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August 19th, 2008, 05:29 PM
This may be a technology question but the title is a good start. Please move it if the moderator desires:

Atlantis could not handle one replicator "consciousness" it nearly destroyed the City. Asgard ships could handle the consciousness of certain races.

1. The Daniel Jackson handled Jack O'neill's consciousness when he was in stasis in New Order.
2. Thor's mind has also been uploaded to ships.

The Tech question: Are Asgard tech superior in terms of database/

THe Ghost in the machine tech question: How was their (replicators) plan going to work under those conditions. So I believe the entire thing was a plan by the replicators at the very least by Corrosant to get what they want.

What is your opinion?

August 19th, 2008, 05:44 PM
I think that human and Asgard minds are much less powerful than replicator minds.

August 19th, 2008, 06:29 PM
Asgard ships are designed to house consciousnesses, my understanding is that it wasn't the lack computing power that was screwing up Atlantis, it was the replicators inability to control their form and interface properly with the computer.

August 19th, 2008, 07:08 PM
Techno ascension seems to come with lightneyness and explodeyness.

August 19th, 2008, 11:34 PM
Techno ascension seems to come with lightneyness and explodeyness.

lol and a massive migraine according to Weir...

wise one
August 20th, 2008, 01:34 PM
it was mentioned in the show by mckay that when wier came into atlantis it was like a programme spread out all over the place which wier found differcult to control so he made a programme that could bunch the others together that way the system was okay, and when the others came mackays programming came into play aswell

the asgard would also have this sort of programme but advance since thor has done so many times its most likely he flew the ship back like he did with anubis hatak

plus atlantis wasnt designed to take on digitized replicator minds was it