View Full Version : Ep 4x01 Adrift

February 7th, 2010, 05:44 PM
Just finished watching this episode and maybe someone can explain some questions I had.

1) Bill (the rather portly scientist on the midway station) talks about an "all gates bulletin" similar to what happened with the Ancient device used to get rid of all the replicators at once from Takara. Does anyone understand how all the gates can be dialed at once? How does one gate connect to more than one in the same reality? Does that mean like the ancient weapon from takara if you walked through that gate you'd wind up on every single planet with a gate in that galaxy?

2) When Zalenka and Sheppard did their little leap of faith to fix an array after clearing the asteroid belt, Zalenka gets hit with a micro-asteroid tearing a hole in his suit. Sheppard says not to worry, he "dialed up the suit to create positive pressure". See, this works in the episode where Rodney is trapped underwater because the outside pressure is greater than the inside so increasing the inside pressure would keep the water out. Being in space however, this scenario makes no sense as any pressure inside the suit is already greater than a vacuum. The only way to prevent a transfer would be to dial Zalenkas suit pressure down but that would also kill him.

Just some brain benders I guess. It's tough to keep track of everything when you've written so many episodes.