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November 19th, 2004, 07:19 PM
From BBC Cult Television:


Cult | News | 16 November 2004
Stargate renewed
Both flavours of Stargate will return in the New Year.

Stargate: Atlantis has been renewed for a second series, the Sci Fi Channel has announced.

A further batch of 20 episodes have been ordered by the channel, as well as a ninth season of Stargate: SG1.

We recently caught up with Paul McGillion (who plays Dr Carson Beckett) who said he was optimistic that Stargate: Atlantis will go on as long as SG1.

"It's all up to the fans ultimately, hopefully they'll keep enjoying it," he said. "We're really pleased with the writing. It takes a little while for a show to gain its legs and I think we really started to do that, especially towards the second half of the season.

"It's exciting for us and we really hope that it'll continue to go for years to come. Who knows how long it'll go for? These things you can never really know."

Joe Flanigan, Torri Higginson, David Hewlett, Rainbow Sun Francks, Rachel Luttrell and Paul McGillion will all return for the Stargate spin off's second year.




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