View Full Version : Fox moves 'Dollhouse' & 'Sarah Connor' in midseason shake-up

November 8th, 2008, 12:12 AM
Fox has reorganised its midseason plans, establishing a block of sci-fi shows for Friday nights to air Joss Whedon's eagerly-awaited Dollhouse, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The drama stars Eliza Dushku as one of a group of people whose memories are wiped and then imprinted with new skills and personality traits.

The series will air Fridays at 9pm, after The Sarah Connor Chronicles, from January.

Dollhouse has been plagued by creative problems since its inception, with creator Whedon at one point scrapping the original pilot to film a new one.

Moving the show to Fridays is another setback for the show, as it is the second least-watched night of the week. Lead-in Sarah Connor, switching from Monday nights, has also fared poorly in the ratings. Dollhouse was initially scheduled to air with 24 on Mondays.

Elsewhere, Tim Roth's drama Lie To Me, about a "human lie detector", has been paired with Wednesday night's American Idol results show.

House, which previously had Idol as its lead-in show, has been moved to Monday nights.


November 8th, 2008, 10:25 AM
Oh good, something else to watch on Fridays. :) Dollhouse and Sanctuary. Although maybe by that point it'll just be Dollhouse. Hope I can remember to tune in, it took me a while to remember to watch Sanctuary. ;)