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Robert Thomson
October 15th, 2009, 05:19 AM
Stargate: The Next Generation is a forum-based Stargate role-playing simulation group set ten years in the future of the Stargate franchise, where the Stargate Program has been made public and significant strides have been made on Earth. Originally just consisting of a single playable simm, SG:TNG has evolved into one of the fastest growing Stargate simms on the internet, boasting a variety of individual simms ranging from the city of Atlantis to starships in distant galaxies. SG:TNG offers many unique opportunities for its members, and there are many opportunities for advancement!

We are divided into two divisions on two separate forums, the HQ Division and Starfleet Division.
HQ: http://sgtng.ipbfree.com
Starfleet: http://starfleetdivision.ipbfree.com
These two divisions consist of these role-plays and more:

Stargate Command
Become a member of the new Stargate Command. Explore the vast network of planets in our galaxy, as well as go to alternate realities. This flagship simm is the most active of all the simms, and is unique from the traditional RP version of Stargate Command.
Forum: http://hq.sgtng.shori.us/index.php?c=3
Website: http://sgtng.shori.us/sgc/

The Aureus-Celestis Expedition is an expedition to the lost city of the Ori, Aureus, in the Celestis (Origin) galaxy. Following the long success of the Atlantis Expedition and new intelligence gathered by Doctor Daniel Jackson from the Celestis galaxy, an expedition is sent out to find and inhabit the lost city of Aureus.
Finding the city proves to be just the easy part of the expedition, for once there, new enemies and adventures await.
Forum: http://hq.sgtng.shori.us/index.php?c=5
Website: http://sgtng.shori.us/celestis/

Ten year in the future, the city of Atlantis is a different place. The Wraith have become strong once again, and the city is now commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jon Tenjin. The Atlantis team must now embark on new adventures and explore the vastness that is still unknown in the Pegasus Galaxy.
Forum: http://hq.sgtng.shori.us/index.php?c=7
Website: http://sgtng.shori.us/atlantis/

The USS Tria
The USS Tria is an Ancient Aurora Class battleship, salvaged from the Pegasus Galaxy. She patrols the galaxy, finding and discovering... Under the new command of Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Lennox. He and his new crew must embark on a adventure that will take them to the far reaches of the Pegasus Galaxy.
Forum: http://starfleetdivision.ipbfree.com/index.php?c=23
Website: http://sgtng.shori.us/usstria/

The USS Pillar of Dawn
The USS Pillar of Dawn is a BC-307 "Excalibur" Class ship, exploring the Milky Way Galaxy. Explore the planets of our galaxy and be a part of a good old US ship. Under the command of General Karl Tenjin and Lieutenant Colonel John Carter, they will head out to meet new cultures and make new scientific descoveries. Will you join them and explore the galaxy?
Forum: http://starfleet.sgtng.shori.us/index.php?c=19
Website: http://sgtng.shori.us/pillar/

The UNV Nexura
The UNV Nexura is a BC-307 "Excalibur" Class ship, exploring the Milky Way with a multinational crew. Under the command of USAF Colonel Jennifer Etearna, and British SAS Major Jason Dracar, who knows what troubles await them?

Forum: http://starfleetdivision.ipbfree.com/index.php?c=21
Website: http://sgtng.shori.us/nexura/ (sgtng.shori.us/nexura/)

Many opportunities and positions await you on on SG:TNG, and we hope to see you on the other side of the event horizon!