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January 15th, 2010, 03:58 PM
Ok. I'm not going to hide the fact that I really enjoyed watching Atlantis and this thread will show that feeling, along with the fact that it really should have carried on. Anyhow, I'm here to put forward a possible season ending that would feature an action packed ending to the season 'and' great openings (new possible enemy) for season 6. It's all in my head, I want to be a writer and I thought I'd start here and maybe, eventually, start writing :cameron:

The scene opens where it left off, with a whole heck of al ot of new staff being poured into Atlantis as it's back on Earth and as usual, Rodney's with Zalenka doing his thing, missing his sandwich that someone's stolen etc when Sheppard appears asking him if he's managed to find out what on earth the room does right down deep into Atlantis. The other scientists are doing well and thus he should be moving forward! etc. Standard stuff.

Eventually he does find something and that something sends a sub-space or whatever signal... straight to any Wraith. In fact it's like a great big giant homing beacon and boy that's bad.

Off goes Sheppard to find Ronon, who's pretty much beating up a full bar of people and Teyla, who's enjoying the finer, more spiritual things in life. Jokes aplenty.

They arrive back and Rodney has no idea how to turn off the beacon or why, until he finds two gate addresses for two worlds, with something about three keys, one on each world. (But, three keys! two worlds!!? Mystery)

To speed this up, they visit the worlds, get the first two keys, face death, Rodney hurts his little finger, all the usual stuff we know and love.

Right, here's where it starts to get much, much better. They eventually realise that it's all to do with some ultimate weapon, something that the Wraith would never be prepared for, could combat or overcome.

With the Wraith getting closer to 'Earth' and time running short, the team starts to get very troubled as they don't know where the remaining key is... The place the two keys into a computer and a third gate address arrives. Off they go.

Arriving at the planet and again, using the keys, they find a very, very large underground bunker, filled with jumper 'like' vehicles, but a slightly different design etc. All dead, powerless, useless.

A single wraith cruiser arrives in our system and the fight begins, with more right behind. With luck, finally, Rodney finds a ZPM machine, like a great big Coke can machine and he's literally going crazy at that thought.... they send back three ZPMS etc and Atlantis takes off, drawing away the Wraith cruiser, into Hyperspace, towards the planet that the team are on.

As it arrives, more Wraith Cruisers arrive, big ATlantis battle, Earth ships, the lot. Wraith troops arrive to the planet, cue Tayla and Ronon doing their thing beating the crap out of everyone, stopping them getting into the main room.

Sheppard knows that their time is short, troops pouring in, so he starts to push Rodney for answers. There seems to be no way to turn on these new jumpers? No power. He approaches the ZPM machine, takes out a ZPM and as he's looking at it, he realises that they must, somehow, power the ships. But how?

There's obviously a central location just past the main corridor, overlooking the 'Jumper's' and a console of sorts. He pokes, prods until a panel opens. He slots in the ZPM and nothing happens. He's confused as the console's telling him to stand on the pad just in front of the console. Sheppard, who knows that they haven't got time, with Wraith all over the place, battle's above, steps on the pad.

Whizzy lights, things happen, the ZPM goes dead and Sheppard steps off. "What happened?" Rodney doesn't know but anyway, eventually Sheppard goes into a new jumper and the panels light up. ! So he sits down, takes off, telling Rodney to figure out what just happened.

A bay door opens to night sky and off goes Sheppard to join the fight with Rodney squalking in his ear. Sheppard approaches a Wraith Cruiser and obviously does what he does to make Drones fire but nothing happens. He's willing the damn thing to fire at the Cruiser but instead the Jumper accelerates forward. He's shouting at Rodney for an explanation and he gets one, "You are the weapon". The jumper smacks straight into the Cruiser, sheilds obviously up and you get to see the inside's of a Wraith Cruiser as the Jumper carves straight through it! Sheppards lost for words and comes out the other side.. cue explosions from the Cruiser.

The other Wraith Cruisers start to maximise their fire on the small jumper, causing damage and thus it starts to fall towards the planet etc.

To fill in the blanks, the ATA gene holds the ZPM power inside the human body, turning the carriers (and ONLY the carriers, no gene replacement here.. explained further into Season 6) into ginat ZPM batteries. Ultimate Weapons. This type of technology helped the ancients form into pure Energy, ascend etc.

The ship crashes, Wraith queens are involved. (I have the ending but I'll leave it there).

With the ZPM factory there, SGC can start a duplicate mission to save the people from Stargate Universe, pretty much take away the wraiths teeth and a new enemy appears early into Season 6. I have a lot in my minid at the moment and can't wait to start writing.

Hope you liked it. Fingers crossed

January 15th, 2010, 03:59 PM
P.s. This thread is living proof that I thought of the damn ZPM/ATA idea in the first place. Unless someone else has :/ :)

January 15th, 2010, 10:06 PM
read it till I got till i read ultimate weapon. I am sorry but the city of atlantis is obviously the ultimate weapon, and thank goodness they only used it on the last episode. and hopefully they will not be able to use it again. Personally I like to see the "conventional" space battles so much that I hate to see ultimate weapons because they take away so much cool stuff. Granted from the company point of view the ultimate weapon is usually cheaper to make.

January 16th, 2010, 06:57 AM
the ultimate weapon is a ZPM.

January 16th, 2010, 07:31 AM
Exactly. But combine that with a human who has the ata gene.... No more food for the Wraith as that human can create shields etc

January 17th, 2010, 04:49 AM
Well... that went down like a lead baloon.