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June 23rd, 2010, 08:35 AM
Hi im new but i youst to be ona forum called TV6 forum it was great we hade a thread who was a stargate rollplay game but you could make your own tech and races ships you name it simpel rules. Well it shut down and i would like to play it again you are all welcomme to play.

rules are simpel you wright like "Hi ive just completed this analyzes" and when doing somethingh like: *the curenal activated the shields* you get it!

You tsart with a race but nothingh like you may ahve the best guns usally you may have hyperspeed and a few weapons you may have the original stargate races too, dimplomasi and war tacts is basics soo is how your world geverment with more works its a bit like a RTS game but not that complicated if you have tech under development you better have taled about it in it's diffrent development stages it can't just poof come from the air.

Usally we can play as a a lliance that will be your first mission tell somethingh about the race you have choosen and the main chara's. Finding other tech from other civilizations is ok but you cant just find a ship trust me that wont work i got allmost exterminated by y own allis for that. we will have enemys too and some storys, a back story of your race is good to have and fights will not be around all the time. both SGU SGA and SG-1 tech and story is included i hope a feature of you you send teams thru the gate and then tell what they find isnted of just using ships and citys to tell the story. o and put a ... forgot word but the enter key┬┤betwen every fraze in snetense or at least every person you use , understood / Scandic :D you may allso know me as Bunkerboy from other Forums ;) well hope you guys like it and joins it would be great if at least 3 peapole is here thats the lowest ammount of players accuierd to play soo i really hope you will play , HaHa

No bad language, no owerated fantasy no ower powerd weapons small changes like 10% more power in weapons or somethingh otherwise it will not be funn strust me on that one i have many more ideas but they have to wait for some other time. i really hope some of you here will like this one cuse i realy miss the roleplay.

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