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July 13th, 2009, 06:28 AM
Hi Folks :)
As you know we are asking that the RPG folks register or *log* their separate RPG identities.
As well as any and all who utilize *Sock Puppets*
UnMask the Puppets (http://forum.gateworld.net/announcement.php?f=49)

So if you have a separate account here on GateWorld that you use for the Role Playing Games please use this thread to post who you "Star as" and your normal (registration/general use) GateWorld Account name.

An example would look like this:

TameFarrar........stars as..........Goddess of the Hug in GateWorld RPG

main: TameFarrar
RPG names:
Goddess of the Hug
Zen Keeper
Hug Bearer
non-wearer of Pants

you will not be penalized for not registering and you can ask us to keep it private by sending Skydiver or myself a PM. However, we do think that it will foster a greater feeling of Community in GW and in the RPG section if folks know who you are in the *Outside* Forum :) Also you will run the risk of having to PM us at some point if we block your *Sock* account and we have no notice of it.

GateWorld Moderator