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December 9th, 2004, 09:26 PM
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(TV Zone is a UK based scifi magazine. In the US, you may order online from the URL above. Or, check with your local Borders or Barnes and Noble Bookstores for the magazine. Allow time for the magazine to be shipped across the pond.)

TV Zone #184, January 2005
(Reference #T184)
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100 pages

Star Trek: Enterprise Star Scott Bakula on playing Jonathan Archer and what’s in store for Season Four
Plus! We talk to the man who’s taking the series back to the Future – executive producer Manny Coto!
Battlestar Galactica 2004 Grace Park on her character, Boomer, and the changes from the original series
Smallville John Schneider tells how his role as the Kent patriarch will develop in Season Four, as his son takes another step to becoming Superman
The 4400 Star Jacqueline McKenzie explains that her new series is nothing like The X-Files

Flashback The Twilight Zone – A supernatural bargain is taking place in our analysis of the classic original series episode A Game of Pool

Episode Guide 24 We present our complete guide to Day One of the hit show
Deep Thought We take a look at the question of motivation and ask: what drives Cult TV heroes to do good (and bad) deeds?
Primetime on Desperate Housewives, with regular and bang up-to-date TV reviews, merchandise reviews, news and much more…

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