View Full Version : Original Unaired Pilot (Spoilers)

July 21st, 2009, 11:36 PM
Figured this deserved a thread of its own and yes, since it is an ep discussion thread THERE WILL BE UNHIDDEN SPOILERS so consider yourselves warned.

Caught the original pilot and... maybe it's just having the full season behind me now, but I thought this was a pretty good introduction to the series, maybe even better than the actual pilot we got. It lays it all right out there but builds a good story around it AND shows that Actives aren't JUST about sex, which is kinda nice given how heavily the hooker aspect is played up in "Ghost" and most of the rest of the season. :rolleyes:

The only let-down, if you could even call it that, was the reveal on Victor being a doll. I kinda liked the rising up from the chair and the "Did I fall asleep?" thing better than just showing him at the table, although I suppose it works just as well.

The twist with Echo being the one to shoot Ballard was... very WOW. Makes me wonder how THAT would have played out over the season as it obviously puts a MUCH different spin on his pursuit of Caroline. Or would he have an amnesia thing and simply not remember any of it? Bah. Hope not.