View Full Version : Great idea... but failed to deliver

November 20th, 2008, 09:01 PM
I just saw Inquisition tonight, and I thought I should respond, even though it is a few weeks old. Like the title says, the episode had a great idea but failed to deliver that idea.

Is the Atlantis team guilty? Yes. At the very most.... Murder 2... depraved indifference. At the very least.... criminally negligent homicide. Who are they to just come into a foreign galaxy and unilaterally make decisions that affect millions... even billions? They claim to be heroic, but all they are doing is cleaning up their own messes: the Replicators and the Wraith. Grant it, they are the only ones fighting but that is because they are using alien technology and knowledge. The only reason why the Genii aren't as "advanced" as Atlantis is because their civilization has been reduced to villages, whereas Earth still has billions of people.

I think the episode should have foregone the whole Genii infiltration. I think that is what makes this a stupid episode at the end. Furthermore, to declare Atlantis not guilty on ALL charges is simply rediculous. I guess 9/11 doesn't exist in the Stargate because what Atlantis has done is basically what historically the U.S. did with the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion of the 1980s: they created something without fully realizing the implications of their creation. I actually think that the U.S. is responsible for and deserved 9/11 because "we" armed the Mujaheddin which turned into the Taliban which turned into Al Qaida... and supported Israel, a terrorist nation.

Likewise, Atlantis created the "present" problems of the Wraith and Replicators and claim they are not responsible for what has happened. Atlantis is indirectly guilty of the the millions that have died since the Wraith of awakened. Remember, Atlantis is not the home of the expedition. It is an occupation.

Regardless of the details, I know why the writers write what they do. Atlantis has to be the hero of the story. Just... they could have done better!!