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Logan O'hearn
October 14th, 2009, 08:39 PM

Stargate Oblivion is a Stargate SG-1 and SGA RPG board. It has been operating for a few years now and over the years more and more members have began to join the board and become part of the friendly community. It's your fate in your hands, will you help tip the balance of power within the galaxy or will you keep the balance and the flow? The choice is yours.


[MW]- Milky Way Galaxy Faction
[P]- Pegasus Galaxy Faction

[MW][P] Tau'ri- Their star shimmers within the ever growing darkness within the Milky Way Galaxy. They have reformed under new leadership and continue their exploration off the galaxy. They have met many enemies along their path and seek to keep the balance within the galaxy and ensure that no one specific faction attempts to overpower the others. They defend the weak within the galaxy, the ones that are unable to defend themselves against the endless destruction and chaos that the Goa'uld reign down upon them when they attack the helpless. The tau'ri have been fighting against the Goa'uld for some time now and help those in need of assistance against them and attempt to show others that the Goa'uld are not the Gods they claim themselves to be. The Tau'ri are within a galaxy that's future is undetermined and unseen by all. Will they succeed against the darkness that threatens to consume them or will they vanquish the Goa'uld from the galaxy once and for all. With your help, perhaps this can be accomplished in time and with effort.

[MW] Goa'uld- The Goa'uld are more power hungry than ever, they seek to conquer the galaxy and rid themselves of the constant enemies which get within their way of their plans. With most of the Minor Goa'uld allying themselves with the System Lords. This can not mean anything good for their enemies and their hopes for ridding the galaxy off the Goa'uld once and for all. They pray on the weak and destroy all those that oppose them. They have on numerous occasions attempted to conquer Earth to finally crush the Tau'ri. However most of their attempts have failed and have ended with them being severely weakened. However time has now passed and they remain silent in the darkness plotting for their next attack. The only question is, who will it be and what side will you take in the battles and difficulties to come. Will you join the Goa'uld and aid the System Lords or will you roam the galaxy with your own needs in heart?

[MW] The Syndicate- Still to this day the Syndicate attempt to gain themselves a place of power within the galaxy and in the process are attempting to dodge any battles until they are completely prepared for such times. Already their numbers are rising and already their fleets are extending. They are a pirate and mercenary faction. They work and help when there's a profit involved for themselves. They have no alliances as they change sides quicker than most would expect. They are highly unpredictable and work with money. If the price is right, they will aid in any way possible. After recently introducing themselves into the galaxy they have already crossed paths with the Goa'uld. For the time being they are keeping their distances from each other, but how long will it be until they too also become on the Goa'uld's enemies list. Do you have enjoy power and wealth. Perhaps then this is the faction for you. They go wherever the profit is and no matter what the cost, they will see they get their victory.

[P] Wraith- The Wraith have been doing what most would expect Wraith to do and this would be culling land they have under their control and feeding upon the humans that inhabit the planets they control. Of course they are beginning to receive more and more resistance from enemies, its becoming harder and harder for them to find humans they can easily take and feed upon. With their food levels running low they quickly take into action against their enemies to try and take over land which is not their own but instead is the enemies. They lurk in the shadows with dark intentions against Atlantis, they have tried and failed in the past to conquer the city, but they are adamant about taking control off the city which will then grant them access to Earth which is a rich feeding ground for their race. With this knowledge they quickly attack any that stand in their way for complete galaxy control. The only question is, will you aid them as they cull villages and slay their enemies and help them on their way to victory?

[MW][P] Independent- Do you believe yourself to be above the other factions? Do you refer yourself to be a lonely wolf who can only walk on one path and that one path is to be walked alone. Do you want the wealth and the rewards for yourself to keep. Are you the type which doesn't take kindly to orders or set assignments, then this is the faction for you. Your at your own freedom, to do as you please. You have no faction leader for who's words you need to follow. The galaxy is your playground, so what are you waiting for?

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