View Full Version : Article: A TRIBUTE TO JANET FRAISER

December 23rd, 2004, 04:09 PM
I liked the article by David Read (here) (http://www.gateworld.net/articles/columns/chevronnine/fraiser.shtml)

Just have some points:

Speculation: It is presumed Fraiser carries the rank of major, but no evidence has been shown to present this as fact.

Yet in that very article you can CLEARLY see Captain bars on Janet. and she still has them in Forever in a Day for the funeral. She doesn't make Major until sometime before Crystal Skull (Where she is seen with the gold oak leaves). She also wears Major rank in publicity photos.

Fraiser Facts: She has had some training with a sidearm but has not touched one in years. She was once married.

This should read she hasn't touch a rifle in years NOT sidearm: She would have had to weapons qualify every year to stay in uniform, just not with a rifle. Officers offical weapon is a pistol/handgun.

Other than those two things the article was well written and easy to read. even for a non scifi fan like my sister. (Which is saying A LOT)