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Peter de Luise has directed the following episodes:

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Current through: "The Lost City - Part Two" (Season Seven)

Serpent's Song -

Show and Tell - PdL is behind the 50 ca machine gun in the gateroom
at the beginning of the episode - he ducks around it to look at Charlie

Legacy -

Point of View - PdL is the OS voice who is interrogating Samantha Carter at Area 51 (the interrogation is shown on video tape at the SGC briefing room).

Demons - he's the villager who yells, "the demon comes!"

Forever in a Day -
Jolinar's Memories -
The Devil You Know -

Urgo - Urgo (Dom De Luise) briefly changes into a young air force officer. That's PdL

The Other Side - At the beginning of the episode, as Jack enters the 28th floor area, PdL is the Airman who is yelling for the SF's to "move, move, move"

Crossroads - Towards the end of the episode, when Teal'c and Jack are
confronting the Tok'ra, Teal'c pushes a Tok'ra aside (that's PdL) and runs down the hallway

Window of Opportunity - One of the two airmen (the one on the left) who helps Daniel up in the SGC hallway (Siler is the other)

The First Ones -

Beneath the Surface - He's one of the workers sleeping in the area next to Jack (lying on the floor next to Jack), when Jack goes to sleep with the bowl.

Tangent -

Absolute Power - PdL portrays one of the SFs towards the end of the episode -- as Shifu (as an Ascended being) floats down the corridor towards the SGC Gateroom, PdL is on the left of the two SFs stationed just outside the Gateroom door. (Per PdL's audio commentary for the DVD episode.)

Prodigy -

Threshold - this one is cute. In the scene where Jack is talking to Hammond in the observation area of the isolation room, in the window you can see the initials "PD" spelled out by candlelight. Camera Operator William Waring suggested this to PdL. Also, in the scene where we first meet Va'lar, where Va'lar and Teal'c are talking (with all the sleeping Jaffa), that's PdL's voice that yells out, "Quiet!"

The Fifth Man -

Rite of Passage - PdL sat behind the desk in the briefing room, takes report from Daniel

The Tomb - PdL appears in the third photo from the right, during the briefing sequence at the beginning of the episode, when Hammond hands SG-1 a folder on the previous Russian team. (The other photos are: Peter Woeste (DOP), Wray Douglas - SFX [Peter DeLuise] and Doug McLean - Art Dept. - DVD audio commentary).

2001 - When Jack and Sam return to the SGC and are talking with Hammond in the Control Room, behind Sam is PdL (out of focus) wearing a white lab coat. (And is the voice of the limousine driver per the DVD audio commentary.)

Wormhole X-Treme! - playing a director (go figure)

The Warrior - not seen, but his is the voice at the beginning of the episode who calls out to K'tano that an army needs food

Sentinel - Provided the off camera voice of Svarog (per the DVD audio commentary).

Descent - portrays the DSRV driver

Frozen -

Nightwalkers - walks out of the restaurant as Jonas walks in (2nd time)

Shadowplay - PdL sat behind the desk in the briefing room scene

Allegiance - Suggested he was one of the corpsman carrying the dead Jaffa on the stretcher

Smoke and Mirrors -

Metamorphosis - From what I've read on various groups, bets are on the officer dressed in a white shirt who appears briefly in the hallway as SG-1, Fraiser, Hammond, et al, are rushing the alien to be checked for the old-bomb-in-the-chest trick

Memento - Appears in the background (behind General Hammond) of the video conference between O'Neill and Hammond (along with writer/producer Damian Kindler [Kindler is wearing glasses]).

Fragile Balance - voice of "Loki"

Orpheus - One of the airmen is named Penhall, PdL's character's name in "21 Jump Street."

Lifeboat - I think Peter was one of the frozen passengers. As Teal'c searches for O'Neill, Sam and Daniel, just as the credits show "Peter DeLuise - Producer," Teal'c turns left. Look at the passenger on the left.

Enemy Mine - One of the airmen is named Penhall, PdL's character's name in "21 Jump Street."

Evolution - Part One -

Evolution - Part Two -

Death Knell -


And PdL wrote "Entity", and shows up in the personnel files being displayed on the briefing room screen as "Master" Lee Van Cleef (that wonderful, late, B actor)

In "Revisions," directed by Martin Wood, both Martin and Peter make cameo appearances, in the beginning of the episode, they are seen in the background of the control room scene with Sam and Daniel.


Other "cameos":

"Window of Opportunity" -- when Jack and Teal'c are learning Latin, Jack is reading a book on Latin. The author of the book is Joseph Mallozzi -- the staff script writer for the episode. The photo of Malakai's wife is the photo of Nicole Forest, the series' production accountant, and the wife of Peter Woeste, Director of Photography.

"Point of No Return" -- one of the waitresses in the restaurant scene won a walk-on role contest -- from Chile.

"Chain Reaction" -- Maybourne's access name on his computer was Menard -- Jim Menard is one of the two series' Directors of Photography. RDA's dog, Zoe, had a walk-on role as Oscar. Oscar is the name of Robert C. Cooper's dog. Also, during the scene where Maybourne buys a hot dog, the two male customers who approached the hot dog stand are in real life reporters for a German TV Station, that were at Bridge Studios interviewing the SG-1 cast and staff.

"Prodigy" -- Paul Mullie, staff scriptwriter, appears in a still photograph that is seen sitting on the desk of the Air Force Academy's General Kerrigan when Sam goes to visit with the General.

"Wormhole X-treme" -- is filled with cameos. For the best reference, see the Richard Dean Anderson Web Site Stargate SG-1 Fifth Season Mission Database entry for the episode at:


"The Tomb" -- the bearded technician at the SGC control room is in real life journalist Steve Eramo from the magazine, TV Zone.

"Desperate Measures" -- episode director Bill Gereghty's initials are displayed in lights on a BLU (blinking light unit) monitor in the symbiote implantation scene.

"Fail Safe" -- the beagle dog seen during the episode teaser is Emmaline, Executive Producer Michael Greenburg's dog. The photos on General Hammond's credenza (behind his desk) were placed there to represent Hammond's granddaughters -- and are really Brad Wright's daughters -- Kayla and Tessa, who are the namesakes for Hammond's granddaughters.

"Memento" -- writer/producer Damian Kindler (and Peter de Luise ) appear in the background (behind General Hammond) in the video conference between Hammond and O'Neill.

"Prophecy" -- director Will Waring's name appears on the book that Jonas looks at.





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In "Nightwalkers" when Agent Cross is grilling Jonas and Teal'c in the back of the van, Cross's jacket has a name on it: "P. Mullie"

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Morjana, you are an absolute fountain of information. BTW, want to thank you for directing me to this site. I'd been checking out the SciFI BBoard and you mentioned this was a good place for shippers!! Oh, YEAH, it's good. (The whole site, not just the Shipper Thread).

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Morjana must have an encyclopedic memory. Always great answers. Thanks again.

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