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August 24th, 2008, 11:58 PM
I think this is really important to the success of the show. One thing I love about Stargate, and especially Atlantis, is the emphasis they put on the supporting cast. Characters like Lorne, Zelenka, Chuck, Walter, Reynolds, etc. SG has always focused on an ensemble cast and I think that's what makes it stand out from other shows. It makes it feel more real, the story doesn't just revolve around the main characters, but other characters as well. The guy in the background has just as much of a story as the main character.

What I really hope SGU doesn't do, is just throw a single SG team onto the Destiny, and leave them stranded there. I kinda want them to make it more like Atlantis, where they send an expedition to the ship, to try and study, and then suddenly, they realize that they can't go back home.

August 25th, 2008, 12:13 AM
well, their going to a big honking ancient vessel. so we're most likely gonna see a full ship crew. + gate crew.

i hope:

-chuck. cool, nice guy in gate control
-screwy bill lee type of science guy
-zelenka type of engineer
- a SGU-1 and a second SGU-2 team. so the SGU-1 is the main team, but SGU-2 is more of an ass saver kind of group.
-cool base/ship commander ALA caldwell
-sickbay type like beckett.

SGU-1 compromised of:

-science guy. bit like Mckay, smart, but also screws up sometimes. somewhat social, has a kind of untold love relation like S/J.
-Military girl. she's in command. rather tough, but especially alot like vala: self capable, independent. cool, and kicks ass
-People's person guy. nice, loved, respected. cool, though also a bit screwy, doesnt know his capabilities. so hes nice, but doesnt do much. or well, in the series he would develop this.
-warrior woman. two military girls. shes more warrior-ish, AND she's a tokra. more jack of all tradish