View Full Version : Is John getting dimmer by the episode?

September 28th, 2008, 10:08 AM
OK, so it's become kinda a custom for me to make threads complaining about John's (lack of) intelligence, but come on, the writers keep letting him do stupid stuff.

As I've always said, it's against regulations and stupid to have a large chunk of the chain of command in the same (possibly hostile) place. When Woolsey went off world with Todd, John nonetheless wanted to be there... um... to do what exactly?

Then, he became the temporary base leader. What does he do when something happens? Put himself in the line of fire. He immediately rushes out to be the first on the scene. What if those aliens hadn't been quasi-peaceful? What if they had fired on him and he, you know, died?

Who's gonna take charge then, Lorne (mysteriously absent) or Radek (seeing as how Woolsey was off-world and Rodney was stunned and kidnapped)? When you're the base commander, you do not go into the field unless absolutely necessary. Seeing as how he had an entire base of military personnel, he shouldn't have gone into combat. At the very least, he shouldn't have position himself at the very front!

Fast forward and there's the gate going all 'splody. What does John do? Tell everyone who doesn't need to be in the gate room to evacuate. Pray tell, John, what were you planning on doing staying behind? Radek is obviously more well-verse with the gate (and science) than you are. And you've got a headset. If you wanna stay updated and be of use, you can just communicate with Radek through the intercom.

But noooo, you have to be "an hero" and stay behind despite not really contributing much.

We all know John and Radek survived the blast, but if they don't (in an AU somewhere or something), John's ridiculously flawed leadership would've once again ended up with disastrous results.

Woolsey - Unconscious and captured, as far as the expedition knows, he at least outside of communications range
John - Dead
Rodney - Kidnapped
Radek - Dead

So command of the base falls upon... Lorne?

So they'll survive through some kind of deus ex machina or something. They just got lucky once again. But with John's disastrous leadership, it's only a matter of time before something horrible happens because of him (or at least it should only be a matter of time if the PTB would just stop Mary Sueing him).

Military CO? 2nd in command of Atlantis? With that kind of decision-making judgment and leadership, he's barely qualified to lead his own team.

(A leader is not "a hero" he always has to stand at the forefront. They're there to lead, not die. You stand back and direct your troops, you stand back and lead.)