

Personality: Charles's most defining characteristic is his bullheaded stubbornness. When he wants something done, it usually gets done. Although his strong-willed nature sometimes makes him close-minded to others' opinions, it also allows him to push through difficult situations to success. This feature of his personality also makes him fiercely loyal to his friends.

Charles does, however, have a careful and intellectual side that tempers his bulldog-like tenacity. After doing out the math, he feels that the Goa'uld may have been temporarily unseated, but are certainly not completely eliminated. He believes there may be thousands more Goa'uld out there on minor, unexplored worlds. He doesn't think of the Goa'uld as an evil race, and believes that turning the Goa'uld into Earth's ally would be a very valuable resource.

Despite his feelings about the Goa'uld, Charles doesn't think much of diplomacy with hostiles. If a probable enemy makes a threatening move, he zats first and asks questions later. Although this has led to questions about his eligibility for promotion, he is a capable officer and gets the job done.

History: Charles was born to a normal middle-class family; his mother stayed at home with him while his father worked as the owner of a local hobby shop. He lived near Edwards Air Force Base, and was awed watching the jets soar overhead. Since third grade, he determined he wanted to become a pilot in the USAF.

In school, Charles excelled due to his hard-working nature along with intelligence, and graduated from his class as valedictorian. His parents had saved a considerable sum of money for his college tuition, and expected him to go to a well-know academic university such as Stanford or Northwestern. When he announced his intention to go to the Air Force Academy, they were surprised and slightly disappointed, but let him go.

At the Air Force Academy, Charles was once again a stellar student in the academic areas, although his bullheadedness often irked his professors. However, his physique was not up to snuff, and he barely scraped past the basic physical exam. After this, Charles started going to the gym every day for at least 2 hours instead of twice a week. He was selected for a pilot slot, and discovered that he was a natural at flying. Still, he joined the Flying Club and logged many hours training in Goshawks.

After graduating and managing to land himself a spot near his family at Edwards AFB, Charles was sent overseas to fight in the Gulf War. His F-15E was badly damaged in a dogfight with 2 MiG-29's, but he managed to escape and crash-land his flaming aircraft at a nearby friendly airstrip. He was pulled from the cockpit badly burned. It was decided to send him back stateside for R&R.

Charles recovered just in time to be selected for the F-302 program. He fought successfully in the battle to defend Earth against Anubis's fleet, and was selected to lead/become a member of an SG team OR join the Daedalus/General Hammond's crew as an F-302 pilot. (Mod makes the choice, idc)

Other important facts:Does not carry the ATA Gene. Has not undergone therapy.

January 10th, 2011, 01:52 AM
- Name: Connor Mason
- Service: Royal Marines
- Age: 40 (DOB : November 16th, 1970)
- Callsign: Goose
- Nationality: British
- Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

- Appearance:

- Bio/skillset: From a young age, ever since learning about Galileo's drawings in high school, and how he originally designed a helicopter, Connor was fascinated with anything that flew. His father noticed, disliked, and pushed him towards military service, namely the Royal Marines (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_marines). His father and grandfather had also served there (not as pilots however) and he was expected to follow in the family's footsteps. At age 15, Connor joined the UK's Officers' Training Corps (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Officers%27_Training_Corps). Later on, at age 18 or so, he did sign up with the Royal Marines but as a helicopter pilot: with training on the Eurocopter Squirrel (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurocopter_AS350) and the Lynx (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynx_helicopter), and with a little jet training on the side. (Note: Some RMC pilots do get to do that if enough talented although that part of the Royal Marines is dwindling.) He has also qualified on several other rotary aircraft, including the Apache Attack Helo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apache_attack_helicopter).
He is now an exceptional pilot, can fly anything though prefers helicopters and now the F-302's. He's done a few tours before his signing up with the SGC, most of which included search and rescue: going in deep into enemy territory to retrieve stranded personnel. Connor served with distinction in both Gulf Wars and was originally recruited for the Atlantis Mission, but has since been transferred back to the SGC to command the USS Hammond's 302 wing.

- Other interesting facts: Likes to build replica aircraft in his spare time, using scrap metal from the hangar bay or whatever he can find.

- Signature pic:

- OOC end note: big thanks PJ for all the military stuff! :D *hugz*

January 11th, 2011, 09:24 PM
Ange Sabina Darkness ~ “Spook” (real name Oscuridad)

Nationality: American, originally from the LA Hispanic ghettos

Age: 27

Rank: 1st Lieutenant

Position: Hammond Blue Delta Flight leader, temporarily assigned to Daedalus as Red Echo Flight leader. Lead adversary instructor for both Wings.

5’5”. Dark Brown hair, brown eyes, slight build, olive complexion.


Personality: Natural leader, but a rebellious nature, she's not afraid to say her mind. Loyal to her friends and command and makes friends easily. She can dish out as good as she gets and has a way of making people laugh. Tough and resilient she will often put herself in harms way to protect her comrades, even against orders. She is a very devout Catholic but it has often been said, that her language would make Satan blush.

History: Ange does not have the Ancient Gene, but has received ATA therapy. She went to High School in Colorado after her family moved away from LA, where she was under severe peer pressure to join in with one of the local gangs. Making good in school, but still with an attitude, she then went straight to the Air Force Academy. Ange was selected from graduates for the Stargate program early and as soon as she earned her wings and her training of the F16D she went immediately to the F302 training at the Beta site. She has served on combat missions from Hammond and Daedalus ever since. She counts Karina Thracen and Kevin Marks as two of her closest friends. Her father passed away a week after graduation from the Academy, leaving her mother to care for her younger siblings Lucas, Rose and Mira. Ange sends as much as she can spare to help in their upbinging and has gathered a large extended family amongst her Air Force friends who watch over them when she cannot be there.

January 13th, 2011, 08:47 PM
Approved by RogueRanger

Name: Ain “Oneshot”Chen

Age: 32

Rank: Captain USAF

Position: Daedalus Flight Red Echo 2

Appearance: 5' 10”, dark brown eyes, athletic build, 160lbs, black hair. Scar on upper right shoulder, Air Force eagle tattoo on left shoulder.


Personality: Ain is a steady solid type, ultra reliable if a little on the “by the book” type. He is often quiet, but comes out loudly when at leisure with his crew mates and is often the life of the party with his pranks and jokes. He is well liked and highly regarded by the crew on his current posting and is seen as a balance to his wing leader Ange Darkness, often keeping her in check with things go squirrely. Smart, organized, funny, calm/pleasant, outgoing, modest. However, he is a germophobe and is anxious (he gets nervous)

History: Ain is of Chinese/American heritage, his father a successful restranteur and is mother, who is Australian a pharmacist. Ain is married to Charlene and has two little girls Hayley three and Janet 18 months. His family started life in California though quickly moved to Colorado Springs where they have a lovely home set in 5 acres at Black Forest. Charlene is a Registered Nurse with aged care but is currently taking care of home and family.

After graduating from MIT in Aeronautical engineering he enlisted in the Air Force Academy program graduating with honours. He was highly regarded by his instructors there and within a year of finishing his basic flying course, he was recommended to the Stargate Program and after initial flight training on the F302 at the alpha site he was fist posted to the Apollo, where he earned his flight name. He was credited with bringing down, not once an Al-kesh with a single missile.

He is qualified on the F16 Falcon, F22 Raptor and o course the F302

ATA: Ain has a medium rating with the ancient gene

Favoured Personal weapons: Gloch 27, P90 and the G36M

January 17th, 2011, 12:53 PM
Just a little note for new and old players. As we move into our Todd/Wraith arc, there will be a requirement for Wraith profiles. For a lot of fans of the show, the Wraith are an unknown entity for the most part, sad Wraithy's yes I know. That being said for the exception of Todd, we will be treating all our cameo Wraith as OC's (original characters) and of course new ones you might create as well.

Thank you

Melanie: GM


January 17th, 2011, 01:00 PM
Approved by RogueRanger

Originally appeared in Season 5, episode 3 'Broken Ties'

Name: Wraith name unknown, human nickname "Rhys"

Age: 5700 human standard years

Rank: High-ranking officer on Todd's hiveship

Position: Security and Intelligence officer


Personality: He is resourceful and sly, arrogant towards humans and reserved towards Wraith. Very loyal to his hive.

History: After almost dying in the explosion of his original hive's outpost, caused by the former Wraith worshipper Tyre and the Atlantis team, he was rescued by Wraith from Todd's hive and pledged his alliance to them.

Other important facts: He's a talented computer hacker and a well-trained fighter. He forcefully converted Ronon to become a Wraith worshipper temporarily and the Atlantis team think Rhys is dead.

January 18th, 2011, 11:31 AM
Approved by RogueRanger


Character Name: Wraith name Bullseye; human nickname unknown

Character Age: close to 6,000 years old

Character Rank: mid-ranking officer on Todd's hive

Character Position: Engineering officer; skilled in all Technician duties and ranged weapons

Appearance: Long, tousled hair with accent braids. No facial markings or facial hair. Blinks frequently and has expressive eyes.


History: Bullseye survived being shot in the Daedalus engineering room during the Attero device mix-up. When Todd’s ZPM-powered hive was stolen, Bullseye abandoned that hive to await Todd’s return.

Personality and other important facts:
Bullseye is loyal, extremely obedient to Todd, hard-working, and reliable. He uses his knowledge to create and repair Wraith tech as well as to understand and destroy other tech. Bullseye also has excellent long-distance weaponry marksmanship, as his namesake implies, and is skilled in combat. His mind feels to other Wraith like concentric circles, reflecting many layers of thought and exactness in both engineering and ranged weapons. With his calm demeanor, he is an ideal mentor. Although he is wary of Reese, he even tries to guide her when he can, if she will listen.

January 19th, 2011, 04:59 AM
Approved by RogueRanger


Name: Unknown wraith name but goes by the human name of 'Astor'

Age: estimated to be between 3,000 to 4,000 years old.

Rank: Low ranking officer on Todd's Hive

Position: Security officer

Appearance: Long dreadlocks, facial tattoo on cheek, tall, has a serious look most of the time


History: He was once one of the security officers of his former hive before it was blown up by another hive. He was one of the few survivors that escaped via dart. He was hiveless for a little while until he found Todd's hive. He remains loyal to Todd.

Personality: He is very intimidating to humans and even to some wraith. He is quiet and doesn't feel the need to interact with others unless it is necessary. He also takes his work very seriously.

January 19th, 2011, 09:09 PM
Approved by Isolde

Name: Reese, known by humans a "Bane"

Appearance White long hair, yellow-gold eyes with a vertical pupil, slim. 6'1" around 69kg's in Lantean measurement.


Race: A throwback to an Ancient experiment by one known as ‘Lilith’, Reece comes from a long line of people who have been shunned by both human and Wraith. Her ancestors became nomadic, offering themselves as occasional assassins to those in power, their stealth and strength useful for such a role, and were also often used as mercenaries, but such deeds have passed into legend. However, over the millennia since their inception, their Wraith DNA has become diluted, and they do not breed to type. In this respect, Reece is an anomaly, born to human parents who have no outward indications of their inheritance.

History: Isolated by her difference throughout her childhood, Reece left her home village during her teen years and wandered, in the manner of her ancestors, from world to world, seeking her identity but meeting with prejudice. It was during one of these excursions that she was attacked, and outnumbered, leaving her close to death.
Before she met death, the town was culled, and while she hung in the cocoons, the Wraith known to the Lantean’s as ‘Kenny’, and ‘Bonewhite’ to his brothers, found her. His interest piqued, that one decided to bequeath her The Gift, and restored her to full health, taking her under his protection, and teaching her the ways of Wraith. Over the years, Reece became a sword, and one Bonewhite used with little hesitation, coming to be Commander in his own right, and then Second to the Old One, called ‘Todd’ by the Lantean’s and known as ‘Guide’ to all others.
However, even though both Guide and Bonewhite find her useful, her arrogance and combative nature do not find favour with all on the hive. The Worshippers named her ‘Bane’, and despise her, but recognise both her power and abilities. She is a ghostlike figure to other humans, a banshee, who heralds fear and death. On the hive, there have been numerous attempts on her life, which has honed her skill as a marauder, and made her more valuable to both Guide and Bonewhite as a warrior.
But, primarily, Guide sees the possibilities for change linked to her genetics, and for this reason he tolerates her and the disruption she brings.
Of the Wraith, there are those that would see her dead, but still others among the blades and clevermen who find her appealing. Her limited telepathic skills allow her to control drones, and to link in a primitive manner to the hive. Dismissive of all apart from her ‘father’ and Guide, Reece is difficult to manage, and there are times the Old One wonders if his indulgence is a step too far.

Age: approximately 500 years

Favoured weapons: An ancient Camrian Katana which her father Kenny made for her, and Lantean weapons she has stolen or taken from her 'kills'; she always has a Glock 27 at her hip and her faithful stunner.

Personality: Almost none, calm and methodical, a walking weapon.

Thank you to Isolde for the wonderful recasting of Reese's biography and a special thank you to the Authour Beth Christensen, who has written many Stargate novels and is co-authour of "Blood Ties" from which we sourced our inspiration for Reese.

January 20th, 2011, 01:09 PM
Approved by RogueRanger

Character Name: Wraith name 'Bonewhite'; nicknamed ‘Kenny’ by Sheppard.

Character Age: approx 6,000-7,000 years old

Character Rank: Todd’s Second Officer and a Commander in his own right.

Character Position: Second of the Hive; accomplished scientist.

Appearance: Long, smooth hair with accent braids, three skeletal finger-like tattoos beneath his right eye, and small goatee.


History: Kenny was the Second of Todd’s hive and, though thought to have died, he managed to escape from the über-hive after it was taken over by Todd’s treacherous Chief Scientist. After long searches, he gathered a group of Wraith loyal to Todd in the aftermath of Atlantis leaving Pegasus, and fought a rival Commander, killing him, to take over the hive’s crew, and become master. A Queenless band of men, they remain true to Todd’s dream to unite Wraith under one banner, and have brought the remainder of his Alliance together in the face of extreme odds.

Personality and other important facts: Kenny’s loyalty to Todd is legend, and he believes the vision of Wraith, as Todd wanted, is what Wraith should strive for. Though reluctant to continue an alliance with the humans of Earth, Kenny realises that it is useful to him in a number of ways, and though he dislikes the thought of genetic manipulation, he can see the benefits to his kind if it is successful.

Kenny has an adopted daughter, Reese, who he taught well in the ways of Wraith.

Kenny is patient, for a Wraith, and will consider what he says carefully. Diplomacy is a mantle thrust upon him, but he works for the betterment and survival of his species.

February 1st, 2011, 11:30 AM
"Approved by RogueRanger"

Character Name: Thalinus Hadernef

Character Age: 36

Character Position: Wraith Worshipper ~ Mercenary

Race: Human./ Manarian


Personality: Arrogant towards both humans and wraith, more so towards the former than the latter. An opportunist, easily bored, he is lucky, charismatic, intelligent, rational, self serving, considers himself tough, talented, believes the ends justify the means.

History: Thalinus was involved in the failed but almost successful take over of Atlantis. He is of a race of humans in the Pegasus Galaxy who had been covertly working with the Genii when it suits both cultures to do so. The Manarians may have once been a part of the Genii confederation before it was destroyed by the Wraith millennia ago. Sergeant Bates made the first trade agreements over food with the people. With not-so-open arms, they admitted almost all of the Athosians and Atlantis expedition members to their world when Atlantis and the mainland were threatened by a massive hurricane only to sell them out to the Genii, informing Cowen that Atlantis had been evacuated and helping Commander Acastus Kolya find a way to get past the city's defenses with his raiding party. Thalinus escaped with a handful of his own people and went his own way to form a mercenary band, being employed by any who would take them. One by one his group fell to culling and eventually Thalinus himself was caught. But his opportunistic nature took over and he offered the Wraith an alternative, he willingly submitted to the “Followers” procedure, but his inner nature still harbours a hatred for his new masters. He does though produce some random successes, but falls foul all to often as a renegade amongst the Worshippers and Wraith alike.

Favoured Weapons: Anything he can lay hand to. He currently carries a Genii made three barrelled shot gun and automatic pistol.

February 3rd, 2011, 01:23 PM
Approved by RogueRanger

Character Name: Wraith name 'Shrike'.

Character Age: approx 3,000-4,000 years old

Character Rank: Bonewhite’s Second Officer.

Character Position: Second of the Hive.

Appearance: Long, smooth hair, tied back in a high pony with silver cord, braided goatee, and a tattoo on left of neck. Tall even by Wraith standards, Shrike is striking to look at, with pale green skin.

History: Shrike is relatively young, but he is also ambitious, and came to Guide’s hive as a Sub-commander after the Hoffan Plague had affected a faction of Wraith that his clan belonged to. Seeking information about a cure, and repulsed by the wastage his fellow Wraith inflicted upon the galaxy’s human population, he believes there has to be an alternative. Guide’s reappearance after so long away from his brothers, was a legend brought back to life, and he fought for a place on the hive, believing the vision Guide has of all Wraith under one banner to be true.

He came to Bonewhite’s attention after the über-hive was destroyed, and rapidly moved up in rank, after despatching his closest rival. An excellent Technician, he is one of a few that Bonewhite believes could progress the new hives to fruition.

Personality and other important facts: Loyal to Bonewhite, and also to Guide, Shrike does not tolerate fools easily. He is curious about humans, in particular the Lanteans, and conceals a wish to go to the Ancient City. He disapproves of Reese, but understands there is something of interest about her that he cannot fathom yet, which is why he has not killed her.

An excellent swordsman, he practices frequently, and would like to test himself against the famous runner, Ronon Dex.

February 13th, 2011, 02:27 AM
Approved by Isolde


Name: Wraith name 'Glade'
(His mind feels to other Wraith like cool and light-speckled pine woods, reflecting his calm personality.)

Age: 200 human standard years

Rank: Low-ranking cleverman

Position: Still in apprenticeship. Works primarily with Engineers to learn their craft, but is also working with Technicians and Scientists to broaden his education.

Appearance: Long, smooth hair, partially drawn back in a pony tail. Two thin, long braids frame his face. He is tall, even for a Wraith, and slender bordering on lanky. He has a small tattoo around his eye and on his chin and a double goatee.

History: He was not born on Todd's hive but came there during their last encounter with an allied hive, driven by curiousity and the wish to learn more about the culture of other hives.

Personality and other important facts: Calm and distanced towards Wraith and humans alike. He is still young and looking for his place in the hive's hierarchy. Some might call him timid, as he is not as boisterous as other Wraith of his age. He likes to immerse himself in his studies and is keen to gain knowledge. Especially the Stargate technology and the physics of wormholes are of interest to him. Not a warrior himself, he is easily startled by displays of aggressiveness. Yet he has been known to remain calm and focused in times when the hive was in danger.

February 13th, 2011, 02:50 AM
Just a quick note to affirm I approved Rhys rise in rank. :D He's Chief of Securuty, after all. :P

February 13th, 2011, 05:37 PM
:indeed: :lol: I guess. I'm a little behind so it will atke a little for me to catch up:S

February 22nd, 2011, 04:47 PM

Character Name:[/B] Bain Fadel

Character Age: 18

Character Rank: High Priestess

Character Position: High Priestess of The Nibruian Wraith Worshippers.

Appearance: Short, round faced, thin and boney. Has long fiery red hair. Has a tattoos on her face so she could have the appeareance of a Wraith. She also has a tattoo of an eye on each hand.


Personality: There is two sides to Bain. One is the caring side. She is often charatable to the needy by offering them sancuary in her temple. These people are often the ones she chooses to be sent to the "Great Ones" (known as the Wraith to most). The other is a more brutal side, this side is often shown around the "unbelievers" and those who speak ill of her religion. She makes sure these people suffer terrible agony before succumbing to death. Among the Believers on Nibru, they believe that a death not caused the "Great One's" guarantees the victim does not have peace when they enter the afterlife (The women in Bain's position are also guarenteed a peaceful afterlife because they are guides amongst the worshippers).

History: Born and raised in the town of Cairhien on Nibru, where those who are Followers form a secret dystopian society where everyone (other than the priestesses known as the guides) where upon their 40th year they were sacraficed to the Wraith. In some cases a few special few are sent to the Wraith to end their tribulations. Because her mother was head priestess she automatically began her training to succeed her mother upon her death. When Bain was 18 her mother died of natural causes, making way for Bain to become the highest member in her society. Her father is the town Mayor of Cairhien and is totally ignorant of his daughter's activities and that of his late wife's.

Other Facts: Because she is head priestess she is allowed to bear children because it's imperitive that a daughter shall succeed her. She is currently searching for a compatable mate for the father of her heir, and is very picky about it. She bridges the communications between the Wraith and her people and that bridge is soley with the hybrid Reese with whom she shares a close even perhaps a friendship of sorts.

February 23rd, 2011, 01:33 PM
Approved by Oranos

Name: Emily Susan Nguyen (Pebble)


Character Age: 22

Character Rank: Lance Corporal (Royal Australian Corps of Engineers)

Character Position: Tracker, Demolitions, Bomb making.

Appearance: Ht 5'1” ~ Wt 108 lbs ~ Slim build ~ Brown eyes ~ Black/brown hair and light olive complexion.

Personality: Emily has a strong personality, always ready with a laugh and a smile. She comes out with her full strengths when she is with others. She is reliable and steadfast and learns quickly and she will defend her comrades with every means available to her.

History: Emily grew up in suburban Sydney. Her father a Chemist with his own local Pharmacy, her mother a local member of Council. She attended Westfield Sports High School and was expected to do well, a fact that she came in the top 10 in every years final and excelled in sport, swimming being her forte. Then things went down hill. Her Mother and Father and younger sister were tragically killed in an armed robbery at her Fathers shop, leaving Emily alone. Left with little support she had an older cousin in the Australian Defence forces and he encouraged her to join the Army. After basic training she was selected for the Engineers Corps, she trained initially as a Sapper, then did the Native tracking course and excelled in that as she did in most things. It was because of her exceptional tracking skills and her ability to defuse most types of IED's she came across she was spotted by a a visiting scout from the SGC. She was selected for training in the Stargate Programme and she was eventually placed with Telford's team on Icarus because of her ability to find and disarm things others find challenging. He put it down to her tiny hands. She was the sole survivor of squad when the base was attacked.

ATA: Emily does not have the Ancient gene.

Other important facts: She excels in sports, especially swimming, running and kick boxing. Though small, she can more than handle a lot of those bigger than herself. Her abilities to open almost any thing are uncanny and she is able to repair items that are often left in the too hard basket. She gained her nickname because of her diminutive size and it has stuck. Though her friend and mentor Sergeant Greer often calls her Ipod, because like that piece of technology with a thousand songs on it, once she starts talking it's difficult to turn her off. Emily is the youngest member of the expidition and as such she is often being mothered or fathered by the older members. Lt Tamara Johansen and Sergeant Ronald Greer, have became basically her family, but more like older siblings for her due to her moments of intense lonliness and homesickness, which she tries to hide, but Greer especially can see through her facade. She looks to both of them perhaps more often when she is lonely and in need of support. She is loud, annoying a typical kid just out of her teens. She has other names as well. Eli calls her the Pocket Rocket and once said he could put her in his back pack and no one would notice. Doctor Rush is fond of her even though he never shows it, he calls her simply Em.

:Weapons: Emily has a 94% rating with service pistols and is more than adequate with light weapons such as the G36K and P90. Grenades and self made explosives

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NAME: Kay'ta of the Blazing Hills.

AGE: Apparently 30, but she's 55

NATIONALITY: Jaffa of the planet Epiros

RANK: Former first spy of Hermes, now free jaffa

APPEARANCE: 30 years old cute woman, slim but perfectly fit, 1,70m, red haired; Hermes mark (a pair of wings) on her forehead partially erased by a knife scar; likes to wear a leather assassin gear.

PERSONALITY: Curious and very intelligent, usually serious; she's very good at judging people by first impressions.

HISTORY: Born in a village near volcanoes, when Kay'ta reached proper age she underwent the Primtah and she was selected for training in Hermes's group of assassins and spies, one of the most known and feared amongst the Goa'uld. She successfully completed lots of missions and she quickly rose the ranks because of her ability. After a long period of infiltration she manage to lead a rebellion against the Goa'uld Kali as ordered by her lord and she was given the title of First Spy.
Her next task was to make contact with a group of pirates, known as Lucian Alliance, in order to propose trades and alliance. Once she met the group, she noticed they were just idiot and evil rogues with a long list of failures: she wondered how could a God needed to form an alliance with such people and she opened her eyes about the true nature of her lord. She erased her mark and tried to join the new-born jaffa nation, but she was discovered and captured by an LA operative. She's been their prisoner for three years, and she leads a resistance with captain Astor.