View Full Version : SGA S5 Region 4(and possibly other regions)

August 4th, 2009, 03:57 AM
Ok, earlier today I bought the SGA S5 Fatpack DVD set from JB HI-FI, after only finding it after asking the counter.
Onto what i'm meant to be asking:
On all the previous past 4 Season Fatpacks (the inch-thick case) they had a cardboard slipcover (ironic as some of the covers didn't actually let the case slip out), however on the Season 5 DVD I bought today, it was lacking the cardboard cover.

Under their refund policy:

If you are able to provide a receipt or other satisfactory proof of purchase, JB Hi-Fi may offer you a repair, exchange or refund if:

· Goods are damaged or faulty through no fault of your own

· Goods are supplied incorrectly

· Goods vary from their description on the website (or any sample provided).

The third one is one I may go under, as their product page is: http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/dvd/dvd-genres/tv/stargate-atlantis-season-5-5-dvd-fatpack-set/429237, which shows a sharp-edged box and not the plain plastic case.

Of course, since the store is fairly accessible to my university, I may go tomorrow and ask if they had the cardboard covers, since it just isn't the same if I don't have it (similar to someone collecting all 10 5-amaray case boxsets for SG-1, i'm just lacking Season 1)

But before I do any of this, I ask this question: If you bought the fatpack, did it come with the cardboard Slipcover like the previous seasons, or was it lacking it? It would also be nice to mention what region you bought it from. Thanks.