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January 8th, 2010, 10:04 PM

January 2010

The Journey Begins .....

The Tau Ri having now acquired advanced technologies from many races try their luck with a Experimental Mark 2 of the Deep Space Cruiser with a new type of Worm Hole device created by Dr's Jackson, McKay and Bates. It is a improved version of the one AT-1 encountered a drift in space. The hull is also larger to accompany land based vehicles as well as various new types of 302's. It can also hold nearly 3 times as many crew too. Not too mention many passengers and cargo. It's design was to bridge the gap of resupply to atlantis and earth.

But upon the test flight of a new worm hole drive for the Tau ri. An accident happens sending the new DSC mark 2 through a worm hole to an unknown Galaxy. What is worst is the fact that they appear in a area looking much like a recent battle has just happened. Receiving a distress call the Tau ri rescue an Aramanthian war ship only to join in a century long war between two Ancient Descendants. Can the Tau ri survive this galaxy war, and can they get home? And what is there lurking in the shadows of this galaxy?

Now they must fight a war away from home. And find a way to get home ....

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