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Princess Awinita
December 1st, 2009, 01:01 PM
The characters thread, this thread is used solely for the character information for the characters within Stargate/Starcraft Universes roleplaying game.

When posting your character information please use this format.

Pictures (please provide a link under heading Ver 1, Ver 2, etc)
Rank (if on a team or in a miltila)
Service Number (SN) (Use only if part of a known miltila, will be assigned randomly by the game creator)
Home Galaxy:
ATA Gene: (YES for natural, yes for therapy, NO for no gene whatsoever)
Gene ablity rating: (1-10)

Princess Awinita
December 1st, 2009, 06:56 PM
Teams & Current Characters.

CO: Jack O'Niell - Rank: Col (Currently NPC)
Teal'c (Taken)
Remaining team members open

SG-2.0 (Elite team)
Rik (Richards) - Rank: Lt Col (Taken)

CO: Noah Conner - Rank: Col (taken)
Andrea Sanchez - Rank: Captain (taken)
James Johnson - Rank: Military Scientist (taken)
Aiden Bruno - Rank: Translator/Archeologest (taken)

SG-3.0 (Elite team)
CO: Jana Foster - Rank: Lt Col (taken)
Duncan MacLeod - Rank: Medic (taken)
Methos - Rank: Translator/weapons (taken)

SGC personel
Onbase CO: Lt General Hammond & Major General Landry
All characters open

Daedalus crew & personel
CO: Col Caldwell
All characters open

CO John Sheppard - Rank Lt Col.
All characters open

CO: Jack K'nojak - Rank: Captain. (taken)
Three spots open

Atlantis Crew
CO: Dr Elizabeth Weir - Rank: Civilian Diplomatic Relations (currently NPC)
Dr Nicholas Rush - Rank: Head of Science (Taken)
All characters open

Alesians Caste Structure:
High Councillor: Amann (taken)
Council Warden: Galadriel (taken)
Pegasus Arm Commander: Taelira (taken)
Deaths Hand Commander: Hiei (taken)
DRECs: Lianazhu (taken)
Various Others

Drow caste structure:
Drow High Queen: Nickoliedia (approx age; 14,911,000)
Drow Princess: Taelira (approx age; 7,000,002)

Dok Xiao Sha (Xiao Sha); leader of China (taken)
Awinita (acting leader of Pegasus Arm fleet)

December 2nd, 2009, 08:52 PM
Name: Spartan 116 / Rik

Age: 41 (biological Age 20)

Gender: Male

Rank: Lt Colonel(Air Force), Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy(UNSC)

Service Number (SN): UNSC Serial Number 009825752, US Airforce Serial Number 00350AF225

Homeworld: Eridanus II

Home Galaxy: Eridanus System, Milky Way.

Skills: Sniper. Close Quaters Combat, Is adept at many technologies.

History: Was found on Chulak By SG1, fighting of a goa'uld assault on the planet. Before that was involved in the Battle OF Reach. a Slipspace accident created a Space/Time hole and he landed on Langara. That was 3 years previous.

All History up to that point is Classified.

ATA Gene: None.

Extra Info - MJOLNIR MkV armour (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d92/JR5600/MasterChief.jpg),
MA5-B Assault Rifle (http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t87/Emre004/MA5BICWSAssaultRifle.jpg),
SRS99B S2 AM Sniper Rifle (http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z172/HaloPlayer2007/S2_AM_Sniper_Rifle.jpg),
M7S Silenced SMG (http://i848.photobucket.com/albums/ab41/Self-Destructive-Pattern/Halo3-ODST_Silenced-SMG-02.gif),
Covenant Energy Sword (http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb136/hollistud17/Plasma.jpg),
M6C SOCOM Pistol (http://i694.photobucket.com/albums/vv309/wayne117/800px-ODSTM6C_Automag.jpg).

Princess Awinita
December 2nd, 2009, 09:48 PM
Name: Dok Xiao Sha (Xiao Sha)

Age: 22,713 years (Ascended Ancient)

Gender: Female

Rank: Leader of Qingyangh, China (and China as a whole)

Service Number (SN): None

Homeworld: Celestice

Home Galaxy: Orilla (Ori galaxy)

Skills: Healing, wolflike senses, dark matter control, Protoss technology uses, mind speak (sending)

History: Born approx one year before her twin friends Galadriel & Amann, Xiao Sha herself knew the secret of Amanns family as a young girl. For several years Xiao served as first a nurse, then a battlemedic before finally becoming a spy for the Council to help keep order within the Alesian Empire. Two years after her birth Xiao Sha was treated to gentic modification to her mind and body, her bloodline carried that of a strong guardian ranked family ancenstor and since then the first born of that bloodline were to be gentically enhanced to meet up to the first ranks in strength and overall skills. Each Generation is different, in Xiaos case, she is gentically combined with a Timberwolf from north eastern China.

At the split of the Ancients and the Alesians Amann had requested that Xiao go with the Ancients, as her own parents had gone with them as well. Only before she was to leave, She had made arrangements with Amann to share a link of either mental or database communication. Since then Xiao has been on Earth residing in China. At least she was, untuil the Stargate was uncovered by the Russians...

Ascended Energy: Xiao's energy control as a Ancient is Darkmatter. In her Ascended form her body is infused with dark purple to light pink that swirls in a mist. If uncontrolled however the darkmatter within her is unleashed and dark energy rips at everything within a seventeen kilometer radius


Gene ablity rating: 10+ (Ascended Ancient)

December 3rd, 2009, 04:26 PM
Name: Jack K'nojak
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Rank: Captain
Service Number (SN): 092DR7E440
Homeworld: Earth
Home Galaxy: Milky Way
Skills: Sniping and Mechanics. Enough knowledge of Ancient Technology to be able to tinker.

History: Grew up on Earth. Entered U.S. Airforce at age 18. Joined Stargate Command at age 22. Earned Captain-ship at age 27. Was sent to Atlantis at age 28, where he was given his own 'off-worlding' team to explore Pegasus.

Jack is a gamer, and the one thing he brought with him was his Dungeons and Dragons collection. A small stack of books, some dice, and some paper and pencils and other small necessities to play the game. Whatever books he didn't bring with him, he had loaded into his personal laptop.

ATA Gene: YES(7). He can fly a puddle jumper, but whatever you do, DON'T ask him to fly a city. :P

December 3rd, 2009, 07:06 PM
Name: Jana Foster

Age: 1530+

Gender: Female

Rank: Lt. Col.
has carried the rank of Colonel at one time, has also been a medic.

Team: SG3.0, Elite ops, only known to the pres and Gen. Hammond.

Service Number: 087TC42109

Homeworld: Earth

Home Galaxy: Milky Way

Skills: Immortal, witch, healing, orbing, visions, telepathy.

History: was found in what is now present day England in 500AD, her adoptive parents could not have children so they took her in and raised her as their own daughter. They knew she was different and accepted who she was.. by the age of 15, one came to her in a dream informing her of her destiny, and she started her training to be a witch, studying under guidance of the priests and priestess of the relgious order.

By the age of 21 she was already respected as a village healer, and was given a tattoo of a pantagram and a sword stuck through it, at the time she didn't know what it meant but, for the next nine years she traveled through the smaller villages offering her services as a healer..

When she had turned 30, the village where she had been living was attacked by raiders from the south, they had been bent on converting the villages to Christianity.. The temple was the last to be attacked, she watched as her fellow priestess fell by the blade, she had used all of her abilities as a witch to fight back, calling upon the darker magicks to repeal her enemy, as the ritual ended, she turned to face the few that still remained and she fought, using all that she had learned, but it wasn't enough, a blade had sliced the robe she was wearing, the cut was enough to draw blood as it was deep, she turned to face her attacker, but the blood loss was starting to weaken her.. Her back was turned as his blade had stuck her in the back as it pierced her heart. The injury was fatal, and died.

That was her first death.

She awake not knowing why she was alive when she was dead. Everyone she had known was dead, at the time she didn't know who or what she was. She soon learned that she was immortal, and can not die easily unless someone takes her head, her first teacher, later on became her lover, and they have been together off and on through out time, and eventually takes him on as her lover along with the man that she had been with.

Together the three of them have an unique relationship but it works, she is able to speak into their minds and from time to time they will tap into their own abilities.


Gene ablity rating: 10+ (due to witchyness and other abilities)

Color font. Teal/italic.
Duncan (her lover) indigo/italic
Methos (also her lover) sea green/italic

I will also be handling the Highlander aspect of the game, along with possibly its spin off the Raven.

December 3rd, 2009, 09:33 PM
Name: Duncan MacLeod

Age: 400+

Gender: Male

Rank: Medic
has been a medic and does have military knowledge.

Team: SG3.0, Elite ops, only known to the pres and Gen. Hammond.

Service Number: E4T6671F91

Homeworld: Earth, Scottish backround.

Home Galaxy: Milky way.

Skills: Immortal, can tap into his lover's abilities

History: Born in the scottish Highands in 1492, on the winter solstice, Dec 21. Killed in a battle with a neighboring clan in 1522. (I'm not going into 400+ years of history... only hitting his birth and his first death.

That is his first death.

HE is a warrior, wonder and lover.


Gene ablity rating: 7, (maybe stronger due to him being able to tap into Jana's abilities.)

his color font is indigo/italic

December 3rd, 2009, 10:14 PM
Name: Methos

Age: 5000+

Gender: Male

Rank: Translator/weapons
has been a doctor, strong military backround, leader, scholar ect.

Team: SG3.0, Elite ops, only known to the pres and Gen. Hammond.

Service Number: 72D48M10L2

Homeworld: Earth,

Home Galaxy: Milky way.

Skills: Immortal, warrior, can tap into Jana's abilities.


3000 BCE: the second son of three boys and two girls, in an oasis village, surrounded by the deserts of what would later be Egypt. His family made its living bartering with the traders who passed through the oasis where they lived.

2972 BCE: Methos dies in a sandstorm along with the members of his family. He is found by a Bedouin scouting party who take him in but later cast him out when they notice that he doesn't age.

That is his first death.

2400 BCE: He was about 603 years of age when he took his first head.

2400 BCE- 2100 BCE: for the next several hundred years he rides as one of the Four Horseman. after her leaves them he avoids contact with immortals for a few years.

1000BCE: Bronze age... he again rides with the four horseman of the Apocalyse, he rides as Death... on a pale horse.


As time passes he learns more about the watchers, and devotes his time to them.


There is much more to his history then what im going into... he is a considered a myth and likes to keep himself that way.

ATA Gene: Yes

Gene ablity rating: 7, (maybe stronger due to him being able to tap into Jana's abilities.)

his color font is sea green/italic.

December 3rd, 2009, 11:53 PM
pictures:http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc23/DoorQPictures/tealc.jpg ver1 while at the sgc
http://www.techagesite.com/stargate%20teal%27c.jpg ver 2 while on off world missions
Service Number: 22G4468F11
Homeworld: Chulak
Home Galaxy: Milky Way
Skills: Warrior and very loyal to his friends
History: Was found by SG-1 on the planet Chulak serving as First Prime to the system lord Apophis. Convinced by O'Neill to turn on his god he fled to earth with SG-1 after helping them escape. His long service to the Goa'uld has made him knowledgable of language, enemies, races, technology and more.
ATA Gene: No

December 5th, 2009, 04:28 PM
Name: Noah Connor
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Rank: Lt. Colonel of the US Air force
Service Number (SN) (Use only if part of a known miltila, will be assigned randomly by the game creator)
Homeworld: Earth
Home Galaxy: Milky Way
Skills: Special Airforce Controler and F-35 certified pilot (can handle F-302's). Has had experience in special ops. Strong agile for his age.
History: Born in December 5 1970, in New York City. He lost his father as a teenager, his father was a Delta force operator working in Somalia. He decided to join the army, However he ended up in the Airforce. He married at the age of 25 and has two daughters. His wife died in 2005 of cancer. He was stationed in both Afghanistan after 9/11 and then later transfered to work in Iraq. In 2008 he was recruited to join the stargate program after giving several lectures (unknowingly) to SGC trainees.

He has recently been given command of SG-3.
ATA Gene: No
Gene ablity rating: 0

will edit soon with sn

December 6th, 2009, 04:21 PM
Name: Hiei Jaganshi
Age: 22,705
Gender: Male (http://media.photobucket.com/image/hiei/HideFlygon/Anime/Hiei.png)
Rank: General
Service Number (SN) (Use only if part of a known miltila, will be assigned randomly by the game creator)
Homeworld: Alesia
Home Galaxy: Milky Way
Skills: Genocide. HALO qualified. Small fighter Pilot. Medium Fighter Pilot. Hacking. Fencing. Navigation. Marksmen. Telekinesis
History: Built a new style of medium fighter by the age of 14. This prompted his recruitment into the Ancient Military. After the Alesian/Ancient split Amann convinced him to join him and the other Alesians. After a few decisive battles it was determined that Hiei would start a new legion in the Alesian Military known as the Death's Hand. Their sole purpose is wipe out any resistance to Alesian might. With only one legion dedicated to this they often get spread thin, yet still maintain the lowest mortality rate in the Alesian military. Often coming back with no fatalities or causalities.

The 7th legion is based out of a planet located in the space between spaces and is aptly known as "the void". All training of new personnel is accomplished here. They only have drop ships assigned to them. That and their rifles.

ATA Gene: Yes
Gene ablity rating: 10+

Princess Awinita
December 6th, 2009, 05:16 PM
Name: Galadriel

Age: 22,712

Gender: Female

Rank: Alesian High Council Member and Warden

Service Number: None given

Homeworld: Celesitis

Home Galaxy: Orilla

Skills: Speaking, mental combat, calming presance, plasma weapons training.

History: Elder twin sister of Amann by five minutes, Galadriel and her brother were seperated at birth by their parents, Galadriel was given into the care of a family friend named Demos Adar. She soon became a Alesian High Council member after being the Council Warden.

Born approx five years before the Ancient/Ori split, Galadriel and her brother were the last to be born on the planet of Celestis.


Gene ablity rating: 10+ (Ascended Aleasian), Galadriel's aura is golden in appearance. Her mental powers are strong enough to withstand even Anubis' mental probing.

December 6th, 2009, 11:11 PM
Age: 22,712
Homeworld: Alesia
Rank: High Councilor of the Alesian Empire
Alignment: Good
Ascended Energy: Blue
Skills: Energy manipulation, telekinesis, telepathy, sonic bursts, and sheer power, with some healing capability. Warrior skills and leadership abilities.
ATA Gene: Yes, rating is 10+ (Alesian Ascended being)

Amann was born on the Ori Homeworld when it was a part of the Ancient Empire. He was born minutes after his twin sister Galadriel. He was born with mental and physical deficiencies. His parents decided to use an experimental and illegal genetic reconfiguration to change him at the age of 6. His sister was sent to another family and both sets of parents told the twins that they were only childs. Amann and Galadriel were the last Ancients to be born before the Ancient/Ori split 700 years later.

Amann became very strong and intelligent due to the genetic changes. His parents were killed a few years later, leaving him alone. The trauma from the genetic manipulation and losing his parents made him a withdrawn and quiet person. On the outside, he is a cold and harsh person who seems to be robotic, but on the inside is somewhat warm to the few friends he has. His moods can range from being defiant and cold to black depression.

He joined the Ancient fleet when he was 22 and became one of the best foot soldiers. He rose in rank until he got to command a ship that was being constructed in the shipyard over his homeworld. That is when the Alesians split from their Ancient brethren due to the impending conflict with the Ori. Due to his tactical experience and knowledge, Amann was selected to be the leader of the newly formed Alesian Council.

Using Amann's new command ship the Angelan and other ships, the Alesians began to conquer and settle their empire. The transformation of Alesian society made them warhardy and warrior-like. Like the Romans of old, they have a stern sense of duty and honor in battle. Currently, Amann resides between his capital city ship located on Alesia, his private home in the mountains of Alesia, or commanding the Alesian military from his flagship.

December 7th, 2009, 10:03 AM
Name: Andrea Sanchez
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Rank: Lieutenant of the US Army
Service Number (SN) (Use only if part of a known miltila, will be assigned randomly by the game creator)
Homeworld: Earth
Home Galaxy: Milky Way
Skills: Combat Medic able to treat all sorts of wounds/injuries and is only two years from a medical degree. Also an amateur botanist with considerable knowledge for an amateur on the subject. She has been training with Marines on base to further her skills in hand to hand combat.

She is cleared for Stargate operations and has received Special Ops training at the SGC.

History: Born in June 8 1985, in Washington D.C. She was born to a Mexican Father and a Salvadorian Mother. Upon graduating from High school she got a Scholarship to study botany at Penn State University, however after a year at college she found her calling in medicine and helping others. She consequently joined the Army and went into training as a combat medic with the hopes of becoming a Doctor.

During her training she was administered a Gene test by the SGC to see if she had the Ancient Gene, the results were positive. She then was, as a result, transfered to Stargate training.

ATA Gene: Yes
Gene ablity rating: 6

will edit soon with sn

December 9th, 2009, 06:16 PM
Name: Doctor Nicholas Rush
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Rank: Head Scientist on Atlantis
Service Number: 0099018D40
Homeworld: Earth
Home Galaxy: Milky Way
Skills: Very good with Alteran (Ancient) systems. Decent Jumper pilot. Good leader.
History: Nicholas Rush worked two jobs and still managed to get a scholarship to Oxford. Eventually working up to a PhD. His works attracted the attention of the IOA who recruited him to work as part of the Stargate Program. He missed out on the Atlantis Expedition the first time but as soon as communication was reestablished and the offer reopened he was among the first to sign up. He was promoted to Lead Scientist on arrival.

ATA Gene: Yes
Rating: 7 (can do a fair amount, comes naturally)

December 9th, 2009, 06:57 PM
Name: Aden Bruno
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Rank: None
Service Number: None
Homeworld: Earth
Home Galaxy: Milky Way
Skills: Doctorate in Archeology and anthropology. Speaks 10 languages plus Goa'uld, and Ancient. Is proficient in Stargate Civilian combat training thus qualified to do field work on SG teams.

History: Born in May 5 1984, Milan Italy.
He lived with his Parents, also Italian, in Italy until his 15th birthday. His parents moved to Burnsville Wisconsin. He graduated High School a year early and attended Yale University. Upon graduation he was recruited by Dr. Jackson do to his theories on a Proto-Mesoamerican civilization that might have predated the Egyptians.

He first started working in one of Dr. Jackson's teams translating artifacts brought back by SG teams. He recently has been asked to join SG-3 under Lt. Colonel Noah Connor and has accepted.

He has retained his Italian citizenship and his recruitment was done by the request of Italy's IOA representative. On Off world missions he will ware the Italian flag.

ATA Gene: No
Gene ablity rating: 0

December 10th, 2009, 12:16 AM
Name: Evan Lorne
Age: 37
pictures: http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj202/virtual-lizzie/infection/still1223420613.jpg ver 1 off world uniform and gear.
http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f342/Miss_Atlantis/bscap358.jpg ver 2 while on atlantis
Rank: Major
Service Number (SN) (Use only if part of a known miltila, will be assigned randomly by the game creator)
Homeworld: Earth
Home Galaxy: Milky Way
Skills:Excelent F-302 and puddle jumper pilot as well as proficient with the P90
History:Major in the U.S. Air Force, assigned as executive officer to Colonel Edwards at the naquadah dig site on P3X-403. Lorne was later transferred to the Atlantis expedition in the Pegasus Galaxy. He is an accomplished pilot of F-302 fighters and Puddle Jumpers. In his spare time he enjoys painting, a skill passed on to him by his art teacher mother.
ATA Gene: Yes Natural. 7

December 12th, 2009, 02:26 AM
Name: Spartan 008 / Li 008

Age: 41 (biological Age 20)

Gender: Male

Rank: Petty Officer Second Class(UNSC)

Service Number (SN): UNSC Serial Number 009125226

Homeworld: Earth, China

Home Galaxy: Milky Way.

Skills: Close Quaters Combat, Martial Artist Specialist, Excels in Extravehicular Activities.

History: During rthe Slipspace incident that trapped Rik 116 in the 21st century Li was trapped in China. and has spent the last 3 years in China trying to get to the US. as he has heard rumours of a Spartan In the USA.

All History up to that point is Classified.

ATA Gene: None.

Extra Info - MJOLNIR MkV armour,
MA5-B Assault Rifle,
SRS99B S2 AM Sniper Rifle,
Combat Knife,
Covenant Energy Sword,
M6C SOCOM Pistol.

Alteran of Atlantis
December 13th, 2009, 02:10 PM
Name: Renate L'eNae
Age: 22,900
Gender: Female
Rank: Legate of the Valkyries
Service Number:
Homeworld: Celestis
Home Galaxy: Orilla
Skills: Close combat, telekinesis, telepahy, pyrokinesis
History: Was born on Celestis about 150 years before the Ancient/Ori split. A powerful young individual, the Ori tried to recruit her to their cause several times, but she refused. She went with the Ancients when they split from the Ori, as did her parents.

Renate became a Captain in the Lantean Fleet, but despised Moros and his polotics, and was an acive supporter of Amann and his political party. She went with him when he was exiled, so is one of the original Alesians. She joined the Valkyries, an all female Legion, and eventually became Legate.

ATA Gene: Yes, natural
Gene ablity rating: 10+ (Ancient)

Princess Awinita
December 14th, 2009, 06:06 PM
Name: Lianazhu Ironfist

Age: 22,202

Gender: Female

Pictures: Ver 1 (http://yayacosplay.deviantart.com/art/The-Tea-Room-Scene-112433261), Ver 2 (http://rod-n.deviantart.com/art/red-74273544)

Rank: Drecs commandress

Service Number: YT630R44033

Homeworld: Born on Qingyangh while in flight to Earth

Home Galaxy: Void between galaxies

Skills: healing, swordmaster training, overseer

History: Born during the exudus from Orilla Galaxy on the shipyards of Qingyangh, Lianazhu was the only person born during that time. at age of one thousand she was given the choice ot ascend, which she rejected perfering instead to remain with Alesia and her (currently) only friend Xiao on earth, she maintained ties with Alesian forces for several years before taking commando f the only drecs unit at Qingyangh on earthm, training both the native women at the city and also the alesian women there. Lianazhu is the second to Xiao at Qingyangh in China.


Gene ablity rating: 9

Ascended energy control: Air. Lianazhu can use the air to fly if she wanted to, but chooses not to.

Princess Awinita
December 30th, 2009, 07:37 PM
Name: Awinita Ironheart

Age: 8.8 million years of age (Ancient/Alesia time)

Gender: Female

Pictures: (Coming soon)

Rank: Priestess/Healer

Service Number (SN): None given

Homeworld: (currently unknown)

Home Galaxy: Unknown galaxy

Skills: Healing, speaking her mind, will of thoughts, mental combat, martial combat

History: Born during the great Exdus of the Drow from their own world before the creation of Alesia. Awinita has attained the rank of High Priestess and is also currently the second to Taelira when on Alesia, and on other Drow factorworlds. She is currently based on Sateda. However Awinita is an Ancient from the Orillla galaxy. the daughter of a pair of Ori. Awinita is the aunt of Galadriel and Amann, yet Amann has never met her. her mental power is slightly stronger then that of Galadriels own. At times she had taken over another person entirely. She is also the mother of Lianazhu.


Gene ablity rating: 10+

Awinita's Ascnded energy is white/lightning

Z Dawg
January 3rd, 2010, 02:30 PM
Name: Zeratul
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Rank (if on a team or in a miltila) Patriarch of Dark Templar
Service Number (SN) (Use only if part of a known militia, will be assigned randomly by the game creator)
Homeworld: Shakuras
Home Galaxy: unkown
Skills: Stealth, assassination, psionic warrior
History: http://www.starcraft2.com/features/heroes/zeratul.xml

Linica: Primary Base
MX3-288: Resource Expansion
P4X-244: Resource Expansion