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May 27th, 2009, 01:48 AM
Region 2 Season 1 DVD Information

Dollhouse - Season 1 is currently available to preorder at amazon.co.uk for the price of £17.98. The boxset is due to be released on September 14, 2009


Also listed on play.com for the same date.


EDIT:- the price of the set has decreased to £14.99

May 27th, 2009, 01:55 AM
Season 1 Special Features:

Audio Commentary with the Cast and Crew
Deleted Scenes,
Making Dollhouse
Coming Back Home
Finding Echo
Designing the Perfect Dollhouse
Mind Games
An Urban Myth?
A Private Engagement


May 27th, 2009, 01:57 AM
Region 1 Season 1 DVD Information

Dollhouse - Season 1 is currently available to preorder at amazon.com for the price of $31.99. The boxset is due to be released on July 28, 2009.


August 11th, 2009, 05:40 AM
Dollhouse - Poor DVD Sales

Perceptions sometimes get clouded by various rooting interests, and I saw a lot of “Dollhouse Season One is on top of Amazon pre-order list!” chatter, but didn’t see anyone chiming in about Battlestar Galactica season 4.5. That’s not particularly surprising when you consider that everyone knows BSG’s fate, but a lot of fans of Dollhouse and lovers of all things Whedon are not sure what’s in store for Dollhouse beyond the current order of 13 episodes.

Dollhouse – Season One came in second for the week among the TV show DVDs, in both sales in total units in its first week of release. Number one Battlestar Galactica – Season 4.5, also in its first week of release, bested Dollhouse by a wide margin. BSG sold over $5.5 million worth of DVDs on over 173,000 units, while Dollhouse sold $1.8 million on over 67,000 units.

If Dollhouse’s chances for a back nine pickup or season 3 hinge on big DVD sales (and I’m not saying that they do), things don’t look great after week one. The typical trend is that the first week’s sales are the largest. For additional comparisons: Last week, Psych, in its first week sold over 69,000 units and earned $2.251 million. A couple of weeks ago Mad Men sold nearly 100,000 in its first week before falling out of the top 30 we see on a weekly basis. True Blood, sold over 500,000 units in its first week, and over 175,000 in its second week.


December 19th, 2010, 06:57 AM
I just purchased Dollhouse Season 1 from my local Sam's Club for $9.88, which is a good deal in my books.