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August 28th, 2008, 12:27 AM
OK, first, I was shocked when SGA was cancelled. I'm even more upset now that I have seen the first 6 episodes of season 5 and they have been absolutely brilliant. The thought of not getting to see a new season of episodes of this amazing caliber is so depressing. I'm distraught.
I think Robert Picardo fits in so well. I really like the Woolsey character and I love the contribution he is making to the show. There are also funny bits (the city doesn't like him!). The relationships between the team members are real and I can connect and I love seeing it.
The idea of an Atlantis movie. Fine. Will take what I can get. Please let it be great though because I'm not so sure that there really is going to be a series of SG-1 and SGA movies... Stargate Universe? Oh lord... What are they thinking? Even the network is thinking let's make a BSG/SGA series. And how young is the audience they are targeting! I'm young and I don't like the idea. I can just picture Robert Picardo thinking: What? They're making Star Trek Voyager with a Stargate spin!!??
I will always picture Elizabeth Weir as Torri. I do miss Torri's presence on the show. I thought "Ghost in the Machine" was incredibly sad and considering there is no season 6, this may be the last of the Weir storylines. I do think that Michelle Morgan did an amazing job. Her performance as Torri was great. You know, McKay is probably the only one that had unwavering faith in Elizabeth. Good for you Rodney. That's love.
Then, The Shrine. I was so, so moved. I'm still feeling so emotional about it. The episode was so sad but brilliant. Everything about it was brilliant. David gave an amazing performance. I wish this shows could get big awards. Someone, submit this episode for an Emmy, Golden Globe, etc.!
I loved Sheppard's memory of the ailing Rodney on the pier with him. I though Jewel Staite was excellent in this episode, all the time only her character knowing that Rodney loves her (Keller) and her decisions were influenced by that. Quick aside here, I watched Jewel in a season 3 episode of The X-Files. She was just a kid then! In fact, I was just a kid then. Then, another interesting few speeches from Woolsey. Ronon wanting to help McKay like that and bonding with Jeannie was one of the most moving things I've seen that character do in the entire series! I loved that Teyla was feeling Rodney’s forehead for a temperature when they were sitting on top of the gate (How cool was that though… that gate surrounded by water and they’re sitting on it!).
I wonder what it was like for David and Kate to play brother and sister in this episode: I wonder if they thought what it would be like if one of them got that sick in real life?
I suppose it doesn’t help that we’ve gone from summer to a storm worse than rain in Vancouver here in Cape Town! Makes everyone somber.
I don't know what lies ahead for this franchise but I'll give it a chance and I'll enjoy every last second of SGA...
And, I named my hamster after Joe Flanigan (will put a picture up - uncanny resemblance...).