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Princess Awinita
December 1st, 2009, 11:51 AM

First off a few notes:
Character bios will be in another thread
This game is in a AU Universe between Stargate SG 1, Stargate Atlantis, and Starcraft. (there is curently no mentions of Icarus Base or Destiny ship in this game however characters from SGU are welcome on either galaxy (Atlantis or Earth))
PLEASE NOTE: This thread is not a gameplay thread, please do not post within this thread. thank you.
Please Note: Pictures of characters are only to be posted in the Character Bios thread, under no circumstances can any pictures be placed in any in game thread

1 General rules and index post
2 Character sheet post
3 Timeline
4 Alesian Timeline
5 Current Events

Game rules:

*Before You Apply*

If you are interested in joining this game, please do the following things before you apply:

Read this entire thread of Guidelines.
Read the Character Sheets thread for the sheet(s) relevant to the type of character(s) you would like to play.
At least skim over the IC game threads. Get a feel for my GMing style and the roleplaying style of the other players already in the game. While I won't require you to know all the details of the plot that occurred before your character begins play, having a general grasp of the storylines will help you decide whether you would enjoy playing here, and with this gaming group.
I am always happy to answer any questions you may have, but I do expect you to read the notice thread (this one) in its entirety, as many of the common basic questions are already answered in here.
A note: I want players who want to play here because they enjoy the game. Not because they know me (or another player) from elsewhere, or feel inclined/obligated to participated for political reasons. If you have metagame reasons for applying, please consider carefully whether you would truly enjoy being here for the game itself.
*The Main rules when playing the game*
DON'T: No godmodding, makes the game no fun when people do this.(as in: making your character better then the rest.)
DON't: (Just for the heck of it) The Asgard are not to be reffered to as Little Green Men.
DO: Game Masters words are final. (The list of Game Masters is in the Social Group for the game) If you do not agree with what a Game Master has decided, odds are I wont overrule their ruling on the matter (so listen and take heed)
DON'T: No killing others' characters, injuring OK. Killing not OK.(unless said characters are Jaffa/Wraith with no names then they're fair game.)
DO: Have Fun. This is a rule you know :)
DO: Try to post At least once a week, if unable to do so post in Leave of Absence thread so every body knows.
DO: When speaking in colored text you must use the "" marks at all times, you may use colors if you so wish to (a list of what colors to not use will shortly be posted), please see next post for more on this
DO: Please post in third person view and past tense at all times, it makes it easier when editing for a better flow for the story. you will only be told here and here alone for this rule
DO: Please respect others, thank you, you will get one warning then will be removed if you ignore the warning.
NOTICE: this game is classed as Mature, meaning that there will be scenes of battle and bloodshed, please note that this does not mean characters and players can swear every few words or so.
Take Note: There is a INJURED list of those that are currently Injured in Action(IIA) and/or Killed in Action(KIA), please note those that are injured, those playing Medical doctors for each side will know what team members to tend to, (please ask me for list)
Take Note: Within this game flows like a story for each mission, each character is played by the player in question, note that even though each player can't be here all the time, if you have permission to post the character in question by the player, you may do so, unless told otherwise, please focus on your own character(s)
DON'T: Delete in game posts, it screws up the story flow.
DON'T: post a OOC line in a IC post, this is to be only in the OOC thread, UNLESS there is IC action being responded to along with a line of OOC asking for info of what is happening, Please do not just post a OOC post in in Game threads
GENERAL NOTE: Read ALL threads in this game to keep up to date with what is happening at all times.
There are three types of threads in this game, Planet based, mission, and ships. These threads are noted as follows. "Planet name; area of in game events" "Mission to (planet name); area of in game events" "Ship name; area of in game events" To move from thread to thread, please use "--> planet/ship/mission to" To tell which thread you are moving to, when co0ming from another thread please use "<-- from planet/ship/mission to"

Character submission

Send me (Princess Awinita), 343 Guilty Spark, or AtlantisRules!!! a short Visitor Message detailing as simply as possible that you would like to play in this game, this is currently restricted to cannon characters from SGA & SG1 for both teams and crews as of season three of Atlantis and season 7 of SG1, and also for the characters before going to Icarus Base in SGU (note rule about no mentioning of anything currently happening in SGU as this is an AU game). the VM should be around 50 or so words in length.

NOTICE: Before posting within this game you must first be part of the social group for the game located in the Social Groups (http://forum.gateworld.net/group.php?groupid=291) area of gateworld
NOTICE: We welcome everyone to join our game and wish to extend that many characters are currently being played by everyone known as a Nonplayer Caharacter (NPC), cuyrrently this is everyone not marked in Blue, we would like for all characters to be taken, and also welcome everyone new to the game and to the idea of roleplaying, we can teach.

Writing format guidelines
Please take note of these part of the post for it contains important information.

You may use colors for speaking in posts, please use quotations marks (") around all text AT ALL TIMES
Do not use the quote feature, if you are to quote another post, please use smallest text possible and keep it short and simple
Fonts are allowed but please do not go fruitbat on them. basic font for the game is Verdana & Curier New
Thoughts and memories are to be in itilacs and single quote marks (')
OOC comments are to be in the OOC thread ONLY
(If playing a System Lord (SL)) bold text regardless of speaking color is to be used at all times only for speaking in dialogue
Do not use astertisks (*) to emote actions or anything in ingame posts
Do not post smilies of any kind in an in game post
Inactivty and leaving the game

*Inactivity and Leaving the Game*
A player that does not post for a week (7 x 24 hours from last in game post), who has not given notice in the Leave of Absence thread or otherwise notified me of out-of-game difficulties, and who is in an IC thread with other PCs that are waiting for their post, will be assumed to do nothing during that time and I will continue things accordingly.In general, I will not allow any character to hold up a thread for longer than a week.(7 x 24 hours from last in game post *to the MINUTE*)

Players that have left the game due to Real Life reasons, or who do not sign into the game for 30+ days, will have their character(s) recategorized under NPC status. I will also begin writing you out of the game. I have no interest in chasing after errant players. I do not ask more than once for people's whereabouts; if you truly want to play here you will do so all by yourself, without constant reminders.

Players under NPC status may return to the game later if they so choose. If I liked you enough to allow you into the game the first time, and you haven't done anything to severely annoy me since then, you are welcome to return. You might not be able to play your original characters by that point, in which case you will have to undergo the Chargen Gauntlet again.
Sometimes things don't work out, and you want/need to leave the game as a direct result of something you dislike about the game. Please tell me why you did not enjoy the game, and/or what went wrong (tactfully, if possible). I would prefer to work out any problems before things reach a point of no return but I understand and respect your wishes if you don't wish to continue (so long as you tell me so, and don't just wander off never to be seen again, leaving everyone else hanging).

And lastle a small note I would like to share.....

In a few games that I have been in, and looked at whilest overseeing new players for this game I have noticed this and have given it much thought
that, to make this game more story, or book worthy, I think if we can at least manage half of the following for a good post, we should be OK.

A good post should contain

This was given to me in a old game (now long gone from ther world save for this piece here, which is quoted....)

a good post should contain at least the following to make it storyworthy within this game.

200 words of description (location description, thought description and scenario description).
200 words of action (what your characters do, how they go about doing it, why they do it).
100 word of dialogue (what your characters say, how they say it, why they say it).

A perfect blue print for a nicely sized well described post. Any posts over 600 words are considered to lengthy and posting time can be cut short because of extra time needed to read posts. Remember it is better to post several times with posts of this kind, waiting for at least one other character to respond, than to post one very large post without letting other characters intervene. If you play multiple characters it is better to post separately as each character. This allows for even more description to be added whichout hindering the flow of the adventure or the time needed to read posts.

So, that said, if we cut this in half, we get the following.

100 words of scenario description (location, thought, and scenery)
100 words of action (movement, attacks, why and reasons for them.)
50 words of speaking (what they say, why they say it, and how they say it)

If we can manage at least this for each post, we should have us a good bookworthy game.

Please note that you need not go by this setup for posting at all times, if you can only manage a simple five line paragraph that will be fine.

Please also note that these rules will and can be edited as time allows or if need arises.

Princess Awinita
December 1st, 2009, 11:58 AM
The Current Characters

A few notes; characters taken are in BLUE, characters in BOLD are co GM characters, colorless characters are ready for the taking, character in itialics are game moderator character. Characters will be listed also with full information in the Character Bios thread. Character sheet located in Character bios thread

NOTICE: We are not taking on new characters at this time until a set number of characters on this current list here are taken. I have found myself posting as several of these characters and would liek to for others to take one or two of them on.

Col Jack O'Niell (currently NPC)
General George Hammond
Dr Daniel Jackson
Maj Sam Carter
Jonas Quinn

Rebel Jaffa
The Hak'tyl Jaffa
Ish'ta; Hak'tyl Leadress


AutumnStarr (Currently not in play at this time)
Various others

Anubis (currently NPC)

Ayen (Del'ec, husband of Ish'ta)
Alyen (younger sister of Ayen)



Lt. Col. John Shepperd
Dr. Wier (Currently NPC)
Dr. Rodney Mackay
Teyla Emmagan
Ronon Dex
Lt. Adien Ford
Radek Zelenka
Carson Beckett
Dr Rush

Stevie Wonder
Ben & Jerry
Wraith Hive Queen (Mina)

Enemies, other:::
Chancellor of the Hoffans


Created Characters:
Teyilia (sister of Teyla; to make her reappearance at a later date)
Rik (Richards)
Dok Xiao Sha
Jana Foster
Duncan MacLoed


Please note; This is as of season seven/first part of season eight of SG-1, and up to Season Three of Atlantis, Information of the Alesians and thier way of life and sduch is to be forwared to Amann via Visitor Message. Please also note that pictures of characters are to be posted only in their bio in the bios thread. Character limit per player is a maximum of five characters. (this does not include NPCs)

Princess Awinita
December 1st, 2009, 12:41 PM
The Timeline

NOTE: New timeline updates are in blue and italics like this, /New Update///

*The Stargate Timeline*

800 million BC, Furlings arrive in the Milky Way, several planets are then taken by them to live on, they have what is alled a Life Bridge between each world that teleports everything to the next world on the "Bridge" They then meet the Ancients who give them a single Stargate around 600 million years ago
six million years ago BC Stargates created by the Acients, Atlantis and many other cityships built.
20,704 BC Amann and his sister, Galadriel born on an Ancient planet shortly before the Ancient & Ori split, they are the last to be born before the spilt takes place. mere seconds after their births they are put into two different familys and are told they were an only child by their parents.
20,000 BC Alesians, a offshoot of the Ancients take a planet on the edge of the Milky Way. Around the time of the Ori/Ancient split.
19,000 BC Ark created against the Ori within the Ori Home Galaxy, however the Ark was never allowed to be used, and was hidden within a long hidden city on a planet in the Ori Home Galaxy.
11,000 BC Atlantis is sunk beneath the sea of Pegasus.
10,500 BC Planet Cas'lac overrun by Goa'uld forces, Furlings become the first Goa'uld host for the next thousand years.
10,480 BC The Protoss arrive in the Milky Way and help the Ancients be rid of the Ori by use of Ascension, However they are unable to banish the Ori from the Ascended plane.
10,477 BC The Jass'ka a dragon like race first appear on M3R-428 *
10,470 BC Bastet a Furling born of unknown parents, she is thought of as a disgrace for three years.
10,450 BC Bastet chosen on Cas'lac to be a Goa'uld host at age 20.
10,400 BC the war of the Home Planet of the Furlings, Cas'lac, begins, ends one year later with the death of 1.2 million Furlings. next eight planets are destroyed over the next nine years by Janus.
10,300 BC Bastet transports her children to M3R-428 with the help of the Acients and the Asgard Thor.
10,000 BC Goa'uld overtake the inner systems and begin the Jaffa. Fall of the Furlings rise to power through the System Lords. They are no longer hosts to the System Lords by this time.

10,000 BC-9,900 BC the one hundred year War between the Wraith and the Ancients. Bastet arrives in Pegasus.
late 9,900 BC the Furlings living under Bastet begin the first of three stages of living on M3R-428

9,500 BC The Alliance of the Four Races meet for the first time.
9,210 BC Ra rises to power amongst the Goa'uld, followed be Apophis and Hathor. The first System Lords
8,922 BC The Alliance falls. The Nox and the Furlings leave when the Acients die out.
8,000 BC time of the Great war between the System Lords over Abydos. Ra takes it as his own after ten years of fighting. Anubis banished from the System Lords and disappears from all sight and sound later the same year the Kinstrife of the Ma'kari begins
8,650 BC Furlings begin the second stage of living on M3R-428 and begin building their first and only city.
8.625 BC Anubis Ascends to join the Ancients, he is later part way returned ten years later. He goes into hiding and is presumed dead
8,500-5,000 BC System Lords sleep during this time,(No war.)
5,210 BC Apophis takes Chulac as his Empire after one year
5,000 BC Goa'uld System Lords find a group planets and lay siege to one of them, they find that it is a new race of peoples, after three years of battle the Goa'uld flee seven planets are then taken by the Alesians
4,000 -3,400 BC ChiYou banished, Lord Yu is driven off by HawangDi
3,400-3,300 Kinstrife reaches penicle and the Wraith/Furling bloodline begins.
3,000 BC birth of Methos in what becomes present day Tau Basta
2,995 BC Uprising on Earth, Ra flees Earth and the Stargate is buried
1,390 BC The first Summit, Janus beheaded by Ra, who later burns the head.
1,200-1,995 BC Last of the Acients die on Earth.
900 BC, Egyptian Forces begin fighting the Romans, only to lose, capitol of Egypt moved to Cairo from Tau'Basta Rumors of Janus being still alive around this time, they are later proved untrue by the System Lord Hathor. Bastet's only child Fianna born in late June by the Egyptian Calandar.
900 BC-1,920 AD, Ra leaves Earth for Abydos and stays in orbit around Abydos for three years then goes to try to find the base of operations of the Four Races. After failing in not finding it he is later punished by his wife Hathor.
1,700 AD Fianna, the only child of Bastet dies at the hands of the Ma'kari, her body is thought of as a relic. Every Huntress is trained to search for her body and bring it home to the City to be buried.
1,470 AD Jana Foster born in northern England
1,867 AD Master Bra'tac born on Chulac
1,888 AD the false System Lord Bastet banished for 120 years, she returns in time for the Summit to return Anubis to full power. Teal'c born on Chulac during this time
1,928 AD, Stargate uncovered and is taken to a secret US Army base for three years, Army then stops all research on the Stargate because of Great Depression.
1,945 AD E. Littlefield goes through the Stargate for the first time and is lost for the next fifty years as he has gone to the place wherein the Four Races would meet.
1,955 AD Jack O'Neill born on Earth.
1,968 AD Major Carter born on Earth, John sheppard born in March of 1970.
1,978 AD Teyilia Emmagan born on Athos in the Pegasus Galaxy, she is then hidden away on Earth by the Ancients one year later, until late 2006 and is revealed to the SGC that she knows of the Stargate program, Teyilia is Teyla's only living family member of the same bloodline.
1,980 AD AutumnStarr daughter of an unknown pair of Furlings born on M3R-428, she becomes a Huntress at age 17.
1,981 AD Teyla Emmagan daughter of Tagan, born on Athos in the Pegasus Galaxy, she is three years younger then Teyilia. o 1980 AD Johnathan Archer born on Earth.
1,991 AD, First Stargate mission to Abydos with Col. O'Neill, Sargent Kawaslsky, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Major Freitti. Death of RA. three team members return Daniel remains on Abydos for a year and a half.
1992 AutumnStarr given rank of Huntress, she then takes on Raelyn as her learner, their first mission is to locate the body of Fianna the only child of Bast. Tagan Emmagan, father of Teyla & Teyilia, dies at the hands of the Wraith while trying to protect Teyla, she then forever marks the Wraith as her most hated enemy since the event*
1,992 AD Furlings begin fighting another race(the Ma'kari) for control of M3R-428. late the same year Teyla's mother killed in a Hunting accident, Teyla however was not on the hunt. Teyilia has yet to learn of her family's death*
1,990 AD-present Atlantis base up and running in 2,000 Apophis killed in late 1,997 Teal'c joins SG-1 to overthrow Apophis in 1,996. E. Littlefield found on what is later dubbed, "Earnst's planet" in late 1995*
2000 AD Anubis shows himself for his long time of being gone from the Milky Way Galaxy, it turns out he had found out how to Ascend, he is now half way between fully Ascended and the mortal plane.
1^st December 2,004 First mission to Athos from Atlantis within minutes of arriving on Atlantis from Earth, this also marks the first run in with the Wraith. At the same time the Team meets Teyla on the planet Athos. Teyla falls for John who later falls for Teyla (Hot Zone)
2^nd June 2,004 Teylas well hidden secret of her link to the Wraith is found by Dr. Beckett on Atlantis, Teyla then invades the mind of "Bob" just mere hours before the attack begins.(Siege II & III)
3^rd -15^th June 2004 first and final mega battle to save Earth and Atlantis from the Wraith("The Siege 1, 2 & 3")
23^rd August 2,004 the Atlantis Expidition meets Ronon Dex. Ford was at first thought as crazy from the Wraith enzyme, he overcomes it after his fight with Ronon and returns to Atlantis a week later
2,004, Episode "Coup D'Etat" takes place, John and Teyla get engaged
10^th September 2,004 All contact is lost between the Asgard and Earth, it continues for one year.
3^rd November 2,004 Odyssey makes first voyage to the Pegasus Galaxy* GAME TAKES PLACE HERE
Next post contains Alesian Timeline of events

Princess Awinita
December 1st, 2009, 12:47 PM
Please note, this timeline is for the Alseians, how they keep track of time and years are differnet then on Earth, for easy reading please use the following notation; BS = Before Split, AS = After Split

* Six million years ago, Stargates created by the Ancients.
712 BS, Taelira daughter of Nikoliedia born on a Cityship (a small moon) to House Mazzaron
705 BS, Dok Xiao Sha, daughter of Radamon Dok, born on Celestices.
704 BS, Galadriel Din and her brother born on Celestices, the last children to be born on the Ori homeworld. The pair are then spilt apart, Galadriel was given as a new born to Demos Adar. Amann was to remain with his parents.
702 BS to 690 BS, Dok Xiao Sha undergoes Genetic Modification through that of the Protoss, the Ori, and the Ancients, After tweleve years she is allowed to Ascend and do as she wishes with no hinderance from The Others of the Ancients
700 BS, Alesia created by the tweleve year old Drow Princess Taelira of House Mazzaron
694 BS In an effort to make thier son one like the rest of thier kind Amann's mother and father do genetic modifaction to him at sixyears of age. His parents die two years later.
692 BS, Amann and Galadriels parents die while on a ship in space. The explosion that claimed their lives had been setup before hand by Janus and the Ori.
678 BS, Hramroth has a son, the uncle of Galadriel and Amann, his name is Dramroth, known to those of Earth as Tolkien.
4 BS, Galadriel becomes known as the Golden One by both the Ancients and the Alesians.
0 AS, Ancients and the Ori split ways, the Ancients then flee the Old Galaxy where the Ori have taken hold of everything, taking with them everyone that wanted freedom. After several month of arguing, the Alesians take a planet, Alesia, as their own and begin their own empire
7 AS, Susie Adar, daughter of Demos Adar, born on Alesia.
9 AS, Earth is found by the Ancients, the last communication between Amann and Xiao Sha is finished and the two part ways, the former leading Alesia, the latter going with her family to Earth, The Ancients then go to Earth in a single Cityship (Atlantis) Xiao Sha goes with them and takes her iown city ship of Qingyangh to eastern China. (Present city of Qingyang, China).
Alesia signs a treaty of peace & weapons trade with America of Earth, Xiao places China as part of Alesian/Ancient territory under her command
To Be added

Princess Awinita
December 1st, 2009, 06:19 PM
The current game events............

Earth; Milky Way Galaxy
The SGC has encounted three power groups, one of whom already on Earth. After joinning in Allaince with Aleisa to rid the galaxy of the Gou'ald and then take on the Ori, Earth shortly found that she had a power group which formerly had ties with the leadership caste of Alseia. The powergroup in this case is China. Its leader is named Dok Xiao Sha, a woman of ill repute among the Ancients for her gentic modifications to her mind and body. Currently she is working with ChiYou to help set his mind to rights within the dreamscape.

Meanwhile SG-1, in addition to SG-2 and 11, have taken time off and have been looking into the facts of the new arrivals words and leadership. Xiao Sha rules China from a city called Qingyangh. a Vagerance Class city ship. (larger then Atlantis by one third), Xiao has her own agenda, but what it is at this point is unknown.

Meanwhile on Aleisa the Civil war between the rebellion and the faction that trusts its leader Amann is going full force, Galadriel has been lost a second time to the space between spaces. The civil war must end and rightful leadership made placed soldily. The Drow and the Alesians together surviving against the odds. The Drow High Queen Nickoliedia, ruling under the surface of Alesia, commands the ground forces of the army in Amanns name. But the ships and their crews, are unknown make.

On earth several other problems have recently arisen, in the terms of possible other Ancients on Earth. Currently known as Whitelighters, or the like. as termed by Dr Jackson.

Lantia; Pegasus Galaxy.....
The Atlantis crew have found a new power group in Pegasus, taking firm hold on Sateda and Belkan. These groups, though small are powerful, yet there is one on Sateda fighting to regain her lost life. Atlantis itself knows information regarding the unknown woman from the past now living on Sateda thanks to information provided by a tinker of sorts named Tyrion. The womans name, Ui Zuien.

SGA 1 & 5, led by Lt Col Sheppard and Capt, Jack Kno'jak, have gone to Sateda in an effort to find out who the woman is. and what this new power group is. Meanwhile on Belkan, a new race, one of the Four Great Races, the Furlings, are working to reclaim the planet for themselves with their ship, recently powered. this new race on Belkan, and on Sateda. along with the mystry woman. must be found out.

As all this happens, another man, one of the oldest Ori, watches. . . . and plans. . . . and waits. . . . . .


On Alesia;the civil war nears its end, on Asteda a space battle has occured between the Wraith and the Alesians of the Pegasus Arm under command of Awinita, the aunt of Galadriel and Amann. A mission to Tartarus has also begun with Awinita and General Hiei leading a ghroup of troops into Anubis heart of control. On earth Xiao has taken Jana to her homeland as a guest and replaced a depleted ZedPM with a fresh one and are now awaiting arrival of Jana's teammates. Russia also masses for war to retake their missing Stargate

Princess Awinita
January 11th, 2010, 09:20 PM
Update: information regarding system/planet locations!

As translated by Dr Rush & Major Caarter with input from Dr McKay and Dr Zalenka.

We currently do not have a actual pair of maps of the galaxy readliy avalaible at this time, so we are going to play it by ear.... ~ Dr Rush

All planets in both galaxies are marked what galaxy they are in (Milky Way, Pegasus) and give a location grid of a scale of 1,000 tall by 1,000 wide in terms of parsecs, (1.62 lightyears in length) in this case all planets will be listed as relative to Earth (Milky Way) and Lantia/Atlantis (Pegasus) as follows

Earth: 0.0.0 (Triple Zero; Milky Way)
Atlantis: 0.0.0 (Triple Zero; Pegasus)

This runs as follows to make it more simpler. To understand the location on the maps provided by the Ancient Databases we have found thus far. We have found that both Earth and Lantia are not exactly the galaxy centers, they are, however, near to them. We have translated that the planets are listed with three digits showing their location on the maps in a north-south/east-west grid like a longlitude and laditude on a planet. in this case the first set of digits are longlitude, (north-south), the second set is laditude (east-west) the third set marks their differance in elevation of the galaxys center plane as a straight level line. This is also known as the XYZ grid system

In this way we have concluded that Earth as the centerpoint of the Milky Way is actually seven parsecs above the galaxy plane, thus marking it as 0.0.7 however it is easier for us to know it as triple zero. any planets in trealtion to earth are marked by the grid. with earth as central planet of the milky way maps.

Addendum by Dr McKay: Apparently the Ancients have general use of basic numbers however a planet marked as 10.10.10 is considered deep core and barren as we have yet to explore those planets near the galactic center.

Addenum by Dr Zalenka: The Ancients hyperspace routes through both galaxies are currently inconclusive at this time. We are still translating the maps and grids we have found so far.

We have managed to find and translate a short list of planets, listed below.

Abydos (Visted for first mission through the stargate)
M4X-299 (Location of first Ancient respostory)
P3E-404 (Ori Supergate location, currently a secret to everyone, no stargate at the planet)
Furling Outpost (currently under command of Bastet)
Former Furling Planet, (Currently outpost commanded by Ba'al)
Puzzle door planet Formerly a Furling eworld, identifed by Dr Jackson
Alesia (apparently a planet formerly out of the stargate map network from Abydos)