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Princess Awinita
December 6th, 2009, 04:58 PM
The space between spaces, that space that is not hyperspace, nor real space, but inbetween. This is the Void, there is a planet here that is home to the Death's Hand Legion of Alesian soldiers, a secret legion of soldiers. It was also here that a ship, the sister ship to the Angelan, known as the AES Galadriel, has fallen into when attempting to jump to hyperspace from battle.

December 6th, 2009, 05:21 PM
In the middle of the void lies a single planet. In fact it is the only landmark in the endlessness of this space between normal space and subspace. No one knows how it got here, yet the Alesian 7th Legion, Death's Hand, call it home. A base was built to support them. Hiei was there, asleep in his room, awaiting contact from Amann to let him know when and where their next target would be. Hiei Awoke to alarms and sirens for the first time since he had been here. A voice over the intercom summoned him the control room for an emergency. As he made his way there everyone scurrying about the hallways slammed themselves against the wall to make room their general. Once there a rather petite woman with red hair greeted him. and pointed to the console in front of her.

"Sir we have a contact on the screen. I sent it friend or foe confirmation and it gave me a weird confirmation," she told him.

"Weird? Weird how?," Hiei replied.

"It's only supposed to be used by the High Council, yet it isn't the Angelan or Amann's personal code"

"Weird indeed. Give them clearance to dock at port 7."

Walking out of the room towards the ports he pointed at 2 guards and motioned for them to follow him. Making his way around the vast corridors he arrived at port 7 where he would wait for this person to exit, and if need be execute them.

Princess Awinita
December 6th, 2009, 05:28 PM
Within her quarters on the eight kelimeter long ship, Galadirle was reading a battle report, what the ship had been doing before it came for her and took here.... somewhere. Rubbing her temples as the NABIS unit on the ship spoke. "Madam, we are being hailed." Galadriel got up and went to the bridge. Staring out at the only planet in the endless space. She sent the confirmation of friend when she was the hail on one of the screens. Since she was the only person onboard the ship she felt around for who was hailing her.

'General Hiei, out here in this wastland?' She wondered as her ship was given docking clearance. Without a word she motioned for the AI onboard the ship to follow the projected path to the required dock. Moving from the bridge she headed for the main entery area for passangers and cargo. Where the airlock was. 'This ship is empty, but it was smart to broadcast a signal for answers.' Galadriel thought as she waited for the airlock like to turn from red to green. Thinking for a moment to go into her golden form before thinking better of it.

December 6th, 2009, 07:13 PM
Tension filled the air and a loud clank was heard when the ships docking clamps activated. Hiei could felt uneasy. No one had ever found them, or even knew where to look for that matter. And this ship was obviously Alesian in design, yet seemed some how odd. He swore he recognized the markings from somewhere but couldn't quite put his hand on it. As the light turned green the 2 troopers pointed their guns at the airlock, their fingers hovering on the trigger.

With the opening of the door Hiei immediately identified his new "guest", and stated, "Stand down! She's on our side. Why Lady Galadriel. I'm surprised Amann didn't come himself, or send word of your travel here. Even more astounded that he told you how to find us, and didn't just send me a message with our new assignment."

Princess Awinita
December 6th, 2009, 08:25 PM
Galadriel stood in the corridor of the airlock. She gave Hiei an odd look. "You are surprised that I am here? when it is I to find anyone hearing my becon." She said somewhat at a loss to what Hiei was talking about. She carried a warblade, no more then a triple edged sword with a flat tip like a wedge. "No one sent me." She said softly, she then explained of what happened, there had been a battle against Anubis, and sheh ad once more been his prisoner before waking up in her ship, somewhere in space. Now she was starving. "You do have meals here do you not General?" She said, now knowing who had the higher ranking. she did, but she needed information as much as she could get. She also needed food

December 6th, 2009, 08:43 PM
hiei chuckled a bit, remembering some of the arguments they used to get into. He signaled the 2 troopers to return to their posts. He thought for a moment and realized what she was trying to get. Her civilian rank did outmatch his, and as Amann's sister she was to be treated as a VIP. Yet something bothered him, and he knew this was a military matter and that if Amann had wanted her to know about this place he would have told her by now.

Hiei looked at her with cold red eyes. The color coming from a genetic experiment gone wrong, "well seeing as your security clearance is almost as high as mine, warden, and that I report directly to Amann I can't tell you everything you want to know without his express permission. However I can tell you that the planet you're on is known as the void and that you are currently drifting though an area of space time that exists between normal space and subspace. As far as the meals go, if you can consider military rations a meal, then yes we have plenty. If not.... then they'll have to do."

As they made their way to the mess hall he explained to her in more depth about what this place was, when it was found, how it was found and where they think it came from, yet always dodging the questions about why he was here and who his men where.

Princess Awinita
December 6th, 2009, 09:04 PM
As they neared the Mess Hall, Galadriel came to a stop and faced Hiei. It was hard ot read her face. "You know as well as i do General that my word overrides that of Amann, my brother, who is younger then I, yet also my twin. If my brother wishes to keep a secret from me he can do so, but i know of you, General Hiei. Do not think otherwise." She told him, her voice hard as ice as she spoke, yet also gentle at the same time. "Do not assume you can butter me up and keep yourself mum to what is going on here on this planet, I was the only one onboard my ship. It was damaged when it tried to enter hyperspace, the last thing I remember, was a bright light of transportation from a dank cell."

Then a thought hit her. 'Amann! Brother! What are you thinknig now after our reunion only mere hours ago?!' She thought before gathering her wits and asking Hiei. "Do you have a connection to Alesia? I must speak with my brother, you know as well as I that he most surely fears for my life."

December 6th, 2009, 09:19 PM
He thought for a moment, she was right, but for everything he had done in his career he was surprised that she hadn't tried him for genocide yet. He also knew that she knew that he was stubborn as a mule and loyal only to Amann. If she was going to get him to talk she would have to play her cards right, and that he would have to be careful not to fall into that logic trap... like he had done on many occasions before. Logic was not his strong point.

After a moment of thought he heard her clear her throat waiting for a response. So he motioned for her to get up as he began to walk towards the door, "yes you can contact Amann from the control room. We will have a room made up for you. We don't get many women here so it may take a couple hours to get one ready. Although if you don't mind I would like to be there when you contact Amann."

As he walked away the sword that he carried on his back became more visable. It was a family heirloom though no one had ever seen him use it. It was said to bring out the worst in him and it represented his families bloody past. It was even rumored that it was the first plasma blade to have been made.

Princess Awinita
December 6th, 2009, 09:32 PM
"Let us hope the room will not be needed" Galadriel said to Hiei's retreating back, If she had to she'd knock him out with a mental burst of power. But she was hoping that it would not come to that. if it did, there would be trouble, lots of it. A minute later she was led to the control room. there was no stargate to speak of, unless it was in another space. Not that she wanted to say it, she actually did mind if Hiei was there during her talk with Amann, her brother. But she did not voice it. Instead she waited until the panel was active before speaking mentally. "'Amann, are you there brother? Hear me.'" She sent through the transmitter as clearly as she could. she stole a glance to Hiei. It was not that she did not trust him, but the fact that he was so close to her that made her slightly nervous.

December 6th, 2009, 11:03 PM
On Alesia....

Amann was asleep on the couch in his quarters in Alesia High Command. A building a mile tall, it was the headquarters of all of the Alesian armies and the seat of power in all of the Empire. Currently, the High Councilor dozed on, his fair skinned features in a state of repose with his dark hair slightly ruffled. A loud beep startled him awake. He looked at the computer panel with his dark eyes, slightly annoyed at the interruption. Only the most important messages would be routed to his terminal. He put on a white robe and clicked the message on and saw that it was coming from the Void. He turned on the channel and heard Galadriel's voice. He rubbed his eyes.

"Galadriel, is that you?"

Princess Awinita
December 6th, 2009, 11:14 PM
"Who else would connect directly to your bedroom terminal at this time of night?" Came Galadriels mindvoice, there was a hint of joyful glee in her mental tone as well. At least her brother was barely awake enough to worry, thank goodness for that. "I am safe before you wonder, General Hiei has agreed to allow me to have a room, however I may sleep on my ship. It is in one piece, yet the hyperdrive is damaged." She said as calmly as she could. She herself hated the fact that her ship, totally devoid of crew, was damaged at the vital point of need. "I do not know if I can get home, or to Terra. I am closer to Rivinna then to Terra, I may use the Astra Porta there to get ot Terra. If I can." It sounded as if she did not want to be on that planet.

December 7th, 2009, 05:33 PM
Hiei was begining to doze off for lack of interest in babysitting a mental conversation. He had ordered a damage assessment on Galadriels ship. He was hoping it would not take long. He noticed a mechanic heading towards him with a clip board. 'Probably the assessment' he figured taking it from the obviously nervous man. Looking it over he realized that it would take longer then he had hoped. 6 hours to fix the hyperdrive on the ship, another 2 to upgrade it so it can take the lady home. There where fractures on various parts of the hull from battle damage that would take 3 hours to get it flyable. and it was running on empty. 'Great' he thought, 'we have to get rid of a couple of zpms. Our supply runs short and Amann doesn't get those to us very often.'

He signed off on the repairs approving them to be started at once and sat back down closing his eyes.

December 8th, 2009, 01:50 PM
Amann spoke back.

"I will be sending a repair crew and an escort of ships to have you returned home. The civil war is starting to end, I have convinced many Legates and ship captains to switch their Legions and ships back to our side. The dissidents are losing support with their terrorist attacks on civilian targets designed to weaken our forces. Alesians do not fight this way."

He paced the room.

"I will see you home soon Galadriel."

Princess Awinita
December 8th, 2009, 04:39 PM
"The ship performs well under stress dear brother, but something worries me of Terra. I shall tell you more when we see each other again, watch for me, I will return soon." Galadriel said before turning the communication station off and turning to Hiei. "Amann knows I am here, he also knows of what I am capible of. But know this. If you withhold anything from me of what is going on. I will probe it from you."

December 8th, 2009, 04:59 PM
Hiei sighed slowly. He knew she could do it, break through his mind and read his life like a good novel. And with all the secrets he has had access to, it would be better if she didn't. Plus he was still tired and not in the mood of resisting a mind probe. Rolling the idea around his already strained mind he decided to tell her the truth. 'What you ask is classified above top secret. With the exception of the men at my command here, only amann and myself know of the existence of this base of operations. It is the home of the Alesian 7th Legion. A special core of fighters with only one purpose. Destroy any and all resistance to Alesian might. We specialize in the extermination of entire races that threaten our very lively hood. At this very moment I have a repair team working on your ship to fix it, but it will take time. We are refitting your hyperdrive to let you travel to and from this location to normal space. However it was badly damaged and needs some repair. Also we don't have any spares so we actually have to repair it before we can upgrade it. the total repair time until the thing is safe to leave dock is estimated at about 11 hours. Frankly I'm surprised you made it here in one piece.' He sat for a moment to let all that sink in and wait for a response.

Princess Awinita
December 8th, 2009, 07:01 PM
Galadriel merely breathed out a deep breath she did not know she was holding. "You can thank Anubis for that" she said somewhat hotly as she realized what was going on, she was stuck on a planet devoid of life, with a bunch of genoicidal maniacs. She rubbed her temples. This was too much. "You and yours are a top secret group, no stargate whatsoever, only using shipsd with a set hyperdrove to get here? Are you madmen?" She never knew of the Deaths Hand legion of troops before now, the only troops she personally commanded were the Valkryes and Battle Maidens. and those troops alone were about a thousand.

December 8th, 2009, 07:32 PM
Hiei could tell she was less then pleased. It was alot to swallow, yet she did demand it. He figured she knows this much, she might as well know the rest. 'We are not madmen. We are soldiers following the orders of a High Councilor. There is no Stargate because we are outside the gate system. We're in a place that shouldn't even exist, living off the scraps of whatever the Empire can bother to send us, and we never receive thanks for it. When s*** goes down half the time you don't even see the worst of it. the other half the time you never hear about it, because we take them out before it ever reaches your ears. While you sit all high and mighty in an Angelan class star ship we might get to head into the empire once every 200 years or so if we're lucky.' The look of anger that flashed over Galadriels eyes told him he went to far, yet he knew that it was exactly what she needed to hear.

Princess Awinita
December 9th, 2009, 06:54 PM
Galadriel shook her head at what she was hearing, this was nuts, crazy talk. "You're worse then madmen! Your sickening. Disheartening." She said to him standing up and looking directly at him with a odd icey tone to her voice. "Were we on Alesia I would let Nicoliedia have her way with you and your men with her Drow women. But I'm not on Alesia, yet you make me feel violated to even so much as be on this planet, with all the blood you have on your hands!" She looked ready to mind bend him right then and there.

December 10th, 2009, 04:11 PM
Hiei was through with this argument. Despite what he had done he knew that his core of men were necessary for the very survival of Alesia. It was because of patriots like him that Alesia even existed. He had done terrible things for his country, but they were things that needed to be done. Turning around and walking towards the door it automatically opened as he approached. Stopping in the doorway he looked back at her and said, 'Blood stained my hands may be, but it is the blood of thine enemies. A monster i may be, but it is what duty has made of me. I do the things that need to be done, the things that no one else can or will do. Send my regards to Amann when you see him tomorrow. Tell him we are on our way to Tartarus as ordered.' As he walked down the hall the door closed behind him, leaving her there alone.

Princess Awinita
December 10th, 2009, 07:11 PM
Stepping to the doorway she watched Hiei leave. 'Are you sure you are going as ordered?' She thought somewhat darkly as she seemed to flick her fingers towards Hiei's retreating back. Sending a mind spike of energy to make him black out. There was no way these men, so poorly fed from what she could see by way of food, were going anywhere near Anubis' realm. "You my good General, are too important to let go into death. I was prisoner of Anubis twice, he does not treat his prisoners kindly. When my ship is repaired you will come with me to Alesia and see to it that your men are refit and refreshed with supplies. Is that clear, I suggest you sleep on it" Was all he heard her say before darkness took him.

December 11th, 2009, 05:02 PM
2 men dragged Hiei back to his room. It was unclear why he had collapsed after speaking with Galadriel. All they where told was that the general needed rest and that he was to be taken to his room to do that until her ship is repaired.

"What's going on?" A security guard asked as he passed by

"Don't know. The Op was pushed back a day because of the repairs to the wardens ship now Hiei collapses for no apparent reason. I wouldn't be surprised if the op gets canceled." The soldier replied

"Hiei wont let that happen"

"Rumor has it the warden is taking him back to Alesia to face criminal charges."

Princess Awinita
December 11th, 2009, 07:08 PM
Galadriel said nothing yet overheard the soldiers speaking. The operation into Anubis' territory would not be greenlighted until the troops had been properly supplied for the task. Galadriel then made her way to her ship, repairs were underway, and most of the hull had a few breaches in several sections. She made her way to the bridge and connected to the NABIS network there. Finding out everything she could about her ship. Repairs were underway on the hul to patch up the hull breaches, after that was done repairs would then be underway for the engines and hyperdrive, which had been drained when attempting to jump from the battle when the ship went after Galadriel mere hours before.

December 12th, 2009, 11:02 PM
Hiei awoke in his room with a terrible headache and an urge to go Alesia. An urge that he knew was implanted and not his own, yet it was undeniable. Grabbing his wrist blasters from his armor, which looked remarkably like that of a Kull Warrior. Actually it technically was Kull warrior armor as the Kulls where designed off a set of Armor found on one of his dead troopers. Securing the blasters and his sword he stormed out of the room notably not happy. A mechanic handed him a clipboard with the progress of the repairs on Galadriels ship as well as their drop ships that where being made ready for the Tartarus mission. The report read as follows:

Galadriels ship:
Hull cracks: complete. All areas of the ship are pressurized and suitable for flight.
Hyperdrive: Repaired and upgraded. Requires IFC for upgrade and ops check.
Nav Console: Requires IFC for mods added for upgraded hyperdrive.
Nav Com: Requires IFC for mods added for upgraded hyperdrive.
Engines: repaired.
Depleted ZPM: Replaced.

Drop ships 1-50:
Insp c/w

Signature req:______________

Hiei Quickly signed off on it and told the mechanic to ground all the drop ships until he gets back. Once on the bridge of Galadriels ship Hiei asked her, ' I assume your ready to go?'

Princess Awinita
December 14th, 2009, 01:51 AM
"Just about," Galadriel replied eyeing Hiei. It was not exact but she knew for a fact he had thought over her 'suggestion' and figured it best to not argue. "My ship is almost repaired thanks to you and your men. When we arrive at Alesia, I will see to it that you are commended for your hard work in helping me get home from battle. And will also see to it that you and your men recive supplies and are refreshed before your next move, but I must warn you General, you are too valuble to let pass on. Anubis has Alesian and Acient technology at his disposal now, and he knows most of our passcodes. it will take you a lot of doing, but it may be not be an easy battle." She sighed. "You know as well as I that I do not like it here General, but you and your men need supplies and rest before you do anything more."

Apparently she was going to let the fact of him killing billionsd without her knowing, slide.... for now

-= Hiei & Galadriel to Alesia =-