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May 28th, 2008, 02:28 AM
I thought id create a thread on character evolutions you would like to see from the begining of Season 5 to the end of Season 5. These evolutions do not have to be positive if you dont want.

For me

Woolsey - I would like to see him become braver so he can make the hard decisions and not take what he perceives as the safer option instead of the best option.

Sheppard - I am reasonably happy with him at the moment and wouldnt really mind if he didnt evolve.

McKay - Continue his evolution he has been on since season 1. I would like him to become braver in dangerous situations, better at firing his weapon (thats gun to you people with your minds in the gutter), slightly less less absorbed and id like to see him spend more time with Ronon and Teyla who are 2 characters he seems to spend no time with socially. I would also like to see him become darker somehow for atleast afew episodes.

Teyla - Its impossible for for her to become braver or better at fighting but i would like to see her improve in regards to science as we have previously seen that she has some knowledge of science and it would be great to see her character evolve on a intellectual level. I would like to see her come up with idea's and solutions to problems more often.

Ronon - Less closed off about himself and more friendly to characters other than Sheppard and Teyla. I would like to see a friendship between him and McKay develop abit and i would also like to see him less likely to do something stupid due to his aggression. I would like to see him become more of a team player.

So what do you all think?

May 28th, 2008, 05:03 AM
Id like to see,

Keller: grow without the need for a romance to do so.

Woolsey: understand what it means to run an expedition such as this. make difficult decisions and get them wrong.

Sheppard: more or less happy with him. but would like to see more interacion within the team from him rather than him and x talking. and please no flirtations i think he can grow without his pants growing too :cool:

Mckay: to not digress back to puberty when dealing with women. to also see some of that old excitemnt again from season 1. also see him actualy be more than team mates with teyla and ronan. the lack of shown freindship between them bugs me. yes john and ronan ive seen enough of thanks.

Ronan: i think hes the most rounded one of the lot. it would be nice to see an ep based around him that isnt just how hard he can hit. we know hes a good fighter lets see more about him than that.

Teyla: lets make sure she gets a really good baby sitter so that shes not carrying the little one round on missions. lets see more of her and the athosians - if there are any?

May 28th, 2008, 05:19 AM
ronon - I like ronon as is.

sheppard - change the fact that he speaks for everyone. I know he's the team leader, but I'd like mckay or teyla, etc, to challenge his decisions/orders and stand up to him. a good example is in "vengeance" when ronon confronts him regarding michael.

mckay - I'd give him a little more of a voice/opinion beyond just scientific input. the same goes for beckett (well, maybe the old beckett) and zelenka. beckett and zelenka are pretty much minor characters now, but it'd be a nice change once in a while.

woolsey - grow a backbone and not be so narrow-minded in decision making.

lorne - have more of his leadership come through. he leads a team also, but it's always sheppard's role we see in that respect.

teyla - I've never liked the character much and don't really care.

keller - don't care either. I fail to see what good she does.

May 28th, 2008, 05:40 AM
I do not want to see any "character evolutions".It erodes the appeal and allure of the show, by altering the way characters are perceived by viewers.It is my belief that an actor tends to imbue in the character more of their own personal traits as the character evolves.

May 28th, 2008, 06:09 PM
I do not want to see any "character evolutions".It erodes the appeal and allure of the show, by altering the way characters are perceived by viewers.It is my belief that an actor tends to imbue in the character more of their own personal traits as the character evolves.

Um what? You don't want the characters to evolve over the course of the show? That makes no sense.

May 28th, 2008, 06:10 PM
Teyla-- everything she went through in S4 had to have affected her and her outlook on life. Let's see her deal with the hurt, anger, and disappointment she has felt.
Woolsey -- Please , please not more whining!
Rodney-- DITTO!!!
Keller-- more interactions (casual) with others of the expedition.
Sheppard-- not smiling as much :S

May 28th, 2008, 06:13 PM
Personally there are only three main characters than need focused development the rest then can alsot get some development as needed.
1. Keller: We haven't seen her that much yet but so far she has become a very interesting character and I'm sure has many surprises to show us.
2. Teyla: While she has had alot over the last few years she needs more development on her Wraith abilities and now her child as well. Otherwise she is pretty fleshed out.
3. Ronon: We still know so little about him I'm sure there is plenty more in store from him.

May 28th, 2008, 06:26 PM
Woolsey – The more I consider it I like the idea of Woolsey in charge. I think at first he will falter and be somewhat unsure in his new role but will “hide” his insecurities by being overbearing and have that “I am in charge” attitude. I would like to see his character grow more comfortable and confident in the position. I think Woolsey does have an inner strength of character that we saw glimpses of in “NML” and SG1 (the ep when he got Kinsey) but I think this strength is masked by his conflict with the bureaucracy and his own insecurities. I would like to see him confront and come to terms with this conflict, find his inner strength and begin to emerge as an effective leader.

Sheppard – I think Sheppard needs evolution – not so much change – but more exploration of what makes him tick – and why. His character as is both simple and complex – simple because he seems to be driven by one overriding passion – he would do anything for and protect those he considers his family, yet one has the impression that the forces and events that made him that way are varied and complex thus giving him more layers that have yet to be discovered. I would like to see the character face more challenges: emotionally, intellectually and morally so we can see how his character responds to these different situations thus allowing the viewer to learn a bit more as to what makes him tick – and why.

McKay – I think McKay has had the most evolution of any character. Its hard for me to consider what additional evolution I would want. Though I think what would be interesting and provide a different insight into the character is to see how his character feels, responds to

spoilers season4
Carson clone. He seemed to be very defensive and protective of Carson in The Kindred 2– exploring this might some interesting development for the character.

Teyla - I think Teyla needs some major evolution. Last season her

Spoilers season 4:
People were captured, tortured, and experimented on; she became pregnant, was captured and experimented on and had her unborn baby threatened.

I would like to see her being more passionate and more driven because of these experiences from last season. This could be in reference to being a protective mother, as a member of the team, revenge on Michael etc. – I am not sure what but I think to see her deal with these conflicts could provide interesting evolution for the character. I would also like to see her connect more with her people this coming season.

Ronon – Love Ronon. His character is fairly simple yet complex too. He has one main overriding passion, kill Wraith but we have had more opportunity to see how and why that passion developed. Evolution I would like to see for him this season is to see his friendship/connections grow with the people on Atlantis and maybe to see him challenged as to how he views the Wraith and his position on how he views all the goings on in the Pegasus Galaxy.

Keller – I sorta like the nervousness and anxiety she has had this past season, kinda fits for someone so young with seemingly little experience in that position but it has been terribly overdone/inconsistent at times. I would like to see her self confidence grow – especially in regard to her professional demeanor. I don’t mean to say that she is not a good doctor, her skills are fine but I would like to see her stronger, more passionate, and more confident as she makes those decisions and to fight more for what she believes in. She can remain somewhat anxious and unsure when it comes to her personal life/decisions, but I think finding that right balance will be good evolution for the character.

May 28th, 2008, 06:50 PM
Sheppard: He's a great character already. The only thing I'd like to see change is maybe that Sheppard should stop acting like such a teenager at times, and perhaps his friendship with the other characters should grow and be expanded upon.

Mckay: He's virtually perfect as he is. Only thing I would like to see change for the sake of realism is better handling of firearms over time.

Teyla: Like Teal'c, though definitely in her own fashion, Teyla should slowly pick up on Earth culture bit by bit. Not saying I don't like her, just that this is realistic as we see diffusion of culture in the modern world all over the place.

Ronon: Ronon is an extremely shallow character who needs a lot more depth. That's all I can say.

Woolsey: I agree with the original poster 100%.

Zelenka: Zelenka should start to stand up to Mckay more and more over time.

Clone Becket: The second Carson should have to work through the difficulties of not initially being accepted as the "real" Carson.

And really going out on a limb here, but if Ford were ever reintroduced...

Ford: Ford should get over his addiction to the enzyme, returning as a recurring character on another team besides Sheppard's. Ford's rough experience should make him a little wiser than before he was on the enzyme. His character would be perfect as a recurring explosives/arms expert as long as he isn't written as an idiot like in season 1.