View Full Version : What if...

November 25th, 2008, 11:08 AM
.. Sheppard really did get his hand cut off?

I think this would be an interesting development for the show. They'd have to fudge it so that he remained with the expedition, after all Woolsey would almost certainly want to send him to Earth but everyone else could rally around him and insist he stay, in a civilian role rather than a military one.

But Sheppard wasn't originally send on the expedition because he was a good soldier but because he had the ATA gene and was really good
at getting the ancient tech to work.

It'd be nice to see him reduced from super action guy, to ancient device tester and they could develop his 'love of maths' cred as well.

Plus if he stayed on as civie, he could end up technically under MacKay's command as a member of his science department, with which they could have had endless fun.