View Full Version : From Fear to Eternity (308)

September 4th, 2009, 10:17 AM
A doomsday weapon built in the abandoned military complex is discovered, as is the secret Thorne wants to stay hidden - she's 107 years old, real name Mary Perkins, and was involved in a pre-Eureka research project that developed the first atomic bombs (using radioactive material from meteorites). Meanwhile, Jo and Zane get stuck together, literally, and Zoe's life is imperiled by the aging syndrome that killed Mary's colleagues. Allison is found to be pregnant with Nathan's child. After Jack lets Thorne go, General Mansfield tells Carter that his services are no longer needed by the town of Eureka.

Seaboe Muffinchucker
March 14th, 2013, 08:02 AM
I find it irritating that they use General Mansfield to play the villain, without ever giving him any character development. I think he could be a really interesting character.